BetMGM Adds Exclusive Games In Michigan From White Hat Studios

Written By Drew Ellis on February 6, 2024
A roaring lion is wearing a white hat to reflect a deal between White Hat Studios and BetMGM's online casino in Michigan

BetMGM has always been pushing to be an industry leader when it comes to online casinos.

That’s especially true in Michigan, where BetMGM has been the online casino revenue leader since Day 1.

Recently, White Hat Studios has partnered with BetMGM for a pair of new exclusives to its offering among Michigan online casinos.

The most notable is the “Win Spins” feature which gives users a guaranteed number of free winning spins. This is opposed to getting a number of free wins that could result in no winning results.

White Hat is also bringing its Peaky Blinders Jackpot Royale slot game exclusively to BetMGM Michigan, offering another big jackpot option for the online platform.

‘Win Spins’ gives players guaranteed wins


BetMGM and White Hat have partnered for a new promotion for users called “Win Spins.”

Many operations offer customers free spin promotions to entice play. In those situations, a player could hit it big, or win nothing on their allotted free spins.

With “Win Spins,” players are given a set amount of spins. Those spins will continue to go until the player gets a win.

For example, if a player earns five “Win Spins,” their first spin will play out until they win some type of amount. Then they will be down to four “Win Spins.” This will continue until the player has earned five wins.

“We are thrilled to launch this pioneering feature with a leading US iGaming operator, BetMGM, demonstrating the confidence we both have in the product,” Armen Tatarevic, Vice President of Gaming at White Hat Studios told PlayMichigan. “We couldn’t ask for a better launch partner than BetMGM, and we look forward to expanding on this new capability together.”

White Hat and BetMGM are now guaranteeing you wins when you are offered “Win Spins.”

Peaky Blinders Jackpot Royale exclusive

On top of the new promotional feature, White Hat Studios is also exclusively offering Peaky Blinders Jackpot Royale to BetMGM.

A Jackpot Royale version to the popular TV show slot title, Peaky Blinders, is now available on the online casino app.

With the added Jackpot Royale format, players have a chance to land one of three progressive jackpots on any spin.

“We’ve retained the player-favorite features from our first Peaky Blinders release that made it such a hit, and elevated the overall gameplay with chances to land huge prizes through our Jackpot Royale mechanic – on top of the original’s four standalone jackpot prizes,” Tatarevic said.

“We give players the chance to land one of three progressive jackpots – the Maxi jackpot averages $5,000 with a $2,000 reseed, the Major jackpot averages $50,000 with a $20,000 reseed, and the huge Jackpot Royale often pays out $175,000, reseeding at $75,000.”

Players will be able to keep track of the jackpot results to try and have a feel for their chances to win big.

“Jackpot Royale also implements cutting-edge jackpot tracking features to boost entertainment and anticipation,” Tatarevic said. “Players can view the last win amounts for the Maxi and Major pots, driving engagement as they see payout recency. Real-time jackpot tickers display the soaring prize pools, keeping the thrills high as jackpots scale upwards.”

Peaky Blinders brings Shelby family to online slots

This Jackpot Royale version of Peaky Blinders brings the added jackpot feature to the original slot title.

Fans of the show can experience the Shelby family drama while playing for progressive jackpots and three different bonus rounds.

The slot is a standard 3×5 grid with 20 different winning lines.

Icons include members of the cast, each of whom has their own special bonus round.

If you get six or more money scatter symbols in a spin, you initiate the Thunder Spins. Each new symbol that appears means more cash to your bankroll.

“The game captures the tense, moody atmosphere of Peaky Blinders with art, sound, and clips from the series,” Tatarevic said. “Players will recognize all their favorite characters on the reels, but this slot offers more than just IP immersion.

“Peaky Blinders Jackpot Royale merges entertainment with innovative jackpot mechanics for an unforgettable online casino experience, and we’re excited for Michigan players to discover it.”

White Hat Studios brings TV, movie titles to online casinos

White Hat Studios has brought many popular TV and movie titles to online casinos in the form of slot games. Peaky Blinders is just the latest.

“As the official ‘House of Brands’ provider in the US iGaming market with plenty of top-tier Ips under our belt, being able to partner with a phenomenal show like Peaky Blinders is hugely valuable,” Tatarevic said.

“The series has millions of dedicated fans across the world thanks to its gripping storylines and stellar cast and by integrating this prestigious IP into one of our slots, we immediately capture the attention of all those loyal viewers who already love the brand. Fans get excited to interact with familiar characters and settings from a show they’re invested in.”

Other available titles in Michigan through White Hat are Ted, Beavis and Butt-Head, Inspector Gadget, The Goonies, Rick and Morty, and Deal or No Deal.

“The benefits (of these titles) extend beyond acquisition. A powerful brand like Peaky Blinders gives games longevity. Players feel particularly immersed when the art, sounds, and features reflect the series they know and love, with the production value of a hit entertainment franchise also giving the game an elevated look and feel,” Tatarevic added. “For these reasons, securing the rights to top shows like Peaky Blinders is a crucial part of our content strategy. These partnerships enable us to continually roll out best-in-class slots that capture player interest and drive results.”

White Hat Studios had some of their library offered at multiple Michigan online casinos, but these latest two features are exclusive to BetMGM.


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