DraftKings Puts Players In The Kitchen With Thanksgiving Blackjack

Written By Paul Costanzo on November 17, 2022 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023

Michigan online casinos adding a theme to blackjack games is nothing new.

Typically that means putting logos and different color schemes on regular blackjack and calling it good.

But DraftKings Casino MI, which loves its themed table games, has taken it to another level with Thanksgiving Blackjack.

Yes, at its heart it’s really just blackjack. But a side game adds something more than dressed up table settings.

What is DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack?

DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack is really just blackjack, at least in terms of playing for, and winning money.

It’s a single-hand game with everything you’d expect from online casino blackjack.

But as you’re playing the game, you’re also preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Possibly in real life, but we’re talking on your screen.

Your winning hands win you money, but they also get you closer to completing five sides and a dessert. 

Pick mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing (or dressing, depending on where you live), sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie in whatever order you’d like. Win a few hands, and that item gets cooked, then you get to pick another one.

But, as you try to complete the meal, the items you’ve already prepared start going bad with every hand you lose. Yes, even the canned cranberry sauce. DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack screenshot

Every time an item goes bad, an uncooked turkey wearing glasses does a little dance to mock you.

Complete the whole meal, though, and DraftKings provides the turkey, sets the table and tells you Happy Thanksgiving. Then you can start over.

There’s no bonus, just the pride associated with getting dinner ready. 

Be careful, though, not to get too caught up in the side game, because unless you’re playing the demo version, you’re playing for real money. 

DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack statistics

  • Game type: Blackjack
  • Minimum bet: $1
  • Maximum bet: $5,000
  • Where to play in Michigan: DraftKings

Michigan online casino Thanksgiving themed games

Thanksgiving doesn’t lend itself to online casino games as much as Halloween does, mainly because Halloween has so many more potential themes.

Turkeys are about it when it comes to things people broadly associate with Thanksgiving, so it’s a narrow scope. 

But that doesn’t stop operators from offering them.

Gobblers Gone Wylde and Turkey Revolt Extreme are online slot games available at Golden Nugget Casino MI, BetMGM Michigan Casino, WynnBET Casino MI and Eagle Casino & Sports. FireKeepers Online Casino offers Gobblers Gone Wylde, but not Turkey Revolt Extreme.


Screenshots from DraftKings Online Casino.

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