NFL Prop Bets

When it comes to NFL odds, pre-game spreads, moneylines and totals attract a lot of betting volume. But you’ll find a much wider range of options — and maybe have more fun — with NFL prop bets.

Since the NFL is the biggest sport in the state, Michigan online sportsbooks go all-out, with dozens of props for each game.

If you’ve ever played fantasy football, you probably already have a good handle on how to track and judge a player’s weekly performance. That’s the bread and butter of NFL prop betting, really, so props make for a natural entry for a new bettor. If you want to jump into betting on NFL props, here’s how. And see this week’s NFL game odds.

This Week’s NFL prop odds

See below for ongoing NFL team and player props. Enter any team or player to see their current prop odds markets. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and start getting your NFL prop bets in.

Best NFL prop betting sites in Michigan

When looking to get in the game with NFL props, you’ll want to use a sportsbook that not only has a good assortment of wagers, but also attractive odds and a clear layout so you can find what you want. Here’s a look at the Michigan online sportsbooks that hit the mark with a solid NFL props menu:

DraftKings Michigan Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook MI is a go-to spot for many NFL prop bettors, and it’s not hard to see why.  There’s a wide range of options. DraftKings has hundreds of offense-based props, and it outpaces competitors such as FanDuel on the defensive side.

draftkings appOne of the best features at DraftKings is its layout of available markets. At the vast majority of online sportsbooks, you need to click through on the individual games to see the available props. You can do that at DraftKings, too, but there are also clickable menus for each type.

When you click on the NFL tab, the betting lobby will populate with upcoming game lines. There are also links for other bets for the slate as a whole. Current menu options include:

  • TD Scorers
  • QB Props
  • RB/WR Props
  • D/ST Props
  • Game Props
  • Halves
  • Quarters

Using the TD scorers as an example, a click brings up the options for all games on the docket. There are also submenus to click through, such as the first scorer in the game. Having everything laid out in a clear fashion is a huge time-saver.

FanDuel Michigan sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook MI is another industry leader that crushes it when it comes to props. They’re slightly lacking on defensive options when compared with DraftKings or BetMGM, but they manage to make up for it elsewhere.

FanDuel has been an innovator with its “Same Game Parlay” feature, where bettors can build out tickets for individual games. The site also takes the time to post odds for popular options in this category that involve props. Examples of what you’ll see include:

  • 1st TD scorer plus moneyline pick
  • Anytime TD scorer plus moneyline pick
  • Moneyline + total points
  • Spread + total points

Players can also customize their own same-game options, such as an over/under on QB passing yards plus a side or total. Although parlay bets are fun and offer up the chance for great returns, they’re also high-risk wagers that are tough to win on long-term.

FanDuel’s prop betting menu isn’t quite as clean as that of DraftKings, but the former often gets the nod for being simpler to use. Overall, the two titans stack up well when it comes to overall offerings and available NFL prop betting odds.

BetMGM Michigan sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook MI is slightly behind DraftKings and FanDuel when it comes to usability, but that’s really splitting hairs. This option is another great platform to use for online prop betting, and there are lots of different options to explore for each game.

To locate NFL props, you have to click through the individual games. Once you do so, BetMGM does a great job of breaking down the available options. There are clear categories for all of the major bet types.

Also, BetMGM offers more unique game props than their main competitors. Examples of what you’ll come across include:

  • Team to call first timeout
  • Side with the first coach’s challenge
  • Score in final two minutes of half — Yes/No
  • Safety in the game — Yes/No
  • Overtime needed — Yes/No

BetMGM also has plenty of options to explore in all of the other major categories, such as TD scorers, offensive yardage and defensive player stats. If you’re looking for a book that has the bases covered while also offering something different, BetMGM is one to check out.

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Caesars Michigan Sportsbook

If your goal with NFL prop betting is to stick to the most popular options, then you’ll be fine with Caesars Sportsbook. You’ll find all of the touchdown and yardage props as expected, but other options are slightly fewer than what you’ll find elsewhere.

When you click through on a game listing, you’ll see three specific menus for props: TD scorer, player props and prop bets.

For the first two categories, you’ve got all of the standard options that you would expect to see. In the prop bet category, offerings include:

  • 1st scoring play
  • Double result (see below)
  • Will there be overtime?
  • Winning margin
  • Team with most punts
  • Total match points odd/even
  • Total match touchdowns
  • Team to score most touchdowns
  • Team to score most touchdowns 3-way
  • Total match punts

Caesars has one of the smoothest betting platforms you’ll come across, and the odds are always competitive. It’s a great place to get in the game with props, but again, the options are slightly less robist than what you’ll find at DraftKings or BetMGM.

