How Does The MGCB Ensure Michigan Online Casinos, Sportsbooks Are Safe, Fair For Consumers?

Written By Drew Ellis on May 31, 2022 - Last Updated on June 1, 2022

In the past few months, Michigan has seen the launch of a new online casino and sportsbook app, as well as the state’s third online poker platform.

With each launch, there have been some technical issues that have created headaches for new customers. The most recent was a software glitch that prevented players on the newly launched Eagle Casino & Sports app from being able to withdraw funds.

It begs the question of just how prepared must these operators and their software be to be approved by the Michigan Gaming Control Board?

Well, the reality is that these licensees have to clear a lot of hoops to be given clearance to begin accepting your money and taking your bets.

How do I know my money is safe at online casinos and sportsbooks?

Perhaps the most important aspect of any platform is safety and security when it comes to your financial information.

While each platform provides different options for withdrawing and depositing money, each must be verified.

How do operators make sure their funding system will work?

Each new operator is allowed to create test accounts in order to test their funding system. Those test accounts must have their findings disclosed to the Michigan Gaming Control Board in order to receive licensing.

Why is it harder to withdraw from my account than deposit?

You may find fewer options available to withdraw from an account than to deposit. That is to ensure a user’s identity when removing money. Any extra hoops are just to confirm that it is indeed you taking out your funds.

What should I do if I can’t get my funds?

Each operator has employees dedicated to assuring their funding system operators properly. As we have seen, technical glitches have caused problems in the past for some users.

If having trouble withdrawing from your account, contact the operator to make your issue known. If the operator is unable to adequately resolve the issue, you can contact the MGCB to submit a complaint.

The MGCB regulates all operators to ensure validity and protect Michigan gamblers. If using offshore operators that don’t fall under MGCB jurisdiction, you are not assured to have your funding issues resolved.

How is fairness ensured at online casinos?

Aside from concerns over money, users want to know that the game they are playing is fair and up to the standards required for retail casinos.

How is the fairness ensured before launch?

As we noted, operators are allowed to create test accounts prior to launch. The main focus of the test accounts is to ensure the platform is fully functional, but that includes the available games.

Any games must meet the same standards required at retail locations. The same goes for any live-dealer games in regard to regulations required of the dealers.

Once launched, how is fairness ensured?

Operators and providers must have an independent professional conduct an assessment of the product within 90 days of beginning operations. This is to ensure the integrity and security of the platform.

These reviews assess all aspects of the product with the intent of identifying all vulnerabilities. That includes potential system crashes while users are in the midst of playing a game.

That review also must be submitted to the MGCB.

How often do assessments occur after launch?

Outside of the original assessment after the 90 days, assessments must then occur annually.

A guide to any other concerns

There are still plenty of questions you might have about operators and licensing.

If you are seeking more info, or want to take a deep dive into all the technical and legal jargon, the MGCB has you covered.

The Internet Sports Betting Rules and Internet Gaming Rules on the MGCB website give a full legal rundown of everything you need to know.

The MGCB site also spells out the key framework needed by each online gambling skin in regard to:

Again, if you feel an operator is violating your rights or not addressing an issue with their product, contact the MGCB with a formal complaint.

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