BetMGM Online Series Concludes With $357K Awarded, Hits New High in Total Entries

Written By Martin Harris on September 28, 2021 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023
BetMGM poker MI online series schedule August

The latest installment of the BetMGM Online Series at BetMGM Poker Michigan has concluded. Michigan poker players won more than $357,000 in the 10 tournaments, well exceeding the series’ $240,000 in total guarantees despite a few events having overlays.

Big turnouts in several BetMGM Poker events counter small overlays in others

The $357,584 in total prize pools for the September series was down from the just more than $432,000 awarded in August.

As always, the BetMGM Online Series was bookended by Sundays with multiple tournaments. And as it turned out, those were the series’ biggest days.

The first day saw a big 344-entry turnout for the kickoff $215 no-limit hold’em event, creating a $68,800 prize pool that well exceeded the $40,000 guarantee.

Sunday also saw the always popular $20 “Mini” event. This time the event had a $10,000 guarantee. But with 2,388 entries the prize pool more than quadrupled that, ultimately settling at $42,984.

The final Sunday saw another big turnout for the penultimate $215 NLH 6-Max event. That one also had a $40,000 guarantee, but 389 entries meant a prize pool nearly double that at $77,800.

The series-ending $1,060 buy-in “high roller” also met its guarantee, although this time BetMGM Online MI reduced the guarantee to $50,000 when it had been twice that in the past. The 53 entries created a $53,000 prize pool to cap off the series.

Four of the 10 events had overlays, all occurring during the week and in larger buy-in events ($215 and $320). In those events BetMGM Poker MI had to contribute $14,600 to prize pools to meet their guarantees. That’s less than a third of the $46,500 worth of overlays during the August BetMGM Online Series.

Here are all the turnouts, prize pools, and overlays for the September running of the BetMGM Online Series:

EventBuy-inGuaranteeEntriesPrize PoolOverlay
1: NLH 8-Max$215$40,000 344$68,800 n/a
2: NLH 8-Max Mini$20$10,000 2,388$42,984 n/a
3: NLH 8-Max Progressive KO Bounty$215$20,000 71$20,000 $5,800
4: NLH 6-Max$215$20,000 98$20,000 $400
5: NLH 8-Max$215$20,000 92$20,000 $1,600
6: PLO 8-Max$109$10,000 164$16,400 n/a
7: NLH Turbo 6-Max$109$10,000 186$18,600 n/a
8: NLH 8-Max Progressive KO Bounty$320$20,000 44$20,000 $6,800
9: NLH 6-Max$215$40,000 389$77,800 n/a
10: NLH 8-Max$1,060 $50,000 53$53,000 n/a

Six Months of BetMGM Online Series at BetMGM Poker MI

The September running of the BetMGM Online Series marked the sixth running of monthly series. The tournament series has remained the primary event on the site’s tournament calendar since BetMGM Poker MI launched in late March.

Each BetMGM Online Series has featured a similar schedule of 10 or 11 events, with only the guarantees changing from month to month. Here is a look at how the series has fared during those first six installments:

MonthTotal GuaranteesEntriesTotal OverlaysTotal Prize Pools
April$300,000 2,229$13,800 $360,202
May$315,000 1,375$65,720 $316,400
June$275,000 3,297$34,400 $347,742
July$285,000 3,209$18,900 $353,530
August$330,000 3,773$46,500 $432,307
September$240,000 3,829$14,600 $357,584

The September series had the lowest total guarantees of any installment of the BetMGM Online Series thus far. Interestingly, it attracted the most total entries of any running of the series. Of course, that $20 “Mini” event with its 2,000-plus entries has boosted the total entries number significantly.

Meanwhile, BetMGM Poker MI was competing with PokerStars Michigan again, going head-to-head with the final week of the Michigan Championship of Online Poker. That massive, 68-tournament series also concluded on Monday with nearly $1.79 million awarded over two and a half weeks.

It appears BetMGM Poker MI already has its sights on October. A few BetMGM Online Series events have begun to appear in the client. Expect that series to occur Oct. 24-31.

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