Top Casino Horror Stories After Michigan Man Finds Roaches In Drink At Greektown

Written By Drew Ellis on September 13, 2023
cockroach in drink

There’s not much worse than having roaches or rodents appear out of nowhere.

Even worse is discovering one in your food or drink.

Unfortunately, a Michigan man was startled to discover roaches in his beverage cup recently at Hollywood Casino at Greektown.

It’s one of many hazardous situations that casinos around the country have dealt with. Some of which have been through customers’ own doing.

Roaches appear in Michigan man’s drink

On Aug. 31, Jarome Quinney decided to make a stop at Hollywood Casino at Greektown to engage in some retail gambling.

During his time at the Detroit casino, Quinney headed to a Pepsi machine for a drink. He filled up a cup and went about his business, continuing to gamble.

After finishing the first drink, Quinney returned to the Pepsi machine for another drink, but was startled by what he saw — roaches.

“As I came back for a refill, I grabbed my old top and then grabbed a new cup, and as soon as I grabbed a new cup. [There were] a whole bunch of roaches coming out of my cup,” Quinney told FOX 2 Detroit. “(I felt) disgusting. I went to the bathroom and threw up, I don’t know if a roach came out or not.”

PlayMichigan contacted Hollywood Casino at Greektown about the incident. Vice President of Public Affairs & Government Relations Jeff Morris offered up the following:

“We received a report of a potential issue from a customer and immediately forwarded that information to our investigator, who reviewed the area and found no additional evidence. Out of an abundance of caution, we then contracted with Ecolab who examined the area and they confirmed that there was no additional evidence or infestation concerns. Regardless, we conducted a deep cleaning of the area in question and similar self-service beverage stations.”

FOX 2 reports it reached out to the Detroit Health Department, who said they would conduct an investigation on the matter.

Other past notable hazardous incidents at casinos

Last month’s incident at Greektown springs to mind other notable hazardous issues at casinos around the country.

Whether it be other bugs, rodents, or just an overzealous player refusing to listen to their own bodies, casinos have seen it all.

Grasshopper invasion of Las Vegas in 2019

In a nearly biblical sight in 2019, the Las Vegas strip was overrun with grasshoppers in the summer of 2019.

Due to an unusually wet year for Vegas in 2019, that brought on endless amounts of grasshoppers to the city.

The grasshoppers were particularly drawn to sky beam at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Vegas strip due to its ultraviolet light.

Trump Taj Mahal’s mice problem

In 2015, the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City became overwhelmed with a mouse issue.

Sparked from a complaint by a visitor that claimed they saw multiple mice in the casino’s VIP area and the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, the Atlantic City Department stepped in.

Using a pest control company, over 100 mouse corpses were removed from the casino over a couple of months.

Bed bug outbreak in Las Vegas

In a 2022 report filed by the Southern Nevada Health District, seven Las Vegas casinos were found to have bed bugs.

The bed bug issue impacted hotels owned by Caesars Entertainment and MGM.

In each case, the hotels in question were force to close the room to have discovered bed bugs and nearby rooms in the vicinity.

Bed bugs have become somewhat of a common threat at retail casinos over the years due to the large amount of people from different areas of the country coming in and out.

What’s the haps on the craps

Insects and rodents are concerning to see at a casino, but nothing compares to customers being so committed to gambling that they opt to not use a bathroom when needed.

Scrolling through Google will bring up far too many stories of players electing to use their pants or a casino floor as a bathroom in order to avoid leaving a slot machine.

One casino security worker told Vice that they witnessed a woman that was doing well at a slot elect to go behind said slot and go to the bathroom out of fear of someone taking her winnings. She defecated just steps away from the very slot she continued to play.

In 2017, a Cincinnati casino had to remove a patron from a poker table that had soiled their pants. A casino spokesperson told the local FOX19 news station that multiple customers saw the patron in question throwing out soiled underwear in a casino bathroom following complains of a foul odor at the poker table.

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