What Could BetMGM Partnership With X Mean For Michigan Online Gambling?

Written By Drew Ellis on January 31, 2024
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Online gambling operators are no stranger to social media and that could mean big business for one of Michigan’s leading online gambling platforms.

BetMGM has, reportedly, signed a revolutionary deal with X, formerly known as Twitter.

The two are coming together to have BetMGM bring its sports betting information and odds to the social media platform in the future.

And the deal should be beneficial to BetMGM, which trails FanDuel and DraftKings in both the national market and here in Michigan online sports betting.

X to provide direct link to BetMGM

News on the partnership came from Fortune, but there was no further details on financial agreements or a start date.

According to the report, X will include a feature that contains the odds for sporting events from BetMGM. It will also provide a direct link for its users to place bets with the online operator.

This would be a big asset for BetMGM, as it would connect them directly to a wide audience that discusses live sporting events on the platform.

According to Exploding Topics, there are approximately 556 million active monthly users on X. Of those users 58% are believed to be under 35 years old and there is a 2:1 ratio of male users to female.

However, just 1 in 4 users of X is believed to be American. It’s unclear just how many of those American users have legalized online sports betting in their state.

While X may be able to provide direct links to BetMGM, users without legalized betting won’t have the option to place bets.

Could online casinos come into play on X?

Fortune didn’t indicate that this deal could also feature online casino links from BetMGM.

Just six states having legalized online casinos. That would be a small target audience for X and BetMGM to be focusing on.

However, BetMGM has a much larger online casino presence, especially in Michigan, than it does with its sports betting.

In this state, BetMGM Michigan holds 34.5% of the lifetime online casino revenue market share. It’s the only online operator to cross $1 billion in revenue during its time in Michigan.

Despite recent surges from FanDuel Michigan and DraftKings Michigan in 2023, BetMGM has still been the revenue leader every month in Michigan’s iGaming history.

Will BetMGM deal impact other operators’ accounts?

X is a place that allows for online sportsbooks and online casinos to have their own accounts on the platform.

Follow major online operators like BetMGM, FanDuel and DraftKings and you will see a number of posts from them throughout sporting events, or the day in general.

With this new partnership, it is unclear if X would have to adjust its approach to these users.

BetMGM would be the one with direct links promoted by the site itself. Could Elon Musk and X look to remove links from other online operators?

Will this partnership cause a backlash from BetMGM’s competitors? Or will they just be upset that they didn’t think of it first?

Could this deal lead to deals with other social media platforms?

According to Exploding Topics, X ranks just 14th worldwide in social media platforms for most active monthly users.

Facebook averages 2.96 billion monthly, while others like YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok are also far ahead of X in average users worldwide.

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