Leaderboards Add Layer Of Competition For Michigan Online Casino Players

Written By Paul Costanzo on November 1, 2022 - Last Updated on November 22, 2023

The dawn of a new month brings the start of new leaderboard competitions at many Michigan online casinos.

Rather than just betting against the house, leaderboards allow players to compete against one another for extra prizes

Online casino leaderboards reward volume of play

Online casino leaderboards vary wildly by operator, but the general idea is pretty universal: the more you play, the higher up the leaderboard you climb.

Nearly all give points based off how much you’re betting, whether it be on slots or table games. 

For example, Golden Nugget’s leaderboard, which runs monthly and yearly, gives players five points for every $100 bet on slots, and one point for every $100 bet on other casino games.

Slot play providing the most points is pretty consistent across the board for any leaderboard that covers multiple parts of the casino.

Rewarding the players – beyond MI reward programs – who bet the most on a site makes sense for online casinos, as it keeps people playing. Pitting them against one another in a competition where they can see their rankings also provides incentive to keep playing.

Leaderboard prizes often paid in free play

The reward for winning a leaderboard competition? More money to play on the site.

Most leaderboards pay their winners with site credit or bonus dollars. WynnBET even goes as far as calling them “chips” which are the equivalent to $1 apiece.

The yearly Golden Nugget prize, which is the biggest of leaderboards at Michigan online casinos, is a freeplay bonus of $240,000, paid out at $20,000 every month

Of course, the winner has the option to take a 2022 Rolls Royce Cullinan, instead.

Michigan online casino leaderboard competitions

Since there is no consistent timeframe for online casino leaderboards, the best way to find them is to simply check the promo sections of your favorite Michigan online casinos. Many even promote them with banners at the top of their apps. The prizes often include some form of an online casino bonus.

Here’s a sampling of some leaderboards that are either currently running or about to get started. 

Make sure to read the terms and conditions on each prior to opting in.

Golden Nugget monthly and yearly leaderboard

The previously mentioned Golden Nugget Casino MI leaderboard is the most lucrative in terms of prizes, but also the most expensive in terms of gaining points.

A $100 bet on slots equals five points, while a $100 bet on other casino games equals one. 

The monthly leaderboard has a guaranteed $500,000 in prizes, and everyone that enters wins a share of the prize pot.

The top prize is a $75,000 free play bonus. There is also a mid-month prize for the top 2,000 players, as they each get a 100% deposit match and 50 free spins.

The yearly competition is nearing its end, with the top prize being a 2022 Rolls Royce Cullinan or the $240,000 free play bonus. 

Point contributions go up later in the year, as players get 100% of their points from January through June, 200% from July through September and 300% from October through December. 

DraftKings casino leaderboards

DraftKings Casino MI has a pair of online leaderboards running, both with very short windows. Both the DraftKings Rocket and Money Multiplier leaderboards opened Tuesday, and close Thursday.

Not surprisingly, the Rocket leaderboard awards the most points for money bet on DraftKing’s exclusive Rocket game, with 12 for every $1. But players also earn 10 points for every $1 bet on DraftKings slots and five points for every $1 wagered on most other slots.

The Money Multiplier leaderboard is unique in how points are accumulated, as they’re given based on the ratio of winnings to a bet. For example, if you win $1,000 on a $5 bet, you get 200 points.

DraftKings ran more than 10 different leaderboards throughout October, so keep an eye out for many more as November goes on.

BetMGM Detroit Lions $10K Weekend Leaderboard

BetMGM Michigan Casino offers multiple leaderboards, as well. A consistent offering is the Detroit Lions $10K Weekend Leaderboard, which runs Friday through Sunday every weekend during the football season.

A point is earned for every $10 bet on Lions Blackjack and Lions Roulette, and the winner comes away with a $5,000 BetMGM Casino bonus.

WynnBET weekly leaderboards

WynnBET Casino MI runs a new leaderboard every week. It starts at midnight Monday and ends at 11:59 p.m. Friday. 

Every $1 bet on slots equals 10 points, while every $1 bet on video poker and table games equals two points.

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