When Will The Mega Millions Jackpot Get Back Up To $1 Billion?

Written By Paul Costanzo on October 3, 2022 - Last Updated on December 7, 2023

We could be less than a month away from another billion-dollar Mega Millions jackpot.

It’s going to take a lot of losing tickets, but if this past summer’s rise to the $1.337 billion pay day is any indication, $1 billion is not that far away.

Will it get there? It’s impossible to predict. But as nobody has won a Mega Millions jackpot since that billion-dollar winner on July 29, the numbers are starting to add up again.

When will Mega Millions reach $1 billion?

The estimated Mega Millions jackpot was $380 million for the Tuesday, Oct. 4 drawing. In the run up to $1 billion in July, it had neared that point on July 5, when it was at $370 million.

Eight drawings and 24 days later, it crossed $1 billion.

If the current jackpot ends up on that same trajectory, the Friday, Oct. 28 drawing will be for more than $1 billion.

So far, that looks to be the case. Nobody won the Oct. 4 drawing, so the estimated jackpot for the Friday, Oct. 7, drawing is $410 million, a direct match to the July climb to $1 billion.

Of course, in order to get there, nobody can win between now and then. Interest will also have to climb, as it did this summer when more and more people were enticed by the very, very small chance to become an instant multi-millionaire.

Here’s how the estimated Mega Millions jackpots increased over that time:

  • July 5: $370 million
  • July 8: $410 million
  • July 12: $440 million
  • July 15: $480 million
  • July 19: $555 million
  • July 22: $660 million
  • July 26: $830 million
  • July 29: $1.28 billion (actual: $1.337 billion)

How to purchase Mega Millions tickets online in Michigan

The Michigan lottery is one of 45 state lotteries to participate in the Mega Millions. The District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Island also partake. Tickets are $2, and you can also choose to add a Megaplier for $1.

In Michigan, lotto players can purchase Mega Millons tickets in multiple ways: at a Michigan Lottery retailer, on the Michigan Lottery website, or through the Michigan Lottery app.

You will need to create an account in order to purchase tickets online or on the app. Once your account is created, you simply click the “Buy Now” button on the Mega Millions drawing, and you’ll be given the option to pick your own numbers, or have them auto-picked.

There is a $5 minimum for online purchases, so you will need to purchase at least three tickets, or two tickets with Megapliers.

Powerball jackpot over $300 million

The Mega Millions isn’t the only national lottery building steam, as the estimated Powerball jackpot is $378 million for the Saturday, Oct. 8, drawing.

Like the Mega Millions, Powerball tickets are $2, and can be purchased through the Michigan Lottery either online or at a lottery retailer. A Power Play can be added to each ticket for $1.

Mega Millions winning numbers

The winning numbers from the latest Mega Millions on Tuesday, Oct. 4, were 15-18-25-33-38-25.

Powerball winning numbers

The winning numbers from the latest Powerball regular drawing on Wednesday, Oct. 5, were 26-30-33-37-62-6.

Winnings numbers for the double play drawing were 17-23-24-36-61-16.

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