What Michigan Online Gambling Sites Can Give Their Customers This Holiday Season

Written By Paul Costanzo on December 20, 2022

The holidays are time for gathering and giving. But, let’s be real, it’s also time for receiving.

And as a sports bettor, online casino customer or online poker player in Michigan, you deserve something.

No, we don’t mean a new promotion – although, those are nice, too. We mean some bigger gifts that you’ve been waiting for since online gambling went live in Michigan nearly two years ago.

We don’t have the power to give you these, but we’re making a list and checking it twice — mostly for grammatical errors, but it fits in the song.

The launch of interstate poker

This is the gift your parents – the Michigan Gaming Control Board and Michigan’s three online poker operators – have been hinting at for months. 

You’re pretty sure it’s going to be under the tree this year, but at the same time, there might be a shipping delay so you’ll have to settle for a bonus present after the holidays.

Either way, it’s coming. We know that. They’ve told us that. Many times.

Michigan online poker players are going to be able to play with New Jersey online poker players soon. And maybe with those from Delaware and Nevada, too. 

BetMGM and PokerStars have upgraded their software to become compatible between states. World Series of Poker will likely do the same. It really just feels like someone needs to say go, at this point.

A hometown team to bet on in the NFL Playoffs

Putting money on a team that you’re emotionally connected to may not be the best decision. If not for your bankroll, definitely for your heart.

But the Detroit Lions are proving to be pretty reliable this season, having gone 10-4 against the spread. At 7-7, moneyline bets on all of their games would also have you in the positive, albeit just a little bit.

January of 2022 is still the top month in Michigan sports betting history, and you can draw a very direct line to the NFL Playoffs being the major reason for that. So, having some local excitement – other than a former quarterback – added to it would add a lot of fun.

Sure, the sites can’t give us this. But we just really want the Lions to make the playoffs, OK.

A new Michigan online casino

We’ve been stuck at 14 Michigan online casino operators since September, when TwinSpires closed down. It was quickly replaced on the sports betting side with SI Sportsbook MI, but the online casino skin has yet to be filled.

There is not a SI-branded casino, at least not yet. But having a single app for sportsbook and online casino is most common and easiest for customers in Michigan.

SI Sportsbook does work with 888 Holdings, so perhaps 888Casino would make sense?

Either way, a 15th online casino in Michigan is well overdue, and probably not far away.

The launch of live dealer craps at Michigan online casinos

Our friends in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have had craps added to their live dealer offerings in 2022. We have been promised the same here in Michigan, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Evolution has the game, so incorporating into Michigan online casinos should be seamless when it happens.

Adding the most social of casino games to the live dealer arsenal would be a great thing to find under the tree.

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