BetMGM Poker Michigan Bonus Code PLAYMICHIP $1,075

BetMGM Poker has arrived in Michigan. After launching its online casino and sports betting product in January 2021, BetMGM became the second online poker site in Michigan when it went live in March 2021. Sign up now with bonus code PLAYMICHIP to get up to $1,075 in welcome bonuses!

Poker players in the Great Lakes State will find a variety of cash games and tournaments at BetMGM Poker MI in addition to promotions across all three platforms.

The online poker room two welcome bonuses. Your first deposit is matched 100% for up to $1,000 and you also can claim up to $75 in free tournament tickets.

Read on for more details on the welcome bonus, the games available, how to sign up and get the app for Apple or Android, and everything else you need to know about BetMGM Poker Michigan.

Why Choose BetMGM Online Poker
  • Generous welcome promotion
  • Active player base with a large number of poker variants
  • Well-designed, intuitive software interface
  • Varied and convenient number of deposit and withdrawal options
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BetMGM Poker Michigan sign up bonus

The BetMGM poker site offers lots of entertaining promotions throughout the year for its loyal player base. Below, we’ve detailed the two primary welcome promotions that are available to new players looking to try BetMGM’s online poker site. Just be sure to enter the BetMGM Poker MI bonus code PLAYMICHIP when signing up to claim both offers.

$75 in poker tournament tickets

When you sign up with BetMGM Poker Michigan and enter bonus code PLAYMICHIP you’ll qualify for up to $75 in free tournament tickets. How many tickets you receive will be based on the size of your first deposit. Here’s how it works.

  • Deposits of $1,000 or more receive $75 in tickets. You get two $20, three $10 and one $5 ticket.
  • Deposits between $500-$999 receive $50 in tickets. You get one $20, two $10 and two $5 tickets.
  • Deposits between $10-$499 receive $25 in tickets. You get one $20 and one $5 ticket.

The tickets expire two weeks after landed in your account.

BetMGM 100% first deposit match bonus up to $1,000

Your first deposit at BetMGM Michigan also is matched 100% for up to $1,000. As you may be familiar with from other poker sites, there is a playthrough requirement that you must achieve in order to maximize your bonus.

The matched funds are released to your account in 10% increments, and you will need to earn 14x that bonus in iRewards points before it is released. It can be a bit confusing, so here’s a good example: Say you deposit $500 into your BetMGM account. You will earn a bonus of $50 for every 700 iRewards points that you earn.

This mean that you will need to accrue 7,000 points before your entire $500 in matched money is available. The good news is that you can immediately withdraw any of the bonus funds that you earn while completing this playthrough requirement. You also have 120 days from when you make your first deposit to unlock your bonus funds.

Although this playthrough requirement can be a little bit of a grind, with BetMGM’s lively player base and nonstop action, you can find yourself stacking the necessary iRewards points quickly.

As a poker player, you accrue 5.5 iRewards points for every single dollar you spend on tournament entry fees. You will also earn the same 5.5 points for each dollar that is taken from the rake when playing cash games. You can redeem your accrued points for a variety of rewards, apart from the additional bonus cash. You can even spend them on comps at MGM Resorts worldwide, or use them to purchase items such as jewelry and electronics from the iRewards catalog.

If you are a regular player, you will likely begin stacking the necessary iRewards points quickly. But don’t forget — you have only one week after you make your initial deposit to build up those points and get your deposit matched.

BetMGM Poker bonus code Michigan 2024

Online Poker SiteBetMGM Poker Michigan
BetMGM Poker MI Total BonusUp to $1,075
BetMGM Poker MI Deposit Match Bonus100% up to $1,000
BetMGM Poker MI Deposit BonusUp to $75 in free tickets, amount based on the size of initial deposit
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

21+. MI/NJ/PA only. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

How to sign up at BetMGM Poker

Once you have the BetMGM Poker MI client or app, you’ll want to register an account. Doing so will require providing some personal information similar to what would be required for both the online casino and sports betting platforms. This information includes:

  • full name
  • email address
  • physical address
  • phone number
  • date of birth
  • the last four digits of your Social Security Number

You’ll also set up a password for logging in and choose a screen name. This is also where you’ll want to remember to enter the BetMGM bonus code PLAYMICHIP when prompted to be eligible for up to $1,075 in sign-up bonuses.

Providing this personal information helps the site know you are who you say you are. It also ensures BetMGM Poker MI that you are at least 21 years of age, which is a requirement for playing on the site. Beyond that, providing this info helps the site ensure the games’ integrity as well as the security of your account.

How to download BetMGM Poker MI

BetMGM offers its poker client in both a desktop and mobile version. So no matter if you’d rather use a laptop at home or grind out a few hands on the go with your phone, the choice is up to you.

Downloading the BetMGM Poker MI client for computers

If on a computer, your first step to playing at BetMGM Poker MI will be download the BetMGM software, a.k.a. the “poker client.”

A poker client enables on-site play without going through a particular web browser. This method is advantageous because browsers work differently, with some being more amenable to running site software than others. With a standalone client that BetMGM Poker can update whenever needed, there’s more uniformity in the user’s experience.

