How Michigan Online Gambling Operators Are Using Threads In Its Infancy Stage

Written By Drew Ellis on July 20, 2023
Threads online casinos

The latest social media trend has hit the globe.

Earlier this month, Threads was launched by the minds behind Facebook and Instagram.

Billed as a “social media app that is used to share text updates and create public conversations,” Threads has a similar look and feel to Twitter.

As it continues to grow and develop, Threads could in time become an option to those frustrated with Twitter’s recent changes and Facebook’s ad-heavy influx.

It’s also a new opportunity for the online gambling industry to further expand its outreach.

How many Michigan online gambling operators are using threads?

Upon launch on July 5, the new social media app already had 100 million users within five days.

It should be no surprise that Michigan online casino and online sportsbook operators are already jumping on the Threads bandwagon.

“As a brand whose social presence is founded on camaraderie that can only be found amongst sports fan, Threads offers an exciting new way to celebrate and sometimes commiserate with the BetMGM community. We are always excited about experimenting with ways to interact with fans and look forward to seeing how engagement on Threads progresses in the weeks and months to come.” – Samantha Haig, Senior Manager Social Media Content, BetMGM

Currently, 12 of the 15 online operators in Michigan have established at least one Threads account associated with their brand.

  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • BetRivers
  • WynnBet
  • Caesars
  • Barstool
  • FoxBet/PokerStars
  • betParx
  • FireKeepers
  • Sports Illustrated
  • PointsBet

Fanatics, which will be taking over PointsBet’s assets here in Michigan and the United States, also has set up accounts for its overall brand and one for its sportsbook.

What content are Michigan online operators using on Threads?

The operators are still testing the water of Threads, careful to not oversaturate in the early stages.

BetMGM has one main account, and another for poker, but not for its online casino or for its sportsbook in particular.

The BetMGM Threads account has posed more sports-related questions without tapping into sports betting specifics. It also is not posting much more than a daily “topic.”

Compared to Twitter, BetMGM has accounts for its overall product, casino and sportsbook. The main BetMGM Twitter feed had 16 original posts over a 3-hour span on Wednesday. Most, if not all, related to odds for upcoming events like The Open Championship, MLB games, or the NFL and college football seasons.

The same can be said for other top operators in Michigan, FanDuel and DraftKings.

Will online casinos have a bigger impact on Threads?

We have seen across the country that the online gambling industry is still heavily focused on sports betting.

With about 60% of the country approaching some form of legalized sports betting, it’s easy to see why online operators dominate social media with their sportsbook accounts.

Online casinos are starting to gain a little steam with expansion across the country, with more states bringing legislation to the table. Still, less than 20% of the country has iGaming available.

With a great discrepancy in what online casino revenue brings in compared to online sports betting revenue, that trend has to eventually start factoring into social media marketing.

As an app marketed almost strictly for mobile use, Threads makes sense as a potential gateway in the future if it can continue to build an audience.

Larger operators likely to cash in more on Threads

Currently, Threads has a lot to develop and add to its layout and design. Without much search functionality or the use of hashtags, finding new information is a challenge.

Due to Threads still being in its infancy stage, larger operators like BetMGM, FanDuel and DraftKings are likely to find success with the social media platform over smaller operators.

The more established operators have the staffing and money to invest into Threads, finding ways to capitalize as the platform grows. Smaller operators don’t have the same luxury, and may not have a good feel for Threads until it’s already better established.

Social media channels in general seem like a prime candidate for online casinos to partner with. Exclusive offers through Threads? Why not?

We’ve seen the biggest industries strike deals with online sportsbooks that include special promotional offers for users. Why can’t the same be done with online casinos while still satisfying respective state’s rules and regulations?

But, those offers are likely to come with the bigger names first. Threads needs name-brand recognition as it attempts to expand.

Perhaps it’s an avenue that could help build the Threads audience and online casino industry.

Only time will tell.

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