DraftKings Dynasty Rewards: How New Loyalty Program Works, What You Can Get

Written By Julie Walker on November 19, 2021 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023
DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Tiers

Get ready to earn like royalty for loyalty under the new Dynasty Rewards program from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Under the revamped system that launched this November, loyalty points still called “crowns” accrue for various perks on the DraftKings sites.

Collected crowns get redeemed for prizes that can range from a holiday wine caddy or a Yeti water bottle, to trips, live experiences and more.

Here are some highlights of the new DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program.

How do you sign up for DraftKings Dynasty Rewards?

Anybody who signs up and maintains an active, valid DraftKings Sportsbook account gets automatically enrolled into the program.

Crowns get awarded automatically with activity and can be redeemed once they show up in a player’s account.

How do I earn my crowns?

Crowns accrue anytime a user completes a “Crown Earning Activity” on the site, including:

  • Entering any paid contest via DraftKings daily fantasy sports
  • Placing paid wagers through DraftKings Sportsbook with odds greater than -1000
  • Making a paid wager in the DraftKings Online Casino
  • Making a purchase on DraftKings Marketplace
  • All paid activities must be executed properly within the terms of use for whichever arm the wager/purchase is completed.

Wagers made at less than -1000 odds, such as -4000, are not eligible to earn crowns in the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program. Wagers at Casino Craps also are not eligible to win crowns.

Cool, cool. So how many crowns do I get?

Crowns accrue on a fractional level but show in users’ accounts as whole numbers (rounded down). Earning crowns has different requirements for each arm of DraftKings’ iGaming operations.

For example, DraftKings Casino users earn one crown for every:

  • $1 wagered on Keno, lottery and progressive slots;
  • $2 wagered on slots;
  • $5 wagered on table games (excluding Casino Craps, as mentioned above), blackjack and video poker.

DraftKings Sportsbook users earn one crown for every $2 wagered (again, it must be on bets with less than -1000 odds).

DraftKings Daily Fantasy users earn one crown for every $1 in entry fees and Marketplace users earn one crown for every $2 spent.

Players should also watch out for promotions or deals that may award more crowns to help boost totals.

Are all DraftKings Dynasty Rewards crowns the same?

Like any rewards program, DraftKings has set up tiers for users based off accrued awards.

The Dynasty Rewards program offers five tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Onyx. New users have until 7 p.m. on Dec. 31, 2021 to earn crowns toward a 2022 tier placement. Crowns earned from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 in a calendar year go toward the next year’s status.

Again, creating a DraftKings account automatically enrolls users into the program, and each new enrollee starts at the Bronze level, which requires zero crowns.

Accruing 25,000 crowns elevates a player to Silver status. Gold-tier seekers must obtain at least 125,000 crowns for that level.

Collectors of 500,000 crowns will enter the Diamond tier, and the top-level Onyx tier requires at least one million or more crowns.

What difference does a tier make?

Like many loyalty programs across all sorts of industries, the higher the tier, the better the perks.

All levels of the Dynasty Rewards tiers include: Crown-earning power on DraftKings activity; Dynasty store access; the ability to redeem crowns for site credits and free contests; and access to missions, achievements and promotions.

Each ascension to the next level brings more perks, in addition to the above-mentioned possible rewards.

Silver, Gold, Diamond and Onyx tier users add new tier welcome rewards and access to tier-exclusive promotions and contests.

These levels also get a monthly crown accrual boost: Silver members get a 10 percent boost; Gold members receive a 20 percent boost; Diamond users get a 30 percent bump; and Onyx-level users get a 40 percent boost. The boosted earnings show up in accounts within the first week of a new month.

Gold, Diamond and Onyx users also add priority customer service to their list of benefits.

Sharing is caring, and available to top-tier DraftKings users

Diamond and Onyx level members get exclusive benefits added, including the ability to gift a tier trial period to a pal. A Diamond user can gift Gold trials and Onyx users can gift Diamond trials.

Both top levels can also earn access to exclusive live events. Diamond members have access to a team of VIP associates, while Onyx members get their own dedicated VIP host.

Where do I find my crowns and check my balance?

Crowns credit totals show up in the top toolbar when signing into your DraftKings account on the Daily Fantasy or Sportsbook pages. Look for the “crowns” box next to the balance total.

When on the Daily Fantasy tab, click or tap on the “rewards” or “promos” pull-down menu to find the “Dynasty” tab and related promotions.

The Sportsbook and Casino pages have a “Dynasty” tab for users to interact with. The Dynasty tab takes users to their current tier level and will show what benefits or perks are available at that time. Users can visit the Dynasty Store tab from there.

Any crowns earned via DraftKings Marketplace from the program’s launch and after will be updated soon.

Users can also click their account tab to see balances, including their crowns total.

What can I win with DraftKings Dynasty Rewards?

Possible awards and rewards vary, depending on one’s accrued crowns and tier status.

Users can click on the Dynasty Store to redeem crowns for five main categories: merchandise, gift cards, top features, experiences, and vacation and travel.

Available merchandise is both big and smal, with categories that seem to include it all. Some of the possibilities: baby accessories, tools, jewelry and more. An 18-ounce YETI Rambler bottle costs 26,310 crowns. Users can redeem 917,220 crowns and get an 8-foot Mizerak pool table.

There are even myriad refrigerators available, including a Bosch-made model with French doors that will set a user back 4,077,940 crowns.

Redeemable experiences vary widely, too. Cashing in 694,440 crowns will get users a Westminster Dog Show one-day experience, while a trip to the MTV Video Music Awards will cost 3,055,530 crowns.

On the travel front, four nights at Adare Manor, a top golf destination in Ireland, is listed for 3,888,860 crowns.

When searching for possible rewards in the Dynasty Store, folks can adjust the search based on categories and subcategories of prizes or experiences. You can even set a minimum-maximum value to help search within your crown budget.

Who is eligible for the rewards program?

Almost everyone with an account. But there are a couple of exceptions and quirks.

United Kingdom users do not have access to VIP hosts.

The store is only available in the United States in Canada.

Specifically, the Dynasty Store is not available in Indiana. So … sorry, Hoosiers.

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