Another nice feature of poker clients is that they include geolocation software. It’s a plus to not deal with additional plug-ins, as sometimes is necessary when visiting an online casino through a web browser.

Simply visit the BetMGM website on your laptop, desktop or mobile device, choose Michigan as your state, click the “Poker” tab, then follow directions to download and install the client. The site works on both Windows PCs and Mac computers.

Downloading the BetMGM Poker MI app for mobile devices

Beyond laptops and desktops, you can also play at BetMGM Poker on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

You can download the BetMGM mobile poker app the same way you would download the client to your computer. The site will detect automatically if you are on a iOS (Apple) or Android device and download the right one for you.

Apps can also be downloaded from either the Apple Store or via Google Play. Be sure to download the BetMGM Poker Michigan app, and not one for another state.

Keep in mind that you must be physically located in the state of Michigan to play real-money poker games at BetMGM Poker MI. You can download the client or app, and even deposit and withdraw funds from outside of Michigan, but you have to be in the state to play on the site.

There’s one other thing to remember when playing “on the go” on a mobile device. Even though you’ll have access to the same cash games and tournaments available on the computer client, the smaller screen can potentially make game actions — for example, checking, betting, raising, folding and especially multi-tabling  — more difficult to execute. That said, early reviews from players suggest the mobile app works well.

BetMGM loyalty program

The MGM rewards program for the BetMGM online poker site is among the most generous of US online gambling offerings. And if you want to redeem that full deposit bonus, you’ll quickly learn how to grind out those iRewards points efficiently and rapidly. Or, if you choose, you can redeem your iRewards points for tier credits and comps at any MGM Resorts destination worldwide. There are also redemption options for cool accessories, electronics or other items from the online store. There are various MGM Rewards tiers and benefits for accruing a certain number of points each year.

For poker players, calculating your iRewards points is simple. You earn 5.5 points for every dollar you spend in tournament fees or every dollar raked from a cash pot. So if you enter a tournament with a $20 fee, you will earn 110 iRewards points simply for participating, even if you finish dead last.

BetMGM also runs monthly promotions for its players, frequently featuring promotions where you can earn double (or sometimes even triple) iRewards points. The site also runs promos where you can earn bonuses for sitting atop the weekly sit and go leaderboards. No matter when you are gambling, you can normally count on a fun and exciting promotion to reward loyal poker players.

BetMGM Poker client

As you should expect from an elite brand such as BetMGM, the software interface and layout for its poker platform is pristine. It offers one of the more reliable platforms for online poker, so you can enjoy every minute of your experience.

The graphics are elegant and smooth, and the interface is quick and responsive. The intuitive nature of the poker client means that it could not be easier to navigate to your favorite sit and go or cash game variant. There is no fumbling around with multiple menus and sub-menus — everything you need is a few clicks away at any given time.

With BetMGM, you can play on multiple tables at the same time, so you always have a hand to look at or a bet to call. You can even grind out some cash winnings while playing tournament poker. If you are playing on your phone, you can multi-table up to four games at once.

And, you don’t have to worry about getting confused — the intelligent software that BetMGM has created provides a feature it calls “mini table view.” This feature permits easy and quick viewing of all your current action.

However, if you enjoy playing in a big number of poker games simultaneously, we definitely recommend using a desktop computer so that you can take advantage of the larger screen.

Best features of the BetMGM poker app

The BetMGM Poker App is one of the better destinations for online poker in the state of Michigan. If you’re looking for a beautifully designed software to get your feet wet with online gambling, go ahead and try it today. Here are a few of the top features we noticed:

  • User Interface: Although it may be lacking some of the pizzazz that other competitors bring, the BetMGM poker app can’t be beat for ease of use. The information is so well presented that even a complete newbie to the online poker scene will not be overwhelmed by the interface presented. Games are organized intuitively by type and buy-in. No more wasting time searching for the perfect tournament or cash game — you can literally jump into your preferred variety seconds after launching the software. You can even bookmark your favorite game types for even faster access from the Favorites menu.
  • Banking Options: As one of the more respected names in gaming and hospitality, BetMGM supports a huge number of banking options for your deposit and withdrawal convenience. Apart from accepting all major credit cards, BetMGM allows transactions using other major payment providers such as PayPal, Skrill or PayNearMe.
  • Rewards Program: The MGM Rewards program that MGM operates is a fun and easy way to earn some cash back on your hard earned tournament fees or rake money. iRewards points are quickly accumulated, and there is no complex structure to its tiered program. Best of all, the points you earn are versatile. You can use them for cash back, physical goods from the catalog, or even rooms, dining or other amenities at MGM resorts around the world! All BetMGM online players are automatically enrolled in the MGM rewards program, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any incentives.

How could BetMGM improve?

