PayPal Online Casinos

Several PayPal online casinos are available in Michigan, as the longstanding leader in the digital wallet space is one of the most popular casino payment methods. There’s very little hard data on how commonly players use it, though it is widely accepted as a popular form of deposit and withdrawal. In this guide, we broke down everything you need to know about using PayPal at online casinos in Michigan.

Using PayPal at online casinos

PayPal is easy to use at online casinos. Simply connect your existing PayPal account to the online casino via the cashier page (by making a deposit) and follow the prompts from there. Many players prefer PayPal for its ease of use and flexibility. You can connect various payment methods to your PayPal account, such as a bank account, Venmo, Skrill, debit card, and credit card. This lets you choose specific payment sources for each deposit.

One potential downside of PayPal comes from the online casinos themselves. Many only allow PayPal withdrawals if you’ve already made a deposit using the method. For players who prefer to deposit using other methods, PayPal might not be the ideal option.

PayPal casinos at a glance

Below, we showcase every online casino in MI that accepts PayPal. For good measure, we also include key details about using PayPal at each site.

Online CasinoMinimum DepositCashout limitPayout speedAssociated fees
Caesars Palace Michigan Casino$10$5,000Up to 48 hoursNone
Golden Nugget Michigan Casino$10$1,500/transaction—$5,000/dayUp to 72 hoursNone
BetMGM Michigan Casino$10No maximum listedUp to 48 hoursNone
FanDuel Michigan Casino$10No maximum listedUp to 24 hoursNone
BetRivers Michigan Casino$10No maximum listed30 minutesNone
DraftKings Michigan Casino$5No maximum listedUp to 24 hoursNone
PokerStars Michigan Casino$10No maximum listedUp to 72 hoursNone
Hollywood Michigan CasinoNoneNo maximum listedUp to 24 hoursNone
BetParx (Play Gun Lake) Michigan Casino$10No maximum listedUp to 24 hoursNone
Eagle Casino Michigan Casino$10None listedUp to 72 hoursNone
Four Winds Michigan Casino$20Subject to changeUp to 72 hoursNone
SI Casino Michigan Casino$35No maximum listedUp to 72 hoursNone
PointsBet Michigan Casino$5No maximum listedUp to 48 hoursNone
WynnBET Michigan Casino$10No maximum listedUp to 72 hoursNone

Note that there’s only one casino in Michigan that doesn’t accept PayPal: FireKeepers. Additionally, this list only covers Michigan. Other states with legal online casinos may vary in their terms and conditions surrounding PayPal deposits.

How to create a PayPal Account

Creating a PayPal account is easy. First, have a few personal details and payment methods ready including an ID, credit or debit card, and ideally your bank account and routing number. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the PayPal website and click “Sign Up.”
  2. On the next page, choose “Personal” and select “Get Started.”
  3. Enter your email.
  4. Provide your phone number and verify it using the code sent to you.
  5. Choose a password.
  6. Provide your legal first and last name along with your street address.
  7. Check the box to acknowledge the terms and conditions, then click “Agree and Create Account.”

This completes your account. After that’s done, you can connect whichever payment methods you’d like (checking, credit card, etc.). Each has its own process, but it doesn’t take long—a few minutes for each method. We recommend including a bank account and a credit or debit card to give your account some flexibility.

Making a deposit at an online casino using PayPal

Now that you’re familiar with PayPal, how to create an account, and which casinos accept it, you can make your deposit. This process may vary slightly at each online casino, but the concept remains the same.

  1. Start at your preferred online casino and select “Deposit.”
  2. Choose “PayPal” from the list of deposit methods.
  3. Connect your PayPal account by following the prompts; this usually involves entering your credentials and allowing PayPal to connect to the casino.
  4. Choose your deposit amount and complete the process.

After you’ve done this once, you will be able to quickly deposit using PayPal again without connecting your account a second time.

Many online casinos only allow PayPal withdrawals if you’ve already deposited using the method. Keep this in mind when funding your account.

Online casino withdrawals with PayPal

Because PayPal withdrawals are typically allowed only following a PayPal deposit, this process is incredibly easy. Select withdraw, type in the amount you wish to cash out and choose “withdraw” (or similar).

PayPal online casino withdrawals usually process quickly. The online casino’s review period is the longest step, often taking up to 72 hours (depending on the site). After the casino has approved your withdrawal, it should hit your PayPal account within an hour or so.

PayPal safety and security

Generally speaking, online casinos operating in a legal market like Michigan only use trusted and secure payment methods. PayPal is no exception. The provider has been around for years as a trusted and secure method for sending and receiving payments.

PayPal has a dedicated security page where users can file complaints, report suspicious texts or emails, and flag unusual account activity.

PayPal online casino banking troubleshooting

Based on our expert experience and reports from numerous players, PayPal is one of the most successful payment methods at online casinos. Other payment options tend to be problem-prone or confusing to use. Credit cards, for example, are frequently declined at online gambling sites for fear of fraud. Such issues are rare at PayPal, though they can occur. In some cases, PayPal might not list the online casino as an approved merchant and decline a transaction. PayPal has no such issues.

Should you have any issues with a deposit or withdrawal, try contacting customer service at your chosen online PayPal casino in Michigan. If the issue seems to be on PayPal’s end, get in touch with PayPal’s customer service.

Pros and Cons of Banking with PayPal at Online Casinos


  • Seamless and fast deposit method
  • High transaction success rate
  • Fast withdrawals following casino approval
  • Accepted at most online casinos


  • Requires a separate account
  • PayPal is known to occasionally freeze or hold accounts used to make gambling-related purchases
  • Different deposit minimums at some online casinos
  • Most casinos require a PayPal deposit before allowing PayPal withdrawal

PayPal online casino FAQs

Yes. In fact, all but one of Michigan’s online casino sites accept PayPal. The only site that doesn’t is FireKeepers. Every other site accepts PayPal deposits and withdrawals.

Yes. PayPal is one of the most trusted payment providers at online casinos. It also has a high success rate compared to other methods like credit or debit cards.  Michigan is home to more than a dozen online casinos, and almost every single one of them accepts PayPal. Deposit minimums vary by casino but are generally around $10.

It’s certainly one of the best options available. PayPal is one of our most recommended payment methods alongside Venmo and ACH eCheck.

Yes. Most online casinos allow PayPal withdrawals, but only after you’ve already deposited with a PayPal account.

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