Slingo, The Michigan Online Casino Game You Never Knew You Needed

Written By Julie Walker on December 1, 2021 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023
Slingo Michigan Online Casino Game December 2021

Combining two or more words and their meaning equals a portmanteau. So what do we get when we mix slots and bingo? Well, in Michigan, that’s Slingo!

The early 1990s game is now available for players at most Michigan online casinos, including FanDuel Casino, Golden Nugget Casino, BetRivers Casino, DraftKings Casino and BetMGM Casino.

What exactly is Slingo, again?

In addition to being a portmanteau word, Slingo is an online game born from a blend of bingo and slots.

The objective is to get as many “Slingos” as possible by marking off numbers or characters in a row on a card, just like getting a bingo at your aunt’s weekly gathering.

Of course, Slingo takes place online, and the marked-off numbers get delivered via spins from a wheel. That arrangement accounts for the “slots” part of the game.

Most of the Michigan online casinos offer multiple versions of Slingo, including among others: Slingo Classic 20th Anniversary, Slingo Berserk, Slingo Carnival, Slingo Extreme, Slingo Fluffy Favourites, Slingo Maximus Soldier of Rome, Slingo Reel King, Slingo Riches, Slingo XXXtreme and Slingo Xing Yun Xian.

How do I win money playing Slingo in Michigan?

No matter the version played, the concept is simple: The more Slingos, or win lines, obtained, the more money you win, with the amount depending on how much is staked.

On a typical 25-digit card set up with five rows of five numbers, there are 12 possible win lines: Five horizontal, five vertical and two corner-to-corner diagonals.

The more money wagered, the more possible money won. Different sites and different versions of the game may have different ranges for wagers. But at DraftKings Casino, the minimum Slingo Classic bet is 20 cents, and the maximum is $25 for Slingo Classic.

A $1 stake for one game generates this payout table:

  • 1 line = .10 cents
  • 2 lines = .20 cents
  • 3 lines = .30 cents
  • 4 lines = $1
  • 5 lines = $2
  • 6 lines = $3
  • 7 lines = $5
  • 8 lines = $10
  • 9 lines = $20
  • 10 Lines= $100
  • Full House = $500

So is hitting Slingos the only way to earn money?

Not quite. Each version of Slingo offers different bonuses and multipliers to help increase possible earnings and/or access to possible bonus jackpot games.

For instance, in Slingo Berserk, a Viking-themed version of the game, a jackpot round has players trying to match three Viking faces to snag a jackpot win.

In Slingo Carnival — you guessed it, a carnival-themed version of the game — players can pick animals to reveal multipliers. Players also can reach different games within the game to increase win totals, such as knocking down bottles or hitting bull’s-eyes in the carnival rendition.

Wild cards, free spins and blocks, oh my!

No matter the version of Slingo played, wild cards, free spins and blocks are possible outcomes for each spin. In Slingo Classic, wilds are denoted by jokers and super jokers, while devils block.

If a spin turns up a regular joker, the player gets a free choice spot in the corresponding row. A super joker allows the player a free spot anywhere on the grid.

Devils deliver a block on a row. Remember, jokers and devils can be represented in different ways, depending on which version of Slingo is being played.

Some versions offer instant cash prizes possibilities, too. In Slingo Classic, a gold coin in a spin equals instant money.

In general, players get 11 spins per game, with the possibility to earn or buy more. Free spins can pop up on any spin and automatically get added on.

Once the original and free spins run out, players get a choice to collect or buy more spins to increase the potential to win more prizes. A maximum of eight free spins and eight bought spins are allowed each game. Free spins also reduce the total amount of available spins.

Odds and ends when playing Slingo in Michigan

Remember that each version of Slingo will have different rules and prize possibilities. The DraftKings Casino offers demos for each game, with no user account required.

Click a Slingo choice and choose “Demo,” instead of the cash game. From the Demo page, clicking the button with three stacked bars and then click “help” to click through for the specifics of that iteration.

Players can help themselves best by using free picks wisely, making sure to pick spots that will help get one or multiple Slingos fastest.

Players can win free games where the base game is free at a predefined stake value. The freebies are considered a bonus cash stake.

Most of the hosts for Slingo offer a theoretical return-to-player rate of around 95%.

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