Michigan Woman Wins Money For New TV — And Millions More — Playing Lucky 7s

Written By Derek Helling on June 16, 2021
Lucky 7s Michigan Lottery June 2021

A lot of people have dreams of grandeur when it comes to winning the lottery, often including opulent purchases. A Marquette County, Michigan, woman recently bucked that trend. Winning the top prize playing the $2,000,000 Lucky 7s Michigan Lottery game seems not to have fazed her.

Her extravagance included all of one new television set despite her seven-figure windfall. It’s a good example for future winners like her, which there will probably be plenty more of yet this year in MI.

The recent Lucky 7s Michigan Lottery top prize win

According to a Michigan Lottery press release, the anonymous 70-year-old woman bought the winning ticket at Jim’s Super Foods on 2nd St in Ishpeming. The good fortune surprised her, as it would most people.

“I always play the $2,000,000 Lucky 7’s game,” the woman said. “When I scratched my ticket and saw I won $2 million, I almost fainted. I called my niece right away to tell her the good news. She didn’t believe me, so I drove over there clutching my purse with the ticket in it the whole way.

“I still can’t comprehend winning this amount of money. It doesn’t feel real yet.”

During her visit to a MI Lottery claim center, she opted to receive the lump sum of $1.2 million post-tax. She also shared her plans with the lottery: buy a new TV, and then save the rest. Although that might seem like a conservative approach given the size of her winnings, it has a lot of merit.

If invested wisely, the remainder of that $1.2 million after the cost of the television could provide her all the income she needs for the rest of her life. That’s especially true if she maintains a relatively modest lifestyle in terms of expenses.

Hopefully, though, she bought a top-of-the-line TV. Also hopefully, remaining MI Lottery prize winners follow her example. So far this year, there have been a lot of winners of prizes of this size.

2021 continues to change Michiganders’ lives

So far this year, dozens of MI Lottery players have won seven-figure (and even bigger) prizes. In fact, the total number of such winners is already approaching the same sum for 2020 with nearly half of the year to go.

The best course of action for winners of such prizes involves immediately securing winning ticket(s), then contacting financial and legal professionals. Winners should get in touch with those people before they claim their prizes.

Doing so can not only protect the value of such a win, but the identities of winners as well. That’s another upside to not showing off lottery winnings publicly. Few people are going to try to scam winners whose only extravagance is a new television.

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