What’s an NFL double result bet?

For this bet, there are two goals to be met. First, you have to pick which side will have the halftime lead. Next, make the call on the outright winner of the game.  Sportsbooks will list out odds for all of the possible combinations for bettors to choose from. For example:

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Double Result

  • Rams/Rams +129
  • Seahawks/Seahawks +195
  • Seahawks/Rams +575
  • Rams/Seahawks +575
  • Tie/Rams +1700
  • Tie/Seattle +1800

To win, you have to be right on both outcomes. If you hit the halftime lead and miss out on the outright winner, you lose and vice versa. There are lots of positive odds to be found here, so the returns can be pretty solid when you make the right calls.

What are NFL player props?

Player props themselves revolve around the stats of individual players in any game. If there’s a stat you can think of, there’s a good chance you’ll find a prop based on it.

NFL player props fall into three major categories. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in each group, along with some examples.

TD scorers

  • Anytime TD scorer
  • First TD scorer
  • Last TD scorer
  • First player to score by team
  • Player to score 2+ or 3+ TDs
  • TD scorers by half
  • First TD of second half
  • Player to score TD in both halves

If you’re an NFL RedZone watcher, you know that there are plenty of highlights to enjoy during an average Sunday slate, including the players who find paydirt. For primetime games, players love crossing the goal line with the eyes of the NFL world watching.

You’ll find sports betting odds for many different touchdown options during a typical NFL game. Using the Anytime TD scorer prop as an example, NFL player prop odds for a few favorites in a select game might look like this:

  • D’Andre Swift -110
  • Jamaal Williams +100
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown +170

You’ll find odds for players up and down the depth chart. As you would expect, the top offensive weapons will often have negative odds, while the numbers will turn positive for the players who tend to see fewer red-zone opportunities.

This betting area is great for those new to NFL player props. The sole focus is on who will score in the game. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to nail your picks, but it does mean that you can make reasonable guesses with some basic research.

Offensive player props

  • Over/Under on yardage totals
  • Pass attempts, completions and interceptions
  • Longest completion
  • Rush attempts and receptions
  • Rushing + Receiving yards
  • Longest rush and reception

Beyond scoring, offensive players rack up lots of stats during NFL games. For virtually every action that quarterbacks and skill position players take, you can get some skin in the game with props.

Yardage totals are the most popular option in this category, but you can drill down even deeper, such as the longest play they’ll make. Using that example, here’s what the NFL prop odds might look like for the longest pass completion.

Longest completion — Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

  • Lamar Jackson Over 34.5 (-110)
  • Lamar Jackson Under 34.5 (-120)
  • Patrick Mahomes Over 38.5 (-120)
  • Patrick Mahomes Under 38.5 (-120)

The bet works just like a standard totals bet. The sportsbook sets a benchmark number for bettors to decide on. As with other over/unders, the odds on the two possible choices tend to be in a pretty tight range.

nfl betting oddsFor fantasy football players, touches and yardage translate into points. In the world of sports betting, you can take any of the knowledge you’ve obtained and apply it to making reasonable projections on how the players will perform.

Defense/Special Teams Player Props

  • Kicking points
  • Field goals made
  • PAT made
  • Solo tackles
  • Tackles + assists
  • Assists
  • Sacks and interceptions

Offense sells tickets, while defense wins championships, or so a version of the saying goes. Sports bettors can show some love to players on the defensive side of the ball with props, and even take their chances on how special teams might do.

If you feel that kickers don’t get enough attention in fantasy circles, these bets could be for you. The same holds true for those who love celebrating the accomplishments of top defenders. Using the tackles + assists prop, here’s what the odds are like for top defenders.

Total Tackles + Assists

  • Aidan Hutchinson  O 5.5 (+115)/U 5.5 (-155)
  • Jeff Okudah O 5.5 (-140)/U 5.5 (+105)
  • Alex Anzalone O 5.5 (-145)/U 5.5 (+110)

These NFL prop wagers let you dive even further inside the game within the game. Just about every play on the field can have some meaning if you take some chances with defense and special teams player props.

Stats for defenders don’t receive as much attention, so this is also an area that you can really dive in and try to find an edge.

What are NFL team props?

If you’re looking to take a broader view of the individual games, you don’t need to stop with the big pregame bets. There are props that focus on the individual teams and how they’ll do, as well as on the game as a whole. Once again, we can break the choices down into a few major categories. Here’s what to look out for NFL prop bet odds, along with some examples.

