At PokerStars MI Summer Stacks Festival, Players Win Nearly $1.1 Million

Written By Martin Harris on June 30, 2021
PokerStars Summer Stacks June 2021

Continuing its series of firsts during its inaugural year, PokerStars Michigan completed its initial Summer Stacks Festival on Sunday. The series ran from June 12-28 and ultimately awarded almost $1.1 million in prize money, marking another successful tournament series on PokerStars MI.

100 tournaments, more than $1 million awarded

The 100 tournaments ultimately attracted almost 28,000 total entries (including re-entries), and they awarded $1,087,430.65 in prize money.

The $100 buy-in Main Event drew 1,224 total entries to create a prize pool of just over $112,000, thereby exceeding the $100,000 guarantee. Player “CheckUrPrivlege” prevailed to win a first prize worth more than $17,600.

The Summer Stacks Festival followed the first Michigan Spring Championship of Online Poker in May on PokerStars MI, in which players won $2.35 million over another 17-day period. That series featured bigger buy-ins and guarantees, ultimately becoming the largest ever in the site’s short history.

Nearly half of events have overlays, many in non-standard tourneys

Guarantees across the series totaled $1 million exactly. All told, 43 of the 100 tournaments ended up having overlays. Added together, PokerStars MI had to supply just over $73,000 to meet the guarantees in those events.

About half of the overlays were for more than $1,000. A couple required PokerStars MI to put up more than $7,500 to satisfy the guarantee. Both of those instances came in larger events with $60,000 guarantees.

It’s worth noting how among the tournaments with overlays, nearly half either featured games other than no-limit hold’em; were freezeouts (with no re-entries); or featured unusual formats such as 4-max or heads-up.

In Summer Stacks Festivals, MI well ahead of NJ, but behind PA

PokerStars interestingly ran similar and separate Summer Stacks Festival series on all three of its US sites from June 12-28. (Editor’s note: Players on each of PokerStars’ US sites can compete only against others in-state, and not in a shared player pool.)

In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the series similarly featured 100 tournaments with buy-ins of $100 or less. On PokerStars PA ,the guarantees totaled $1,045,000, just a tad over PokerStars MI’s $1 million, and the schedule was nearly identical. On PokerStars NJ, the guarantees added up to $500,000.

PokerStars PA ultimately had the biggest series, with more than 35,000 total entries and players winning nearly $1.3 million. PokerStars MI’s almost 28,000 total entries and nearly $1.1 million came next. PokerStars NJ’s series, meanwhile, drew close to 15,500 total entries and awarded about $565,000.

The main events all featured the same $100 buy-in and two-day structure. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, the main events had $100,000 guarantees, and in New Jersey the guarantee was $50,000.

There, too, PokerStars PA bested all three sites, with 1,443 entries and a prize pool of over $132,000. That total beat Michigan’s, while New Jersey’s Main Event had 539 entries. That site paid a slight overlay to meet the $50,000 guarantee.

BetMGM Poker MI series plays out during Summer Stacks final week

Speaking of comparisons, during the final week of the Summer Stacks Festival, BetMGM Poker Michigan gave players another tournament option with its own BetMGM Online Series.

The 10-event schedule featured guarantees totaling $275,000, a reduction from previous installments of the series on BetMGM Poker MI. In the end, there were a few overlays among the events. Even so, players ultimately won almost $350,000 in the series. That total nearly matched the amount awarded during the first BetMGM Online Series on the site in April.

The final day on Sunday was the most successful, with all three tournaments exceeding guarantees.

The climactic $1,060 buy-in event with a $75,000 guarantee drew 97 entries, making for a $97,000 prize pool. Meanwhile the $20 buy-in event — the lowest of the series and the only one rivaling the lower buy-in events of the Summer Stacks Festival — attracted a huge field of 2,169 entries. That created a prize pool of more than $39,000, nearly eight times the $5,000 guarantee.

