2024 Super Bowl Prop Odds & Bonuses

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Super Bowl prop betting focuses on hundreds of on-field and off-field aspects of the NFL’s biggest game. The contest itself is one of the most heavily bet games every year. Super Bowl props, however, take the experience to an entirely different betting level.

Super Bowl prop bets can get extremely varied and all-encompassing. If something happens on or off the field during the Super Bowl, you’re likely able to bet on it. If you’re in Michigan and interested in making a Super Bowl prop bet or two here’s a short, easy-to-follow guide.

Super Bowl prop odds

See below for current Super Bowl prop odds for any player or either team. Enter any query into the search bar to see current props offered at legal MI online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook and claim your bonus.

How to bet on Super Bowl props in Michigan

The first thing you need to do before you can even think about making a Super Bowl prop bet at an online sportsbook app in Michigan is to register for an account.

The process is pretty simple — no more difficult than signing up for any kind of service, really — and you’ll be able to complete it all fairly quickly once you begin.

Mobile sports betting options in MichiganHere are the steps you’ll need to take to register, and then make, Super Bowl prop bets:

  1. Find the sportsbook that suits you: The best way to do this is to use the links we provide here at PlayMichigan and click through. Our links will give you access to bonus offers you can’t get anywhere else.
  2. Create an account: Once you’ve clicked through our exclusive links, you’ll be able to create an account at the sportsbook you’ve chosen. As is standard practice, you’ll have to provide information such as your name, address, Social Security number, phone number and other details.
  3. Claim bonuses: Using our exclusive links and bonus codes, you can get access to some great deals to help you get your sports betting underway.
  4. Use your bonus bets: Most sportsbooks offer bonus bets or bet credits for first-time account holders. These bets have their requirements, so make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions before expecting to cash them out.
  5. Make a deposit: You can’t place bets without having funds in your account. Legitimate online sportsbooks have multiple ways for you to deposit and cash out from your account including credit cards, debit cards, online bank transfer and eWallets such as PayPal and Skrill.
  6. Find the prop bets: Navigate your way to the Super Bowl betting page and find the section for prop bets. You’ll find a range of odds for the Super Bowl prop bets you can place. Some sites may not have them available well before the big game, but they’ll be adding them very soon once we know the February matchup.
  7. Make your picks: When you click on the bet you are interested in, it will appear on your bet slip and allow you to adjust your bet. Once you’ve made all the bets you’re interested in making, confirm your bets, and the slip will be active and waiting to pay out if you win.

In terms of the timing of your bets, you can make all of them right up until the coin toss in most cases. For those who are interested in live betting, or in-game betting, then you can use your apps to make bets and see adjusted odds throughout the Super Bowl.

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What are the best Super Bowl prop bets to place?

That all depends on your definition of “best,” but we do have some of our favorites, along with those that are extremely popular. Also, keep in mind that not all of the following prop bets will necessarily be approved for wagering in Michigan.

First and foremost is the opening prop bet for the Super Bowl, and that’s the coin toss.

We’ll take a look at this prop bet from the last Super Bowl as an example:

  • Heads -103
  • Tails -103

That was the line at both DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook for last year’s championship game. You would have to place a $103 bet to win $100 in this instance, and a toss that lands the other way means your bet slip will be a loser.

NFL Football ready for kick-off

Another very popular bet is on which color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach at the end of the game. This bet usually requires that the dumping of the sports drink be visible on television when it happens.

At a recent Super Bowl, the lines looked like this at DraftKings:

  • Purple +110
  • Red +300
  • Yellow/Green +400
  • Orange +400
  • Clear/Water +800
  • None +900
  • Blue +900

What we can tell from those lines is oddsmakers expected the color to be purple. All the same, red, yellow/green and orange were heavily considered as well.

In any of these cases, a $100 wager would win you the amount of the odds stated. For example, a $100 wager on orange at +400 would pay out $500 if correct — $100 for the original bet and $400 for the win.

Super Bowl player props

NFL Player props are also a big fan favorite — for NFL betting odds in general, but especially for betting on the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. They can range anywhere from yards per carry for a running back, to the person scoring the first touchdown, to which player will win the MVP award, and more.

There can also be bets on what kind the first play of the game will be and how the first touchdown will be scored. For example, the prop bet for what kind of play would open the game might carry these betting odds:

  • Run -120
  • Pass +100

These are just a few of the many prop bets available for the Super Bowl. You’ll never really know what you’ll find until you look at the listings available in your sportsbook.

