Egyptian Deluxe Online Scratch-Off Game Review

If Egyptian Deluxe seems familiar, no you are not suffering from deja vu. The game is the second iteration of the popular Egyptian Oasis game scratch-off fans know and love.

What makes it Deluxe? The major difference between these versions of the game is the odds. The original version of the game features overall odds of 1 in 54.99. While that is not bad, Deluxe lives up to its name with overall odds of 34.46.

Other than the odds and a different color scheme though, this game plays a lot like your familiar favorite, including the pyramid and wheel bonus games.

Egyptian Deluxe by the numbers

  • Overall odds: 1 in 34.46
  • Price Points:
    • $0.05
    • $0.10
    • $0.25
    • $0.50
    • $1.00
    • $2.00
  • Default Ticket Price: $0.10 x 20 = $2.00
  • Top Prize: $60,000
  • Bonus games: 2

Egyptian Deluxe

Egyptian Deluxe gameplay

The general gist of Egyptian Deluxe is that of any scratch-off. The player reveals the tiles on their playing card, then gets paid on any number(s) which match five numbers at the top of your virtual play card.

Players can choose to play either 10 or 20 squares. Denominations also vary from $.05-$2.00 a square. In other words, the total ticket costs for this game range from $.50 to $40.

Like most scratch-offs, players can choose to either reveal squares one by one or use the “reveal all” button. If players opt for the reveal all function, it take just a single click to load up a new card and a second click to reveal your tiles.

There is more to this game than just matching the numbers though. As mentioned, there are two different bonus games players can trigger. Those are the Pyramid bonus and the Wheel bonus.

In order to trigger either game, a player needs to reveal three matching symbols on their tiles, either pyramids or wheels. Once triggered, the site delivers players to the respective bonus game.

Egyptian Deluxe bonus games

Pyramid bonus

The Pyramid bonus game is just a matter of picking game tiles. The game transports players to the interior of an Egyptian period with 14 tiles on the wall. Players randomly select seven of those tiles, each of which has a monetary value. At the end of the game, the player wins the sum total of all the values of the tiles as their prize.

Wheel bonus

The Pyramid bonus game always works effectively the same way. Players will always select tiles and the game always ends in the same place.

The Wheel game works a bit differently. If a player triggers the Wheel bonus, as the name indicates, a wheel appears. Players then spin the wheel, collecting dollars based on the value of each symbol the wheel lands on.

Players keep spinning the wheel, only stopping once they land on one of the “collect” symbols. Once that happens, players collect their cumulative dollars and return to the regular game.

Summing up Egyptian Deluxe

This game earns its “Deluxe” designation, improving upon the already solid Egyptian Oasis game. The graphics are clean and sleek, the games are fun and give you both cash and entertainment value, and, most importantly, it vastly improves your odds of winning over its predecessor.

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