Scoring and Offense Props

  • Team total touchdowns and points
  • First and last team to score
  • Result of first drive
  • Race to a designated number of points — 10, 15, etc.
  • Total TDs scored in the game
  • Longest TD play
  • Shortest TD play
  • First scoring play and yardage
  • Last scoring play and yardage
  • Both teams to score a certain number of points — 10+, etc.
  • Both teams to score a certain number of TDs in half — 2+, etc.
  • Winning margin bands — 1-6, etc.
  • Largest lead of the game
  • Team to score three times in a row — Yes/No

For team and game props, any fantasy sports knowledge can still be extremely helpful, especially on offense. Instead of trying to figure out which player will hit the end zone or how many yards they’ll rack up, you’re zeroing in on the same for the individual teams.

You can also focus on specific segments of the game, such as quarters and halves. One way to kick the game off with a bang is by focusing on the result of the team’s first drives. You’ll see NFL team prop bet odds for all of the possible options.

Outcome of first drive — Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Raiders Punt -104
  • Raiders TD +300
  • Raiders Field Goal Attempt +375
  • Raiders Turnover +460
  • Steelers Punt +120
  • Steelers TD +220
  • Steelers Field Goal Attempt +360
  • Steelers Turnover +500

If you have a really good read on how teams start out and the way that their opponents typically perform in the early going, this is a great prop to check out. The same applies to various other segments of the game.

You can rely on the projections of some sources you trust, and there are some simple ways to ballpark what might happen on your own. We’ll cover some NFL prop betting tips on how you can do so in a bit.

Team Defense and Special Teams Props

  • Defense and special teams scores
  • Turnovers — total, margin, etc.
  • Over/Under on sacks
  • Safety — Yes/No
  • Team to record most punts
  • Over/Under on total punts
  • Team to have most field goals
  • Total field goals

lions vs. vikingsFor props in this category, you’ll find a number of simple yes-or-no questions, as well as over/unders for certain categories. As an example, the questions could be as simple as whether or not there will be a safety.

  • Los Angeles Rams at Indianapolis Colts
    • Will there be a safety in the game?
      • Yes +750
      • No -2000

As one of the rarer scoring plays in the NFL, betting on the ‘No’ side really isn’t worth it, but there’s a great potential return for ‘Yes.’ That being the case, this could be a fun one to treat like a lottery ticket with a small wager amount.

Miscellaneous NFL props

  • Halftime plus full game result — Side with lead
  • Game to go into overtime — Yes/No
  • Total 3rd and 4th down conversions
  • Game to be tied again after 0-0 — Yes/No
  • Odd or even for team and total points scored
  • Game halves — spreads, totals, highest scoring, etc.
  • Quarters — spreads, totals, highest scoring, etc.
  • Team to score first and win or lose
  • Team to call first timeout
  • Team to use first coach’s challenge

If you like game management scenarios and other props that aren’t covered in the main categories, just dig a little deeper into the menu. One really entertaining prop that can often be settled before halftime revolves around timeouts.

  • San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts
    • Which team will call the first timeout?
      • 49ers -115
      • Eagles -115

The odds for wagers like this one are similar to the ranges that you’ll find on spreads and totals. Even better, the bet should be settled before the first half is in the books. If you win, you’ll have some extra funds to try your hand at some second-half props.

Offensive props vs. defensive props

While the main pregame bets are about bottom-line results, NFL props let you dig deeper into specific facets of the game.

For offense, any fantasy sports experience that you bring to the table can be incredibly helpful. You have to hit a lot of the same research points in both areas, such as average performance by player and what the opponent typically allows on defense.

NFL Props Detroit Lions 2021 SeasonWhen it comes to points and potential offensive output, a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done for you. There are plenty of sites that break down the projected score for each team, but you can do the same by looking at the odds for spreads and totals.

  • Take the total for the game and divide it in half — 50/2 = 25
  • Take the spread for the game and divide it in half — 7/2 = 3.5
  • On the favored side, add half of the spread to its share of the total — 25+3.5 = 28.5
  • For the underdog, subtract half of the spread from its share of the total — 25-3.5 = 21.5
  • Check your math — 28.5 + 21.5 = 50

Once you have a projected score for each team, you can focus on the clubs that are expected to score the most for the week. If you have specific teams or players that you’re interested in for other games, you have a baseline amount of scoring to start with.

Going through this exercise can also be helpful on defense, albeit in reverse. The teams that aren’t expected to put up a lot of points could be good places to look for unders and props for top defensive players.

This strategy is just one simple option to help you easily add to your routine. Other research steps that can be helpful for offense and defense props include:

  • Fantasy points projections from top sources
  • Player and team average production per game
  • Opponent average yardage and points allowed in total and versus individual positions
  • Historical trends from the matchup — yardage, points, etc.
  • Recent trends for the teams and players over the past three games

Last but not least, take the time to shop around for prop bets. You should compare the odds and offerings at multiple sportsbooks before placing your bets. By having accounts with all of the top books, you’ll be ready to pounce whenever you find appealing opportunities.