(And by the way, if you’re interested in learning more … we’ve got an entire page dedicated to NFL game props, too.)

Good Super Bowl prop bets … and bad ones

Like many forms of betting, defining what makes a “good” prop bet or a “bad” one isn’t a black-and-white discussion. It comes down to the bettor and what they’re looking for.

But there are prop bets that make more sense than others, especially if there is any real amount of money being wagered.

If you’re looking for serious bets with potentially solid returns, you should look at:

  • Straightforward player props
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Touchdown props

The less serious bets — also commonly referred to as “exotic” prop bets — are far more volatile, and way more difficult to research and handicap.

What is the difference between a player prop and a Super Bowl team prop?

Like the terms indicate, one is focused specifically on how well a player will perform. A team prop relies on the overall group effort.

NFL team taking to fieldFor example, team props include markets such as how many touchdowns a team will score in the first half, or if it will score a defensive touchdown. Player props narrow the possibilities down to things such as passing yards for a specific quarterback, the number of touchdowns for a particular player, or over/under bets on performance totals throughout the game.

The most popular player prop for the Super Bowl is which player will earn the MVP award. This award quite often goes to the winning team’s quarterback, which has been the case in 31 of 56 Super Bowls.

Sometimes that prop bet has a lot of value, especially when there isn’t a single, easy-to-identify favorite among the field. By contrast, in recent Super Bowls involving the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has been a favorite right from the start, and therefore didn’t hold much value for those placing wagers on him.

There are longshot MVP candidates, too, and they pay off big time on occasion. Take 2019, for example. The Super Bowl MVP was wide receiver Julian Edelman, who carried +3000 odds at FanDuel and won the award.

If that weren’t enough, there have been defensive players who won the MVP award twice in recent history. There’s value there, but history has shown that it is rarely anyone but an offensive player — and a quarterback at that — who hoists the trophy at the end of the game.

Are there Super Bowl props for offense and defense?

Indeed, there are. The teams that make it to the Super Bowl are the two best the NFL has to offer, and that means they have quality offensive and defensive units that are quite capable of making big plays.

You’ll be able to find props focused on several aspects, including:

  • Interceptions
  • Tackling
  • If a defensive unit can score a touchdown

On the other side of the ball, props range from total yards rushing and passing, who scores the first touchdown, what the first scoring play will be, and more.

Like any game, research and a strong sports betting strategy are the best ways to approach offensive and defensive props. You even have a bit more time to get into your number-crunching since there is an extra week between the NFC and AFC conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

Keep in mind that the stars for each team are likely going to continue to shine, but there are almost always a couple of unexpected surprises. If you see value in a player who has been on the cusp of breaking out, don’t hesitate to make a small wager on his performance. You never know who is going to step up and play the best game of the season.

Are there Super Bowl prop bets for the announcers and halftime show?

Like we mentioned earlier, there can be prop bets for just about anything that could happen during the Super Bowl, from start to finish. including halftime, postgame and even commercials. An example might be: “What will the halftime show artist sing as their first song?”

Although this is all amusing and fun to think about, regulated US sportsbooks have never offered any bet related to halftime, commercials or announcers. The Michigan Gaming Control Board has the final say on what an online book is allowed to have on its board.

What are Super Bowl crossover props?

There are sportsbooks out there that know just how attractive placing a bet on the Super Bowl can be, which is why there is always such a spike in wagering surrounding the game. Even folks who aren’t football fans, or who usually don’t place bets, tend to get in on the action.

Keeping that in mind, sportsbooks have been known to create prop bets that include other sports as a way to pique the interest of sports bettors who tend to shy away from NFL wagers.

Here are a few of hypothetical examples of crossover prop bets. The ones you find will vary depending on the sportsbooks you are using. Each one asks the same question:

Which will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday?

Leather NFL footballs

  • Michigan College Basketball Points -5.5 (-115) or Two Super Bowl Teams Combined Points +5.5 (-115)
  • LeBron James points scored (-125) or Isiah Pacheco rushing yards (+105)
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo rebounds (-250) or Total number of punts by both Super Bowl teams (+200)

These are just some examples of the kinds of crossover bets you might come across. Check out various sportsbooks if you want the most variety of prop bets to choose from.

Super Bowl party prop sheets and home betting

The Super Bowl is more than just a football game in many US households. It’s a chance for family and friends to get together and watch the game, talk about the commercials, eat some food and generally just have a good time.

