DraftKings Rocket Launches As Latest Michigan Online Casino Offering

Written By Julie Walker on January 26, 2022 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023
Rocket launching

DraftKings Casino recently launched its latest game for Michigan online casino players.

DraftKings Rocket, which debuted live first in New Jersey and made its way to Michigan last month, allows players to “ride” a rocket and cash out by abandoning ship before the rocket stops rising.

The game features a prize pool of $1 million.

How to play DraftKings Rocket in manual mode

Players must use instinct to ditch their rocket before it stops rising. Think of it like a game of musical chairs, with the rocket stopping akin to the music stopping. Bets get placed either manually or automatically, during the countdown or when the rocket is stopped.

For manual bets, first enter the amount of the bet by clicking to increase or decrease the amount, or by entering a number manually with the keyboard.

Next, the auto cashout multiplier amount is set the same way as the bet amount: increase or decrease by clicking or entering manually. If nothing gets entered, the multiplier number defaults to 1000X. Hit the “place wager” button before the countdown hits zero.

After blast-off, players can cash out by hitting the bail button before the rocket stops or when it reaches the auto cashout multiplier previously set. The rocket automatically bails if it reaches the auto cashout multiplier and the bail button has not been hit.

Playing DraftKings Rocket in automatic mode allows for more bets

Automatic mode works similar to the manual version, with more fields to fill in and more bets allowed. Using the auto mode, players can place up to 50 bets to run consecutively. Fill in the fields for the bet amount, auto cashout, total bets and profit/loss limits.

The rocket does all the work after that, stopping each time it hits the set auto cashout multiplier amount. For instance, if a player using auto mode chooses to bet $10 with a cashout multiplier limit at 3X for 10 bets, the rocket will automatically bail when it hits 3X for the next 10 launches.

Automatic users can also manually hit the bail button before the rocket reaches the set auto cashout multiplier amount.

DraftKings Rocket MI comes with fun extras

DraftKings Rocket riders compete alongside others and are able to see when fellow riders bail and how much they have bet. Users get a choice of six different rockets to ride. Want a new ship? Go to the settings button at top right, find the “change ship” option and click the change button to switch things up.

The prize pool is $1 million and the game has bonuses and other extras built in. Hint: Watch out for flying cars! The launch of DraftKings Rocket adds to a suite of several hundred online casino games offered by DraftKings.

According to our game count this month, DraftKings Casino is sixth out of Michigan’s 14 online casinos with 392 games. This has been a particularly fertile season for game growth, as Michigan operators launched nearly 800 games over the holiday season.

“By developing DraftKings Rocket, our team continues to innovate our casino offerings as we set out to create an all-new, one-of-a-kind iGaming experience for customers,” DraftKings iGaming Vice President Jason March said in a news release.

DraftKings second in internet gaming revenue for December

DraftKings Casino remained in second place in the Michigan online casinos revenue race with a strong December. It brought in $20.1 million in revenue for the month, up more than $3 million from November.

BetMGM Casino, a package deal with BetMGM Poker for reporting purposes, continues to top the state’s online casino rankings, bringing in $45.9 million in the final month of 2021.

Michigan online casinos generated a record $121.8 million in gross revenue in December, up 13.2% from the $107.6 million generated in November. Michigan became the third state in US history to generate more than $1 billion in annual revenue, joining New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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