The 12 Best Michigan Minor League Baseball Promotional Events In 2023

Written By Drew Ellis on May 4, 2023
Michigan minor league baseball promotions

There’s not much better than a special promotion at an athletic event.

We already gave you the scoop on the Detroit Tigers 2023 promotional schedule. But, we felt it was very important you were aware of some outstanding promotions going on in Michigan’s minor league baseball stadiums this year.

Minor league baseball is known for the lengths it will go to entertain their fan bases, aside from putting on exciting pro baseball action.

This year will be no different.

The Lansing Lugnuts, West Michigan Whitecaps and Great Lakes Loons are all members of the Midwest League and have big plans in 2023.

Sure, there’s your standard Star Wars Night, Marvel Superheroes Night, and more. But, we are looking for those truly unique events that you want to make sure you are a part of.

Lansing Lugnuts promotional events in 2023

The Lansing Lugnuts are a High-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics franchise.

Lansing plays its games at Jackson Field and is located at 505 E Michigan Ave in the state’s capital.

The Lugnuts promotional schedule is full for all home games in 2023. Here’s four can’t miss promotions going on for the Lugnuts this season.

June 2: Lugnut P.I. Night

The Lugnuts will pay tribute to our favorite Detroit Tiger hat-wearing private investigator, Magnum P.I. Grow out those mustaches and get the Hawaiian shirts out. The Lugnut players will be wearing their own Hawaiian Shirt-themed uniforms for a game with the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Also, a Luggie Hawaiian shirt giveaway will be taking place. How can you say no?

June 17: Rush Tribute Night

What’s the best way to pay tribute to one of Canada’s all-time great musical acts? The Lugnuts will do so with Rush-themed jerseys when they take on the Peoria Chiefs. Expect plenty of Geddy Lee lookalikes to be strewn about the stadium. If that wasn’t enough, the Lugnuts will also pay tribute to another great Rush. By that I mean giving away bobbleheads of Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Central Michigan and Lansing Catholic alum, Cooper Rush. You’ll be in a rush to get to the stadium … see what I did there?

July 20/August 31: Rivalry Night

The Lugnuts aren’t afraid to bring bitter rival fanbases together. On July 20, it’s Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan rivalry night at the ballpark when the Lugnuts host the Loons. On Aug. 31, Lansing embraces the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry in a game with the Whitecaps. I’m sure everyone will get along swimmingly.

August 10: Joey Chestnut Olive Burger Record Night

It speaks for itself. Joey Chestnut Olive Burgers World Record. That’s right, Lansing is welcoming hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut to the park for a game with the Fort Wayne TinCaps. At some point during the night, Chestnut will attempt to break the Olive Burger World Record. I don’t know just what that record is, but if anyone ate two then I think that’s record enough.

*It should be noted that Chestnut will appear in Midland on Aug. 11 for the Loons’ game with the Whitecaps. He is advertised as competing in a food eating challenge against local celebrities. What can I say, the man likes to eat and embarrass others who aren’t as glutenous.

West Michigan Whitecaps promotional events in 2023

The Whitecaps are a High-A affiliate for the Detroit Tigers.

West Michigan holds its games at LMCU Ballpark in Comstock Park at 4500 W River Drive NE.

Like any year, the West Michigan staff has worked hard for an impressive Whitecaps promotional schedule in 2023. Here’s four promotions that really caught our eye.

July 1-2: Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act

For a summertime weekend series with the Dayton Dragons, you can see a balancing act that one can only describe as ‘amazing’? Tyler Scheuer of America’s Got Talent fame will be on hand to showcase his incredible balancing skills on his face. Included will be a bike, a 12-foot pole, a ladder and “whatever fans put in front of him.” I suggest bringing a fully-stacked game of Jenga and see if he can balance while you play a round with your friend.

July 15: Human Cannonball Night

I’ve already got my calendar marked for this one. Following the Whitecaps game with the Lugnuts, David “The Bullet” Smith will perform a postgame blastoff. Did you read that? A man will shoot himself out of a cannon after the game. He will be behind second base, shoot over six stories in the air and land over home plate. WHAT??? This night also ties in with Marvel Superhero night, so there may be a few fans feeling good about themselves and wanting to take on the cannon as well.

August 17: Nickelodeon’s Rugrats Night

For us born in the 80s and 90s, Rugrats certainly was in our zeitgeist. Nickelodeon was all the rage. For West Michigan’s game with the South Bend Cubs, the Whitecaps will be wearing special Rugrats jerseys that will be auctioned online to benefit the Whitecaps Community Foundation. Tommy and Chucky will be on hand as well. This gives me hope for a potential Doug Night or Ren & Stimpy Night in the future.

August 18: Beer City Bung Hammers Night

Look, I know at first read that could lead you down a dangerous path. But, Grand Rapids is known as Beer City, USA and each year the Whitecaps turn into the Beer City Bung Hammers. That includes unique uniforms and hats for the game with the Cubs. West Michigan (I mean Beer City) will provide beer, bungs, and bung hammer themed games all night long. Yeah, still feels like it could have a slightly better name.

Great Lakes Loons promotional events in 2023

The Loons are a High-A affiliate for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Great Lakes plays its games at Dow Diamond in Midland at 825 E Main Street.

Great Lakes is the newest minor league team of the three. The staff has put together a stacked Loons promotional schedule this season. Here’s four promotions that you need to consider.

May 21: Second Chance Mother’s Day

If you are like me, you’re terrible at remembering birthdays and other important dates on the calendar. Well, the Loons have you covered for their Sunday afternoon game with the Whitecaps. If you happen to forget that Mother’s Day is on May 14, you get a chance to make up for being a terrible son/daughter by taking her to the ballpark. Special offers will be available throughout the stadium for moms in attendance. You will look like you didn’t forget Mother’s Day, simply delayed your gift by a week.

June 29: Michigander Night

When the Loons host the Lugnuts on this Thursday night, you can celebrate all things that make Michigan great. The Loons will be in Mossy Oak camo jerseys while the stadium honors “Yoopers and trolls alike.” Take that for what it’s worth. As the son of a Yooper, I’d expect nothing less than pasties and cudighi. You can also be certain there will be craft beers on hand.

July 29: SpongeBob SquarePants Night

They got SquarePants! That’s right, everyone’s favorite spongy scamp is being honored for the Loons game with the Dayton Dragons. SpongeBob SquarePants himself will be on hand while the team wears jerseys inspired by the cartoon. You can then bid on those very jerseys during the game. Enjoy a krabby patty and some baseball on this Saturday night.

August 31: True Crime Night

In the home season finale against the Dragons, the Loons will be putting on True Crime Night. Help mascot Clou E. Loon try and solve who-done-it mysteries throughout the game. If Scooby Doo taught me anything, the likely culprit is a giant sludge monster that is really an old man in a costume that’s upset that the baseball stadium is making too much noise. And he would have gotten away with it if not for you kids!

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