Thus, although the BetMGM Online Series didn’t necessarily provide too much direct competition to PokerStars MI’s series, it did provide some good news for BetMGM Poker MI.

PokerStars MI Summer Stacks Festival by the numbers

EventEventBuy-inGuaranteeEntriesPrize PoolOverlay
1NLHE (Summer Stacks Warm Up - Stars-B-Que)$10$3,500 556$5,059.60 n/a
2NLHE (Summer Stacks Kick Off)$100$30,000 287$30,000.00 $3,653.40
3NLHE (Summer Stacks Mini Kick Off)$30$8,000 329$8,981.70 n/a
4NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$15,000 306$15,000.00 $1,077.00
5PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$5$1,000 245$1,114.75 n/a
6NLHE$50$8,500 222$10,101.00 n/a
7Razz (6-Max)$10$1,000 113$1,028.30 n/a
8Stud Hi/Lo (6-Max)$50$3,500 54$3,500.00 $1,043.00
9NLHE (6-Max, Sunday Storm - PKO Edition)$10$3,000 312$3,000.00 $160.80
10NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$60,000 569$60,000.00 $7,765.80
11NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$30$10,000 493$13,458.90 n/a
12NLHE (Micro Sunday Special)$5$3,500 661$3,500.00 $492.45
13NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 227$10,328.50 n/a
14NLHE (The Big Freeze)$100$12,500 132$12,500.00 $382.40
15PLO (6-Max)$30$4,000 133$4,000.00 $369.10
16NLHE (6-Max, PKO, Battle Royale Early Edition)$10$3,000 387$3,521.70 n/a
17NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 303$13,786.50 n/a
18NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale)$100$20,000 178$20,000.00 $3,659.60
19NLHE$5$1,500 373$1,697.15 n/a
20PLO8 (8-Max)$20$2,500 176$3,203.20 n/a
21NLHE (Super Tuesday Early Edition)$10$3,000 395$3,594.50 n/a
22NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 244$11,102.00 n/a
23NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday)$50$15,000 361$16,425.50 n/a
24NLHE (6-Max, Summer Freeze)$100$10,000 82$10,000.00 $2,472.40
25NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO)$10$2,000 294$2,675.40 n/a
26NLHE (6-Max)$20$4,000 212$4,000.00 $141.60
27NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 267$12,148.50 n/a
28NLHE (6-Max)$100$17,500 191$17,533.80 n/a
29NLHE$30$5,000 215$5,869.50 n/a
308-Game$50$5,000 89$5,000.00 $950.50
31NLHE (PKO, Thursday Thrill Early Edition)$10$3,000 409$3,721.90 n/a
32NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 233$10,601.50 n/a
33NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill)$50$15,000 302$15,000.00 $1,259.00
34NLHE (Summer Freeze)$25$3,500 159$3,617.25 n/a
35PLO (6-Max, Turbo)$5$1,000 209$1,000.00 $49.05
36NLHE (4-Max, The Big $10 - 4-max Edition)$10$2,500 334$3,039.40 n/a
37NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 296$13,468.00 n/a
38NLHE (8-Max, Mega-Stack Turbo)$100$15,000 198$18,176.40 n/a
39NLHE$20$3,000 263$4,786.60 n/a
40NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO)$5$1,000 267$1,254.90 n/a
41NLHE$10$2,500 273$2,500.00 $15.70
42NLHE (6-Max, Saturday Warm Up)$20$5,000 194$5,000.00 $1,469.20
43NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 212$10,000.00 $354.00
44NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$100$20,000 220$20,196.00 n/a
45NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$30$10,000 400$10,920.00 n/a
46NLHE (6-Max, Summer Freeze)$30$4,000 80$4,000.00 $1,816.00
475-Card PLO (6-Max)$10$2,000 118$2,000.00 $926.20
48HORSE (6-Max)$50$3,500 43$3,500.00 $1,543.50
49NLHE (6-Max, Sunday Storm)$10$3,000 222$3,000.00 $979.80
50NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$60,000 567$60,000.00 $7,949.40
51NLHE (Sunday Special - Mid)$30$15,000 515$15,000.00 $940.50
52NLHE (Sunday Special - Low)$5$3,500 591$3,500.00 $810.95
53PLO (6-Max)$30$3,500 100$3,500.00 $770.00
54NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$8,000 111$8,000.00 $2,949.50
55NLHE (Summer Freeze)$50$7,500 136$7,500.00 $1,312.00
56NLHE (7-Max)$5$1,000 433$1,970.15 n/a
57NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 256$11,648.00 n/a
58NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale)$100$20,000 196$20,000.00 $2,007.20
59NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Battle Royale)$30$8,000 261$8,000.00 $874.70
60NLHE$15$2,500 220$3,003.00 n/a
61NLHE (Super Tuesday Early Edition)$20$6,000 397$7,225.40 n/a
62NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 222$10,101.00 n/a
63NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday)$75$17,500 292$19,929.00 n/a
64NLHE (6-Max, Summer Freeze)$100$12,500 86$12,500.00 $4,605.20
65NLHE (4-Max, Turbo)$30$4,000 144$4,000.00 $68.80
66NLHE (6-Max, The Big $10 - 6-max Edition)$10$2,500 350$3,185.00 n/a
67NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 294$13,377.00 n/a
68NLHE (6-Max)$50$10,000 190$10,000.00 $1,355.00
69NLHE$25$3,500 226$5,141.50 n/a
70NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO)$20$3,000 255$4,641.00 n/a
71NLHE (PKO, Thursday Thrill Early Edition)$20$6,000 356$6,479.20 n/a
72NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 222$10,101.00 n/a
73NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill)$75$17,500 261$17,813.25 n/a
74NLHE (Summer Freeze)$50$6,000 100$6,000.00 $1,450.00
75NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)$5$1,000 217$1,019.90 n/a
76NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Fast Friday Early Edition)$20$3,500 275$5,005.00 n/a
77NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 344$15,652.00 n/a
78NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Fast Friday)$100$15,000 136$15,000.00 $2,515.20
79NLHE$100$12,500 155$14,229.00 n/a
80NLHE (Heads-Up, Turbo, Prog. Total KO, Zoom)$30$7,500 250$7,500.00 $675.00
81NLHE (8-Max, Afternoon Bigstack)$30$6,000 345$9,418.50 n/a
82Stud (6-Max)$50$3,500 49$3,500.00 $1,270.50
83NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 279$12,694.50 n/a
84NLHE (8-Max, Bigstack)$100$25,000 295$27,081.00 n/a
85NLHE (8-Max, Bigstack)$25$7,000 398$9,054.50 n/a
86NLHE (Summer Freeze)$30$4,000 118$4,000.00 $778.60
87NLHE (4-Max)$100$17,500 137$17,500.00 $4,923.40
88NLHE (Sunday Drive)$30$7,500 309$8,435.70 n/a
89NLHE (6-Max, Half Price Sunday Storm)$5$2,500 365$2,500.00 $839.25
90NLHE (Main Event)$100$100,000 1,224$112,363.20 n/a
91NLHE (Main Event - Mid)$30$25,000 928$25,334.40 n/a
92NLHE (Main Event - Low)$10$7,500 789$7,500.00 $320.10
93NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$8,000 177$8,053.50 n/a
94NLHE (Summer Freeze)$15$2,500 150$2,500.00 $452.50
95NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Bigstack)$50$6,000 101$6,000.00 $1,253.00
96NLHE (6-Max, Mega Stack)$5$1,500 398$1,810.90 n/a
97NLHE (Summer Stars)$100$25,000 317$29,100.60 n/a
98NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 278$12,649.00 n/a
99NLHE (4-Max, Shootout)$30$7,000 94$7,000.00 $4,433.80
100NLHE (Summer Freezeout - Last Call)$10$1,500 220$2,002.00 n/a
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