A PointsBet Parlay Could Land You Cushy Detroit Tigers Tickets

Written By Derek Helling on April 21, 2021 - Last Updated on October 26, 2023
Win Detroit TIgers Tickets PointsBet 2021

Michigan sports bettors who make parlay wagers the next few days may get more than just their big-money score. An exclusive offer to win Detroit Tigers tickets is also up for grabs.

PointsBet Sportsbook is running a competition this week for MI bettors, with the biggest parlay winner scoring some posh seats at Comerica Park. Although the terms of the competition are friendly to all users, the competition itself could be as fierce as Detroit’s MLB team’s namesake, given the prize.

How to win Detroit Tigers tickets from PointsBet Michigan

From April 21-23, place as many parlay wagers of as many legs as you want on PointsBet in MI. As long as your bet settles by 11:59 p.m. ET Friday and you stake at least a dollar, the bet counts toward the competition.

The winner will be whoever lands the biggest longshot parlay. In other words, the important thing is not really how much you wager, but the length of your odds. For example, a $1 parlay at +500 odds is better than a $10 parlay at +100 odds. Therefore, there’s a lot of strategy in order to position yourself to win.

What you could win, besides whatever payout the sportsbook quotes on your wager(s), is what PointsBet calls “exclusive” Detroit Tigers tickets. The seats likely come through PointsBet’s official sportsbook partner status with the Tigers.

If your parlay proves the most valuable among the pool of Michiganders who place qualifying bets, PointsBet will contact you on Saturday. Interested individuals should note that Tigers games can be part of your parlay, but are not requirements.

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How parlay bets work at legal sportsbooks

A good visualization is to think of parlays like putting together a Lego set. The finished product is a sum of individual components. The “bricks,” in this analogy, are what otherwise would be individual bets.

For example, you could parlay together the moneyline on the New York Mets (+130 at PointsBet), the Detroit Pistons spread (+10.5, -103), and the over on the goal line of 5.5 (+115) for the Minnesota Wild at Arizona Coyotes game, all of which are set to take place Wednesday night. You would then decide how much you want to wager, and PointsBet will quote you odds.

If you like what you see, you’d finalize your bet then get ready for a busy evening. You would need:

  • The Mets to beat the Chicago Cubs AND
  • The Pistons to either win, or at least lose by 10 or fewer points, against the Dallas Mavericks, AND
  • The Coyotes and the Wild to combine for at least six goals

Should all three of those outcomes occur, you would win. If you were to hit on two but miss out on one, you’d still lose.

Why take on the extra risk, when you could just bet all three events separately? Parlaying them together gives you a much larger payout than if you were to bet all three and win each individually. It’s a classic risk-reward scenario.

PointsBet Michigan sportsbook is pushing you to parlay and is offering Tigers tickets for success. What’s in it for them?

It’s all marketing for PointsBet

The likelihood that PointsBet will keep your dollar (or however much you wager) does increase with parlays, so that’s good for them. However, this promo has higher aspirations. PointsBet hopes to attract new customers and engage current bettors.

The time between March Madness and the start of the NFL season can bring a lull in sports betting activity, although there are actually plenty of events to wager on. This contest is a way to try to keep customers interested and maybe add some new folks in MI, too.

Additionally, awarding this prize will be a source of publicity for PointsBet as well. Soon, some winner will enjoy some Tigers tickets, thanks to their parlay performance. Hopefully, that person will also win enough to cover the concessions cost during the game as well.

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