50 Tourneys, $50 Buy-Ins: PokerStars MI Fall Fest 50/50 Series Sets $500K In Guarantees

Written By Martin Harris on November 12, 2021 - Last Updated on December 11, 2023
PokerStars Fall Fest Michigan November 2021

Thanksgiving is typically a time reserved for family, football, and lots of turkey. PokerStars Michigan hopes to make the holiday a time for Fall Fest tournament poker as well.

This week, PokerStars MI announced a new series coming at the end of the month. Fall Fest 50/50 will take place Nov. 20-29.

The series title reflects its unique schedule — 50 tournaments, each of which will have a $50 buy-in. Guaranteed prize pools across the series will total just over half a million dollars.

Same buy-ins, but wide variety of formats, structures for 10-day series

To be precise, the guarantees for Fall Fest 50/50 will actually add up to exactly $507,000. Although the buy-ins don’t vary, the formats for the 50 tournaments most certainly will.

Most events are no-limit hold’em; although within the NLHE offerings are re-entry events, freezeouts, progressive knockout bounty tournaments, Zoom (fast-fold) events, short-handed and full-ring events, deep-stacked events, and turbos and hyper-turbos.

There are also a number of non-NLHE tournaments, too, including pot-limit Omaha (both high only and hi-lo), no-limit Omaha hi-lo, H.O.R.S.E., Badugi and razz events.

Several “Fall Brawls” dot the schedule, each featuring the PKO format with varying KO values. There is also an interesting “Last Man Standing” event. In that one, only the top seven finishers will cash and the winner will receive a whopping 75% of the total prize pool.

The two-day Main Event begins Sunday, Nov. 28. The Main Event has the same $50 buy-in but possesses a series-high $50,000 guaranteed prize pool attached. (See the full Fall Fest 50/50 schedule below.)

Freerolls, satellites offer inexpensive ways to play PokerStars Fall Fest 50/50

The series comes accompanied with PokerStars MI’s usual lineup of satellites and freerolls.

There will be a Depositor Freeroll at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday, Nov. 28 that awards 50 Main Event seats, a $2,500 value. To earn a free spot in the freeroll, players must deposit at least $50 into their PokerStars MI accounts between now and Nov. 28 at 1:59 p.m. using the promo code “FALL21.”

There will also be Second Chance Freerolls throughout the series running Nov. 21-28. Any player busting from a Fall Fest 50/50 tournament shy of the cash will automatically receive an entry into the following day’s freeroll. Those tournaments will award $1,000 worth of Fall Fest 50/50 tourney tickets.

Satellites for Fall Fest 50/50 events are also already up and running at PokerStars MI, each costing just $5 to play.

Fall Fest 50/50 will provide Michigan poker players another tournament option over Thanksgiving week. The series will compete directly with the End Boss Poker Series over at BetMGM Poker MI. That seven-tournament series runs Nov. 23-28.

Fall Fest 50/50 schedule on PokerStars MI

No.DateTime (ET)EventGuarantee
1Nov. 20 (Sa)4 p.m.$50 NLHE Deepstack Warm Up$12,500
2Nov. 20 (Sa)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, 50/50 Kickoff$25,000
3Nov. 20 (Sa)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #1$10,000
4Nov. 20 (Sa)8:30 p.m.$50 PLO 8-Max, PLO$3,500
5Nov. 20 (Sa)9 p.m.$50 NLHE 5-Max, The $50 5-Max$5,000
6Nov. 20 (Sa)10 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Zoom$10,000
7Nov. 21 (Su)2 p.m.$50 NLHE Progressive KO, Sunday Marathon$10,000
8Nov. 21 (Su)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Sunday Special$40,000
9Nov. 21 (Su)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #2$10,000
10Nov. 21 (Su)8:30 p.m.$50 NLO8 6-Max, NLO8$3,000
11Nov. 21 (Su)9 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Sunday Second Chance$10,000
12Nov. 21 (Su)10 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$5,000
13Nov. 22 (M)6 p.m.$50 NLHE Freezeout$5,000
14Nov. 22 (M)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #1$10,000
15Nov. 22 (M)8 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale$12,500
16Nov. 22 (M)9 p.m.$50 HORSE Turbo, HORSE$2,000
17Nov. 22 (M)9:30 p.m.$50 NLHE 3-Max, Hyper-Turbo$3,000
18Nov. 23 (Tu)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Last Man Standing (75% PKO)$7,500
19Nov. 23 (Tu)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #3$10,000
20Nov. 23 (Tu)8 p.m.$50 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday SE$15,000
21Nov. 23 (Tu)9 p.m.$50 PL Badugi$2,000
22Nov. 23 (Tu)10 p.m.$50 NLHE Turbo, Mini Super Tuesday 2nd Chance$7,000
23Nov. 24 (W)6 p.m.$50 NLHE Progressive KO, Freezeout 25% PKO$5,000
24Nov. 24 (W)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #4$10,000
25Nov. 24 (W)8 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Wednesday 6-Max SE$6,000
26Nov. 24 (W)9 p.m.$50 Razz Razz$2,000
27Nov. 25 (Th)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 1 Re-Entry$7,000
28Nov. 25 (Th)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #2$10,000
29Nov. 25 (Th)8 p.m.$50 NLHE Progressive KO, Mini Thanksgiving Thrill$10,000
30Nov. 25 (Th)9:30 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Turbo$5,000
31Nov. 26 (F)4 p.m.$50 NLHE Deepstack - $20 Bounty$5,000
32Nov. 26 (F)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #3$10,000
33Nov. 26 (F)8 p.m.$50 NLHE 7-Max, Progressive KO, Friday Night Fight$10,000
34Nov. 26 (F)8:30 p.m.$50 PLO8 8-Max, PLO8$3,500
35Nov. 26 (F)10 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo$5,000
36Nov. 27 (Sa)4 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack$10,000
37Nov. 27 (Sa)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 4-Max$7,500
38Nov. 27 (Sa)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Fall Stacks #4$10,000
39Nov. 27 (Sa)8 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Bigstack 2nd Chance$6,500
40Nov. 27 (Sa)9 p.m.$50 NLHE The Rounder$5,000
41Nov. 28 (Su)2 p.m.$50 NLHE Sunday Marathon SE$10,000
42Nov. 28 (Su)4 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Main Event$50,000
43Nov. 28 (Su)6 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Total KO$12,500
44Nov. 28 (Su)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #5$10,000
45Nov. 28 (Su)10 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Supersonic SE$7,500
46Nov. 29 (M)7 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Fall Brawl #6$10,000
47Nov. 29 (M)7:30 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, Phase II$30,000
48Nov. 29 (M)8 p.m.$50 NLHE 8-Max, 50/50 Wrap Up$15,000
49Nov. 29 (M)8:30 p.m.$50 NLHE 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale$6,500
50Nov. 29 (M)10 p.m.$50 NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive KO, Zoom Total KO$10,000
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