Michigan Woman Finds Gold Mine In Million-Dollar Ruby Mine Scratch-Off

Written By Derek Helling on September 8, 2021 - Last Updated on December 12, 2023
Michigan Lottery Ruby Mine

One Tuscola County woman recently did the opposite of “jinxing” herself en route to becoming a Ruby Mine lottery winner. After joking with friends about the prospect of winning a million dollars playing the Michigan Lottery‘s scratch-off game, she proceeded to do exactly that.

The prize notches another seven-figure win for Michiganders in 2021 playing the lottery. It also is a bit of good news after another lucrative haul went by the wayside.

The Ruby Mine lottery winner’s story

According to a news release from the MI Lottery, the woman is 43 years of age but chose to remain anonymous when she claimed her prize. She made the winning purchase at the Clark Gas Station on Main St. in Marlette.

As is often the case with these wins, a split-second decision at a lottery retailer became a life-changing moment. The winner recounts that moment best herself.

“My friends and I were going on a weekend getaway and stopped to get gas on the way,” she explained. “There was one Ruby Mine ticket left in the roll, so I decided to purchase it.

When I got back to the car, I joked; ‘All right, if I win $1 million, we are going to do something fun today!’ When I scratched the ticket and told my friends I’d really won $1 million, they thought I was kidding. I scanned it on the Lottery app to be sure and could not believe it when the app confirmed I won $1 million!”

The Lottery says the winner opted for 30 annuity payments, which should come out to around $33,000 each before taxes. She plans to invest the majority of the money after paying down some bills.

It’s just the latest chapter in what’s been a banner year for lottery players. This win also notches one in the scratch-off category, which had fallen behind of late.

Another Michigander scratched her way to a big return

Prior to this winning play, the previous three $1 million or greater prizes all came from draw-style games. In fact, counting this win, four of the past five were on draws.

There was a Diamond 7s card sold with a $4 million prize on Sept. 1, though. Whether it’s a draw or a scratch-off, MI Lottery players should be cognizant of the calendar.

MI law gives players a year to claim prizes from lottery tickets. That’s great, because it gives players plenty of time to make important decisions about how they will use the money and get all their legal matters in order.

The Lottery is very serious about that deadline, though. Just recently, a Michigan jackpot worth more $200,000 went unclaimed. Once that year is up, the money goes to the state’s School Aid Fund, and the prize no longer exists.

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