More Security Robots To Be Deployed At Greektown Casino

Written By Dave Briggs on January 16, 2024
Photos of two Knightscope K5 and four K1 Hemispheres robots.

Six more security robots will soon be operating at the Hollywood Casino at Greektown. They will join eight security robots already in service at the Detroit casino operated by PENN Entertainment.

The Hollywood Casino at Greektown is the ninth of PENN’s 43 properties to employ Knightscope security systems.

The six new robots include four K1 Hemispheres and two fifth-generation Knightscope K5 robots.

Combination of stationary and free-roaming robots at Greektown

The majority of the 14 robots at the Greektown casino will be of the free-roaming type.

Knightscope autonomous K5 robots are between 4 and 5 feet in height and navigate the casino to gather security information and assist venue security personnel. The robots can “see” 360-degrees at all times, even in the dark. And, they are equipped with “sensitive 16-microphone array with two-way audio functionality allowing humans to have a live conversation with another human using [the robot] as the communication medium.”

The K5s will greet Greektown customers with a friendly voice and roam throughout the Detroit casino.

The K1 Hemispheres are stationary indoor/outdoor monitoring devices that can be mounted. Knightscope said it has “three cameras that provide up to 210-degrees of eye-level, high-definition video, a strobe light, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition (optional), automated broadcast announcements, and intercom capability running on a wired or wireless network.”

William Santana Li, chairman and CEO at Knightscope, said he expects PENN to deploy more robots after testing the system at various sites.

“PENN Entertainment’s commitment to safety and the guest experience is extraordinary. We are overjoyed that we will be providing Knightscope technologies across its portfolio to protect the surge of guests arriving and departing from all of its properties daily.”

About Knightscope

Li and Stacy Dean Stephens founded Knightscope in 2013. The company is based in Silicon Valley, and they have more than three dozen employees.

Notably, Knightscope was born out of tragedy. The company launched in response to the horrific Sandy Hook school shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombing. Those events occurred within four months of each other in 2012-2013.

The company deployed its first ASRs in 2015. It claims its products have worked “more than two million hours” with clients, including law enforcement.

Photo by Courtesy Knightscope
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