PokerStars MI Players Win $618K in Fall Fest 50/50 Series

Written By Martin Harris on November 30, 2021 - Last Updated on December 11, 2023
PokerStars Fall Fest Results November 2021

There’s a joke about poker odds. What are your chances of hitting the card you need to win a hand? Fifty-fifty. Either you hit it or you don’t.

This past Monday night, PokerStars Michigan completed its Fall Fest 50/50 Series. Although there were plenty of “coin-flip” situations throughout the 50 events, Michigan poker players demonstrated their skill as well on the way to claiming more than $618,000 in prize money.

Fifty $50 tournaments attract 12,725 entries over 10 days

The series took its name from both the 50 events scheduled Nov. 20-29 and the fact that each tournament had an identical $50 buy-in. The guarantees varied, however, totaling $507,000 across the series.

To be precise, Michigan poker players ultimately won $618,098 in Fall Fest 50/50 events. There were 12,725 total entries (including re-entries), an average of 254 entries per event.

In the end, 42 of the 50 events attracted large enough fields to exceed their guarantees. Of the eight having overlays, none were especially large. The biggest overlays came early in the series, when a couple of events came about $2,200 shy of hitting their guarantees.

The largest prize pool came in the eight-handed no-limit hold’em Main Event (No. 42) that carried a series-high $50,000 guarantee.

The Main Event drew a total of 1,172 entries to create a prize pool of $53,326. Player “joeyd1213” took the top spot, outlasting the big field to earn a prize of nearly $8,400.

Michigan in the middle: MI Fall Fest larger than NJ, but behind PA

PokerStars simultaneously ran separate Fall Fest series on both of its other US sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey over the same 10-day period. Michigan’s Fall Fest wasn’t as big as the Pennsylvania one, but outperformed the New Jersey series.

On PokerStars PA and PokerStars NJ, the series each featured just 40 events, although with different buy-ins and guarantees throughout.

The Pennsylvania series had the highest guarantees totaling $1 million. In that series, nearly every tournament had prize pools exceeding the guarantees, with only three having small overlays. In the end, PokerStars PA players won $1.25 million in their Fall Fest.

Over in New Jersey, the Fall Fest series on PokerStars NJ had guarantees adding up to $412,500. Nine of those 40 events had overlays, with players ultimately winning a little more than $466,000 across the series.

PokerStars MI’s Fall Fest 50/50 outdraws BetMGM Poker MI series

PokerStars MI’s Fall Fest 50/50 performed well against last week’s End Boss Poker Series on BetMGM Poker MI, the state’s only other online poker room.

That smaller series that ran Nov. 23-28 featured just seven tournaments, in which players ultimately won almost $250,000.

Meanwhile, there is probably a better than fifty-fifty chance that PokerStars MI will offer at least one more tournament series in December.

Look below for all of the field sizes, prize pools, and overlays (where applicable) for Fall Fest 50/50 on PokerStars MI.

2021 PokerStars MI Fall Fest 50/50 by the numbers

EventGuaranteeEntriesPrize PoolOverlay
1: $50 NLHE Deepstack Warm Up$12,500328$14,924.00n/a
2: $50 NLHE 8-Max, 50/50 Kickoff$25,000501$25,000.00$2,204.50
3: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #1$10,000268$12,194.00n/a
4: $50 PLO 8-Max, PLO$3,50090$4,095.00n/a
5: $50 NLHE 5-Max, The $50 5-Max$5,000153$6,961.50n/a
6: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Zoom$10,000243$11,056.50n/a
7: $50 NLHE Progressive KO, Sunday Marathon$10,000409$18,609.50n/a
8: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Sunday Special$40,000830$40,000.00$2,235.00
9: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #2$10,000276$12,558.00n/a
10: $50 NLO8 6-Max, NLO8$3,00099$4,504.50n/a
11: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Sunday Second Chance$10,000205$10,000.00$672.50
12: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$5,000118$5,546.00n/a
13: $50 NLHE Freezeout$5,000158$7,189.00n/a
14: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #1$10,000373$16,971.50n/a
15: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale$12,500342$15,561.00n/a
16: $50 HORSE Turbo, HORSE$2,00080$3,640.00n/a
17: $50 NLHE 3-Max, Hyper-Turbo$3,00096$4,512.00n/a
18: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Last Man Standing (75% PKO)$7,500198$9,009.00n/a
19: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #3$10,000303$13,786.50n/a
20: $50 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday SE$15,000391$17,790.50n/a
21: $50 PL Badugi$2,00046$2,093.00n/a
22: $50 NLHE Turbo, Mini Super Tuesday 2nd Chance$7,000200$9,100.00n/a
23: $50 NLHE Progressive KO, Freezeout 25% PKO$5,000130$5,915.00n/a
24: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #4$10,000377$17,153.50n/a
25: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Wednesday 6-Max SE$6,000251$11,420.50n/a
26: $50 Razz Razz$2,00050$2,275.00n/a
27: $50 NLHE 1 Re-Entry$7,000138$7,000.00$721.00
28: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #2$10,000229$10,419.50n/a
29: $50 NLHE Progressive KO, Mini Thanksgiving Thrill$10,000284$12,922.00n/a
30: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Turbo$5,000114$5,187.00n/a
31: $50 NLHE Deepstack - $20 Bounty$5,000206$9,373.00n/a
32: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #3$10,000314$14,287.00n/a
33: $50 NLHE 7-Max, Progressive KO, Friday Night Fight$10,000298$13,559.00n/a
34: $50 PLO8 8-Max, PLO8$3,500121$5,505.50n/a
35: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo$5,000113$5,311.00n/a
36: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack$10,000248$11,284.00n/a
37: $50 NLHE 4-Max$7,500129$7,500.00$1,630.50
38: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #4$10,000332$15,106.00n/a
39: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Bigstack 2nd Chance$6,500164$7,462.00n/a
40: $50 NLHE The Rounder$5,000175$7,962.50n/a
41: $50 NLHE Sunday Marathon SE$10,000358$16,289.00n/a
42: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Main Event$50,0001,172$53,326.00n/a
43: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Total KO$12,500244$12,500.00$1,398.00
44: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #5$10,000301$13,695.50n/a
45: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Supersonic SE$7,500194$9,118.00n/a
46: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #6$10,000288$13,104.00n/a
47: $50 NLHE 8-Max, Phase II$30,000117$32,077.50n/a
48: $50 NLHE 8-Max, 50/50 Wrap Up$15,000368$16,744.00n/a
49: $50 NLHE 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale$6,500106$6,500.00$1,677.00
50: $50 NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive KO, Zoom Total KO$10,000197$10,000.00$1,036.50
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