Android Sportsbook Apps In Michigan

It’s not clear how many sportsbook apps will ultimately call Michigan home. However, one thing is sure: Android users will have no shortage of opportunities to place wagers on their favorite sporting events.

Since online sports betting is new to Michigan, the concept might be a bit daunting to the average Android customer in the state. Even if you’ve bet on sports elsewhere, the notion of using your phone or tablet to do so can seem a bit far-fetched.

However, as it turns out, there is far greater flexibility and opportunity with online sports betting than there is for land-based options. You will be able to make almost any bet imaginable, and you can do so from anywhere in Michigan with wireless internet.

Android-compatible device brands

Most people know what kind of operating system (OS) they use. In fact, there is usually a bit of friendly rivalry between the two users.

So, the vast majority of Android users know that they are Android users. However, just for clarity’s sake, here is a list of popular device brands that use the Android OS:

  • Google
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • LG

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Android is the most-used operating system in the world for devices, so there are many more that could go on the list.

However, if you’re still not sure if you’re an Android user, contact your retailer or your device’s manufacturer. They will be able to give you all the information you need.

How to download a Michigan Android sports betting app

Once you’ve confirmed that your device uses Android, it will be time to download a sports betting app. Thankfully, because Android is so prevalent, it will be rare to find a sportsbook without an Android-compatible app.

However, Android does come with a specific challenge that adds a step or two to the normal downloading process. Google’s ban on gambling apps in the Google Play Store remains in effect, so it is necessary to complete the process differently.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter the “Settings” menu for your device.
  • Choose the option for security.
  • Once inside the “Security” menu, you need to set the device to allow downloads from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Then, visit your Michigan sportsbook of choice through Chrome. The option to download the .apk file should pop up automatically.
  • You may receive a warning from your device against downloading from other sources. Go ahead and accept, however, because you know what you’re downloading.
  • Once the file downloads, install it to your device as you usually would.

System requirements

Make sure that your device is running Android version 5.1 or above. Most sportsbook apps will require this version or later to function correctly.

How to register on an MI sports betting app with an Android device

After you’ve installed the app, it’s time to log on to the sportsbook app or register for an account. If you’ve already registered or played on the sportsbook you’ve chosen, try to log in with your existing information before attempting to register.

If you have never played on this app or your login doesn’t work, then you’ll need to register for a new account. However, before you begin, make sure to double-check PlayMichigan for any bonus codes or links. We often have exclusive deals that could be worth hundreds of free dollars. Another valuable resource is our complete guide for how to start betting on sports in Michigan.

Whenever you’re ready to register, begin the process by clicking on the button that says “Register,” “Sign Up” or some other similar phrase. It should be in the top right of the app display and should be no problem to find.

Clicking on the button should take you to the sportsbook’s registration screen or screens. There will be a series of blanks that you will need to fill in with your personal information.

Information that these forms will require includes:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number

The registration page will also direct you to create a username and password to access your account. Make sure that these two items are known only to you, as you are likely to submit your financial information to the sportsbook at some point.

Once you’ve filled out all the blanks, hit “Submit.” You’ll have to log in with your new username and password, or the app will simply take you straight into the lobby.

Michigan Android app features

If you’ve never used a sportsbook app before, you may be surprised to learn how in-depth they are. Few sportsbook apps cannot match the offerings of their land-based counterparts.

In fact, in many cases, they exceed their retail brethren in terms of the number of bets, types of bets and flexibility that they offer. Numerous features make sportsbook apps a better option than retail books much of the time.

Bonuses and promotions at Android mobile sportsbooks

One of the first things you might notice about Android sportsbook apps is the frequency and breadth of bonuses and promotions. It is common practice for many sportsbooks to offer at least one new promotion every single day.

This practice contrasts sharply with retail sportsbooks, which might only offer one or two promos every month or so. However, online sportsbooks have to deal with much stiffer competition since their competitors are only a button press away.

Because of that pressure, sportsbook apps can ill afford to be stingy with their offers. There are several types of bonuses that you could encounter when you log on to your app of choice. Here are a few of those bonus types:

No-deposit bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are perhaps the best type of bonus that you can find. Consequently, they are also some of the rarest.

In a no-deposit bonus, a player receives a perk or prize from the sportsbook for little in exchange. Usually, the bonus comes as a reward for something relatively innocuous, like signing up for a new account.

So, once the player completes the required action, he or she will find the bonus waiting in the account. It will usually come in the form of free bets or bonus dollars, as cash bonuses are quite rare.

Bonuses in these first two formats are not eligible for withdrawal, so you will have to bet them in order to convert into any withdrawable winnings. However, since you were wanting to “test drive” the site anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem to gamble with these types of vouchers.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the opposite of their no-deposit cousins. For this type of bonus, you are required to place money into your sportsbook cashier account.

Once you claim the bonus and do so, the sportsbook will match a certain percentage of your deposit with its funds. The book will specify both the match percentage and the absolute limit for bonus dollars that you can receive.

The sportsbook will require you to play through your bonus amount a certain number of times before the bonus becomes eligible for withdrawal. This number of times will be a predetermined multiple of the bonus amount, and is known as the “playthrough requirement.”

Once you finish wagering the required amount, the deposit bonus money will become part of your account.

Cash back

A cash-back bonus is a parachute for when things go wrong. Instead of adding extra money to your account, cashback serves as insurance for any net losses that you show in a given time period or on a given bet.