It’s also a chance to play along with Super Bowl props from the comfort of your family room with some party games. These range from Super Bowl squares to Super Bowl commercial bingo and more.

It’s very easy to assemble a fun “props pool” for folks at home to use to increase their involvement with the game and their family.

Everyone who participates in the Super Bowl props pool gets a sheet with a predetermined number of prop bets on them, and they fill them out. Here are some quick examples:

  • Yes or No: There will be a defensive score in the game.
  • Yes or No: Will the national anthem be longer than 1:45?
  • Yes or No: Will the coin flip be tails?
  • Yes or No: Will at least three commercials be featuring cute animals?
  • Yes or No: Will any of the announcers say “boom” during the broadcast?

As the props get completed, the sheets get tallied up. The person who has the Super Bowl prop bet sheet with the most correct answers wins.

Check out this page on Super Bowl betting, drinking & party games to see what other kinds of games you can offer during the big game.

Most famous Super Bowl prop bets

The history of Super Bowl prop bets feels ancient to modern sports bettors, but it wasn’t all that long ago in the larger scope of games being wagered on.

The first Super Bowl prop bet came in 1986 when the Chicago Bears were playing the New England Patriots. Art Manteris, who was the head of the Caesars sportsbook at the time, wanted to get more casual fans involved in betting. So he came up with the idea of offering a bet on William “The Refrigerator” Perry scoring a touchdown.

Leading 37-3 in Super Bowl XX, the Bears lined Perry up in the backfield, used Walter Payton as a decoy and gave the ball to the rumbling lineman. Perry scored, and the rest is history.

Since then, there have been several very notable prop bets that have taken center stage. Here are two of our favorites:

  • The 49ers or Michael Jordan?: In the 1990 Super Bowl, it was a prop bet created by Jay Kornegay that captured the attention of the nation. Who would score more points on Super Bowl Sunday — the San Francisco 49ers or Michael Jordan? It was the first-ever crossover Super Bowl prop bet, and it was popular. The 49ers managed to be the winning ticket.
  • Slash the Triple Threat: In 1995, the Pittsburgh Steelers used Kordell Stewart in what they defined as a “slash” role where he sometimes was a receiver, a running back, and a quarterback. The Steelers made the trip to Super Bowl XXX against the Dallas Cowboys, and the sportsbooks offered up a prop bet asking if Stewart would have one passing attempt, one rushing attempt and one reception in the game. No was at -220, and +180 was the yes on the opening line. But that market flipped to a -300 for yes by kickoff. Stewart had a rushing attempt and a reception pretty early in the game, and later in the contest, he lined up at quarterback, giving all kinds of sports bettors a reason to cheer. Off the snap, Stewart rolled out of the pocket, looked down the field and cocked his arm back to throw. Suddenly, he tucked the ball and took off down the field. It was the only potential passing opportunity he had in the game, so those who chose “no” were the winners. But the rest of the crowd was sure excited.

Why you should only bet Super Bowl props at legal sportsbooks

Sports betting has been legal in person in Michigan since 2020, but online sportsbooks and sportsbook apps are the newest addition to the industry in the Great Lakes State in 2021.

Sportsbook in Michigan

In Michigan, online sportsbooks have to be partnered with a brick-and-mortar traditional casino operator. Michiganders are in luck, because there are more than a dozen casino operators across the two peninsulas, and they will all offer up a large variety of Super Bowl props this year.

Here’s a partial list of sportsbooks here in Michigan with sportsbooks apps (plus the casinos or tribes they are associated with):

  • BetMGM (MGM Grand Detroit)
  • BetRivers (Little River Casino and Resort)
  • Caesars (Leelanau Sands Casino)
  • DraftKings (Bay Mills Indian Community)
  • Fanatics (Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians)
  • FanDuel (MotorCity Casino)

This is a great time for us to stress the importance of only using legal and regulated sportsbooks here in Michigan. You’re going to see offers and clickbait from a wide variety of illegal sportsbooks when you search the internet — especially for Super Bowl props — but there’s a reason those operations are set up outside of US jurisdiction.

There is no guarantee that these sites will honor the bets you’ve placed, or if they are even a sportsbook at all and not just a trick to steal money from unsuspecting bettors.

Legal sportsbooks are regulated by the Michigan government, and they are secure and law-abiding. Moreover, they are subject to state audits, investigations, and restrictions. With offshore books, you’ll have no recourse if something sketchy happens. With legal online sportsbooks, you’ll have the backing of the state of Michigan when needed.

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