5 Netflix Slots We’d Like To See After The Introduction Of ‘Squid Game’

Written By Drew Ellis on October 11, 2023
Photo from premier of Stranger Things season 3 for story on Netflix slots we want to see at Michigan online casinos

The casino industry has plenty of competitiveness, with multiple gaming operators looking to find that next big hit.

This week, Light & Wonder debuted an upcoming new release, Netflix’s “Squid Game”, during the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

“Squid Game” marks the debut for Netflix in the retail casino and gambling industry — and it will soon land in Michigan casinos. That got us thinking of what other popular Netflix titles could make their way to retail casinos or online casinos in Michigan.

Squid Game slot to stand over 7 feet

Light & Wonder has to feel good about landing this deal to get a “Squid Game” slot developed for retail casinos.

As part of the company’s new Horizon cabinet, this gaming unit will include a 75-inch screen with 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels. The entire display area is listed at 90 inches.

The gaming cabinet also includes a 27-inch touch screen, mobile charger and dual play buttons.

With authentic music from the television show, players will get to take part in infamous “Squid Game” contests like Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, and The Glass Tile.

Casino goers can expect to see “Squid Game” on gaming floors in 2024. A digital version is also in the works.

5 other Netflix-themed slots we’d like to see

The introduction of “Squid Game” certainly makes a lot of sense for the casino industry.

Players still like to be entertained while attempting to win money.

“Squid Game” is just one of many potential Netflix titles that can be made into slot games. While it is the first Netflix-based game to hit retail casinos, we have seen “Tiger King” in multiple Michigan online casinos.

Here are some other Netflix shows we feel could provide an interesting gaming platform for retail or online casinos in Michigan.

‘Stranger Things’

Netflix’s biggest hit may be “Squid Game”, but “Stanger Things” can’t be far off.

The science-fiction series has brought a lot of nostalgia to its viewers and has people talking every season.

It would only make sense to see “Stanger Things” converted into a slot game.

You could have a normal grid featuring all your favorite characters from the show, as well as a grid from The Upside Down that includes the antagonists in the show like Demogorgans and Vecna.

Bonus rounds could include “Running Up That Hill” or helping Eddie crank out a memorable guitar solo to “Master of Puppets.”


It’s not uncommon to see famous crime shows become slot games, especially in the online casino world.

We’ve seen “Narcos” and “Peaky Blinders”, so having “Ozark” converted into a slot game certainly isn’t a reach.

There’s a wide cast of characters outside of the Byrde family to use through its four seasons of operations.

I think an easy option is to make Ruth Langmore the wild card icon. Every time you hit her icon, it can spread out over a column while she screams her infamous “If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to (omitted) kill me!”

I’ll let the gamers decide if they want to include the omitted line. I mean, gambling is meant for adults who have all heard the word.

‘Outer Banks’

The show itself is based on searching for a lost treasure, so it only makes sense to have “Outer Banks” as a slot game.

There are plenty of likable and unlikable characters on the show for icons to include in the basic grid, along with a solid show soundtrack.

When it comes to bonus time, it seems to make sense to have a “Kooks” and a “Pogues” selection. Are you with the wealthy Kooks, where you get bigger multipliers and fewer spins? Or, are you with the working-class Pogues, where you get more free spins, but fewer multipliers?


‘Love Is Blind’

Netflix has been known for having a lot of different reality dating competitions.

Some are more outrageous than others, but “Love Is Blind” opens itself up to an interesting option for a slot game.

The show itself has singles meet without actually seeing their potential suitor. The goal is to get engaged and then they get to see their new partner.

When it comes to a game idea, the standard format of “Love Is Blind” could look like most slots, with some basic icons and grid. It’s the bonus feature where I think things can get interesting.

I propose having two different grids competing against one another, only you can’t make out just what is happening on the grids. All you have to go off is sound.

Based on what you can recognize from the sounds, you then choose which of the two grids you think generated more money.

Will your ears deceive you?

‘I Think You Should Leave’

We are in Michigan, so why not a slot game based on one of the state’s finest, Tim Robinson?

Robinson’s hit sketch show on Netflix, “I Think You Should Leave”, has a world of possibilities to work with.

The grid alone could feature the star of “Detroiters” making his signature faces with sound effects of his unique screams and memorable lines like “You Sure About That?”

A million bonus games come to mind as well.

You could have Detective Crashmore, The Turbo Team, Karl Havoc, Dan Flashes, Coffin Flop and so many more.

But, the one thing you really have to watch out for in this game is The Chunky.

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