As is the case with deposit bonuses, a cashback bonus will come with a specified percentage and limit for the amount of refund you can get. Although it might not be much, it can help to take the sting out of a bad day of wagering.

One thing to note, however, is the fact that cash back only activates for net losses. So, if you suffer some setbacks but still show an overall profit, you won’t receive anything extra.

Betting markets

Android sportsbook apps in Michigan will offer almost every sport under the sun. Thanks to the framework of state law, even college sporting events will be on the table.

A typical list of sports available on an app might be the following:

  • Australian rules football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
    ○ NBA
    ○ NCAA
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
    ○ NFL
    ○ NCAA
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
    ○ EPL
    ○ MLS
    ○ Other international leagues
  • Tennis

In addition, there should be action on special events that occur. So, betting on the Olympics, March Madness, and the Kentucky Derby should all be available on your Android device.

The only prohibition under Michigan law is on amateur sports where competitors are younger than 18. Mostly, this rule will affect high school sports, but there may occasionally be other events that qualify.

Types of bets on Android sportsbook apps in Michigan

Along with the multitude of sports that you can bet, you’ll also have a range of betting types at your disposal. In fact, the number of variants of bets available through an app is one reason why online sports betting is largely superior to retail sportsbooks these days.

Of course, the standard betting options that are most familiar are available online. You will be able to place wagers of the following varieties:

Two betting features are largely unique to app-based wagering. However, they are nothing short of a revolution for the way sports betting can be:

Live betting

Live betting is betting that occurs on matches that are live. In other words, live betting happens while a contest or game is in progress.

Also known as in-game wagering, live betting is a form of proposition wagering. However, it has risen to greater prominence in recent years than its parent category.

Part of the reason for this increased visibility is the granularity that the sportsbook app technology can provide. Live bets are now available on micro-events throughout a game, such as the outcome of individual plays or points.

Because of this granularity, Android sportsbook apps are now able to offer a much higher number of wagering options than ever before. It’s not uncommon to present more than one hundred individual bets during a single game.

This capability benefits both the sportsbook and the player. Sportsbooks generally make more money as they take more bets, so it behooves them to offer as many choices as they can. However, savvy sports bettors can either augment their successful pregame wagers or hedge against their less-successful bets with the new opportunities.

Types of live bets

As a general rule, a live bet will fall under one of three categories.

The first category is the most obvious. The sportsbook will elect simply to continue its pregame wagering into the game itself.

So, the opportunities to bet the point spread, the moneyline or the over/under will remain in effect. The difference, however, is that the sportsbook’s established marks for these bets will change dynamically as the game progresses.

The second type of live bet is the milestone achievement. A sportsbook might propose that a player or team could reach a given milestone before the game ends, depending on the game’s progress.

This achievement could be a game, season or career-length goal. However, it tends to revolve around the notion of a player or team continuing to perform in the same manner as they began the game.

Finally, a live bet can involve a partial game result. The sportsbook will break down the game into a distinct segment of play and ask about the potential outcome.

This game segment can be anything from a period of play down to a single snap or point. The possibilities for this type of live bet are extremely broad.

No matter which type of live bet you find, it is unlikely that a retail sportsbook could offer a similar wager. The technology and realities of betting in person make live betting a mostly untenable proposition for the land-based book.

Cash-out option

Some sportsbook apps you encounter may offer a cash-out option, too. The cash-out option will take the form of a button on the bet slip of your open wagers.

If your bet is going well, the button might illuminate and display a price. Should you choose to hit the button, you’ll receive the displayed amount and the bet will be over.

The amount that the sportsbook offers will be less than if you hold out until the match ends. So, it’s clear why the sportsbook is willing to settle up with you early.

However, the cash-out option is a way to guard against late comebacks and disasters that could foil your entire wager. You could decide that the reduced amount is worth accepting since it’s money in the hand.

Retail sportsbooks simply cannot offer the same feature in most cases. So the cash option is just another way that sports betting apps are more flexible and user-friendly than the live versions.

Michigan Android Apps FAQ

Is online sports betting legal in Michigan?

Yes, by virtue of the Lawful Sports Betting Act, both retail and online sports betting are completely legal in Michigan.

Is it safe to play?

Yes, every sports betting app is licensed and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Who is allowed to play?

Anyone inside the state lines of Michigan and who is 21 years or older can bet on sports.

Can I play from outside Michigan?

No, both federal and state law prohibit play from outside of Michigan’s borders. The app will verify your location each time you play.

Can I bet on collegiate sports?

Yes, Michigan’s law allows for betting on collegiate events.

What bets can’t I make?

The only prohibited bets are on high school sports. Michigan, like all other sports betting states, does not allow betting on contests where participants are younger than 18.

Michigan also mandates that live betting can only be practiced online. However, given the practical realities of live betting, this prohibition is more common sense than anything else.

Will these apps work on my Android phone?

Yes, as long as you follow the directions about downloading and installing above, you should have no problem using these apps like you would any others.

Do sportsbook apps address problem gaming at all?

Yes, every sportsbook app will maintain a section of resources for those struggling with problem gaming and addictive behaviors. You can find links to help within the state if you look in the bottom menus.

Additionally, problem gamblers can place themselves on self-exclusion lists within each app, should it be necessary. In some cases, quitting cold-turkey is the only solution for those unable to stop themselves.

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