Union Confirms Recently Leaked Casino Offers In Workers’ Strike Negotiations

Written By Drew Ellis on November 9, 2023
Union Confirms Recently Leaked Detroit Casino Offers In Workers' Strike Negotiations

The issues that caused the Detroit casino workers’ strike have been made pretty clear.

A group of 3,700 union workers are seeking a new contract that addresses their concerns over five core issues, the biggest of which revolve around wages and health care.

We now have a clearer picture of where negotiations stand and how much the union is seeking due to leaked communications within the union.

Workers, casinos still far apart on numbers

Two of the big sticking points in this strike are health care and wages.

The union members feel that the casinos are asking them to pay too much for their health care coverage.

They also feel they are due a big wage increase after agreeing to just a 3% raise in 2020 to help the casinos emerge from the pandemic.

In both instances, it appears that the casinos and union are making progress, but still far apart in negotiations.

According to the leaked communication that appeared on social media, the casinos lowered their offer on what the workers would need to pay for health care from $60 to $40. The union would like it to come down to $0.

When it comes to wages, the casinos offered a $1.95 per hour increase in wages during the first year of the new contract. The union is seeking a $3.25 per hour increase.

Negotiations still ongoing

The negotiations show some progress is being made between the two sides, but it’s also an indicator of how far apart they are.

Sources from the union confirmed that the numbers leaked on social media were accurate.

The union feels that they are still “in flux on the core economic issues,” but the bargaining sessions are ongoing.

Attempts by PlayMichigan for updated comments from the Detroit hotels weren’t immediately returned.

Union workers prepping for strike to linger on

The union workers seem prepared for this strike to continue on for a while.

Earlier this week a donation drive was established in support of the picketing workers. The unions called on donations of warm winter clothes and other essential daily items to aid them in their fight.

With temperatures dropping and the strike now lasting well over a pay period, the union workers are seeking any public support to keep their fight going.

On Tuesday, the workers also returned to city hall to call for a “Detroit Strikers Bill of Rights.” This would help to ensure the health and safety of the picketers. Mainly, it would allow them to use certain controlled means to stay warm during the cold days and nights.

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