Special teams props

Kickoff and punt returns can be incredibly exciting when you have some action on them. When there’s a coverage breakdown or simply an electrifying player catching the ball, there’s always the possibility that a lengthy touchdown run will follow.

Although you typically won’t find individual markets for return TDs, you can cover some bases with the ‘Anytime TD Scorer’ props. Players who specialize in returns will usually be listed, and often at favorable odds.

As the season moves along, pay attention to the yardage for and allowed for each team. When you find a matchup in which a team that gives up a lot against a team that gains lots of return yardage, that could be a recipe for a big highlight.

The kicking game is often viewed as a pain by fantasy football players, but it really doesn’t deserve so much scorn. It’s a legitimate part of football, and projecting what might happen isn’t as hard as many are led to believe.

When a team is projected to score a lot of points, there’s a good chance that the kicker will get his fair share. These are solid games to focus on for overs on field goals and extra points. On the opposite end, unders for lower-scoring squads could have some merit.

You can even zero in on the punt game in some spots. The top option here is the over/under on total punts in the game. Once again, lean on the projected scoring for a feel of how the game might shake out.

From there, look at the average punts for and allowed for each team and uncover your optimal matchups for the week. When it makes sense to pull the trigger based on what you’ve found, an under-the-radar part of the game will suddenly become a big highlight.

For casual fans, looking past what happens on special teams is pretty common. As seasoned bettors know, games can and will swing based on what happens on special teams. Thanks to NFL props, you can expand your horizons and gain an even deeper understanding of the game.

Off-field & Super Bowl props

The Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year. Since it’s the only NFL game on the docket for the day, you might think Super Bowl betting options are rather limited, right? Well, think again.

For the average NFL game, there are dozens of different props available. On Super Bowl Sunday, there will literally be hundreds — if not a couple of thousand — across multiple sportsbooks. There will be all of the standard player, game and team props, as well as dozens more on the “entertainment” side, such as:

  • Result of the coin flip — heads or tails
  • Color of Gatorade used for celebrating on the winning sideline
  • Crossovers with other sporting events, such as an NBA game

You won’t find bets of this nature during the season at the legal sportsbooks, as props are reserved for actual quantifiable on-field events. The lines get blurred for the Super Bowl at times, but operators in legal states don’t push the envelope too far.

Beyond the fun wagers, one of the most popular Super Bowl props is which player will be awarded MVP. Quarterbacks tend to win a lot, but other positions can break through. Many bettors spread out the risk, with multiple calls for even more rooting interest.

NFL Draft props

NFL games may only take place in select months on the calendar, but interest in the sport remains incredibly high throughout the year. Bettors can explore football betting opportunities in the futures market year-round, including the winner of the next Super Bowl.

One of the biggest offseason highlights is the annual NFL Draft. The top college players in the country see their dreams get realized as they get selected by teams and turn pro. Yep, you can bet on what happens here, too. Here’s a sampling of what you could expect to see.

  • First overall pick
  • Players picked two through five
  • Player to be selected in Top 10 — Yes/no
  • Player to be selected in round 1 — Yes/no
  • Player to be drafted first in second round
  • Player to be drafted first on Day 3
  • Last player picked in draft
  • Exact order of players taken, i.e. Top 3, Top 5
  • Over/Under on number of players drafted by position
  • Over/Under on number of trades in first round
  • Conferences and schools with the most draft picks
  • Position selected by team with their first selection
  • Position selected by team with their second selection, etc.

When the NFL Draft is approaching, be on the lookout for special promotional offerings from the top sportsbooks. For example, DraftKings had a “bet $1 for $100” offer for new players last year, as well as a free-to-play pool.

You can expect to see odds boosts at that shop, as well as over at FanDuel, BetMGM and Caesars. Additionally, folks in legal states with NFL teams can expect to see special bets and promos surrounding what the local favorite does with its picks.

Can you bet on college football props in Michigan?

For many bettors and fans in Michigan, football season doesn’t just revolve around what’s happening in the NFL. There is a massive listing of college football odds posted on every legal online sportsbook.

You’ll find all of the same main pregame wagers on the college side as you will for the pros. There are props available for college as well, but there’s not as much variety available.

However, you can also bet on props that revolve around the game as a whole. The offerings will usually be less fleshed-out than what you’ll find on the NFL side, but there’s generally a good assortment to choose from. You can find what’s available by clicking through the main college football game listings.

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