It’s Launch Day For Michigan Online Casino & Sports Betting: Learn About The Industry

Written By Dustin Gouker on January 22, 2021
Michigan online gambling info

It’s the first day of online casino and online sports betting and Michigan. It’s an exciting day for people who want to place their first bets online, but it’s also a transformative day for Michigan itself.

The gaming industry in the state will forever change, and a huge new stream of revenue is opening up for the casinos in the state; not to mention new tax revenue for the state.

PlayMichigan has a few things to help get you up to speed. Here’s a one-page fact sheet on the online gambling industry in Michigan:

Here’s a PDF of the fact sheet above.

And here’s a documentary that gives a breakdown of the future of online gambling in the state from the perspective of lawmakers, people in the industry, and our lead writer, Matt Schoch:

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