Every company has room for improvement, and BetMGM is no exception. Here are a few of the ways we see that the software can be even better for players:

  • Variety of Promotions: Although BetMGM sponsors obligatory promotions that every other site offers (Leaderboard, Welcome Offers, etc.), the slate of promotions for their poker product is frequently lackluster and unexciting. Every now and then, they run a double rewards promo for a month, but even that isn’t much of a draw to keep people coming back. BetMGM would be well served to come up with some more exciting and inventive promotions in order to siphon players back from competitors.
  • More Variants:  Even though no-limit hold’em is far and away the most popular poker variant, it’s a shame there aren’t any stud or draw games, nor any mixed-game formats.
  • Player Base: Granted, no online poker room operating in Michigan will have liquidity like the big global operators do. Perhaps forging some shared liquidity agreement with their sites located in other states (such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Nevada) could help. There is plenty of action on the Hold ‘Em tables, but some of the other less popular variants of poker are sometimes lacking a reliable number of players, which can be frustrating.
  • Customer Support: BetMGM used to have one of the better customer support solutions available, with multiple ways to get satisfaction quickly. Now, it appears that they’ve streamlined their support options, choosing instead to have customers navigate an automated, self-help solutions glossary. If you click around enough, you can eventually get to a place where you can “live chat” with support staff or send an email. If you choose the email method, expect several days to elapse before you get a response. They also appear to have done away with their customer service phone number, at least for the time being.  

Poker games at BetMGM Michigan

As noted, BetMGM offers a variety of different cash games and tournament formats.

Cash games

Presently, BetMGM Poker offers cash games in three variants:

In the past, the BetMGM Poker client in New Jersey has offered seven-card stud games as well, but does not at present. They aren’t currently being offered in Michigan, either.

Players can play no-limit hold’em, with blinds ranging from $0.01/$0.02 up to $25/$50. The same stakes are available for pot-limit Omaha. The less popular fixed-limit hold’em games feature stakes starting at $0.02/$0.04 and go up to $30/$60. There are often both six-handed and eight-handed cash games running.

BetMGM Poker MI also offers its own version of “fast-fold” poker called Fast Forward. This fast-paced game involves a pool of players who get moved to a different table after every hand. When they fold a hand, they don’t stick around to see how it turns out. Rather, they are instantly whisked away to a new table and get dealt new cards. Fast Forward requires a certain number of players for the games to be viable, so it depends on interest whether or not any games are up and running.

Sit and Gos

Players will also find a variety of heads-up and six-handed sit and gos now that BetMGM Poker has launched in Michigan. Sit and gos are tournaments that only happen when an adequate number of players register — once all the players “sit,” then it’s time to “go.”

Stakes for SNGs range from $1 to $500. You’ll find both no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha SNGs available.

Multi-table tournaments

BetMGM Poker MI also offers a wide range of traditional multi-table tournaments at various times. You’ll find both short-handed and full-ring MTTs.

New players should grow accustomed to scanning the lobby to see what games are coming up on the schedule. Most tournaments come with those aforementioned guaranteed prize pools. No matter how many players register to play, a minimum total prize pool is guaranteed. Sometimes, the number of players registering isn’t large enough. Entry fees total less than the guarantee, meaning the tournament has an overlay. An overlay is like a bonus for players, as the site has essentially added free money to the prize pool.

Buy-ins for MTTs at BetMGM Poker MI start as low as $0.25 and $1 and go up to a weekly $535 tournament. Watch for freerolls as well, which award cash prizes or tournament tickets. Nearly all of the tournaments are no-limit hold’em, with a few pot-limit Omaha ones sprinkled in.

Here is a list of a few of the most frequented tournaments:

  • The Daily $10K — A daily $109 hold’em tournament that begins at 7 p.m. This tournament sports a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.
  • Daily tournaments — There is a variety of options for other types of tournaments that are offered daily, including re-buy, deep-stack, turbo, bounty and much more.
  • Mega Tuesday — Every Tuesday, BetMGM plays host to a massive NLHE tournament. The buy-in is a whopping $535, but this means that the pot is huge as well: $12,000 minimum is guaranteed, but the prize pool frequently sails over this number. Action begins at 8 p.m.
  • Sunday $35K — On Sundays, join players for a No Limit Hold’em tournament with a $215 buy-in. BetMGM promises at least $35,000 in guaranteed prize money. Hit the felt at 5 p.m.

Players should also keep an eye out for tournament series such as the BetMGM Online Series the site has been running each month. These are usually 10-tournament series with guaranteed prize pools and buy-ins ranging from $20 to $1,060.

Withdrawal and deposit methods at BetMGM Poker MI

Speaking of funds, there are several ways to deposit and withdraw money at BetMGM Poker MI. When you first deposit funds onto the site, you’ll need to provide the necessary details about your payment method and other verification. For that first deposit, the minimum deposit is $10, but after that there is no minimum. The maximum deposit allowed is $5,000 per day.

Currently available deposit methods include:

  • ACH/e-check (VIP Preferred)
  • electronic bank transfer/online banking
  • BetMGM Prepaid Play+
  • Visa/Mastercard/Discover
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at the MGM Grand Detroit casino cage

When it comes to withdrawing funds, there are also a number of methods available. Note, however, that you can only use a withdrawal method if you have used the same method to deposit within the previous 180 days.

There is no minimum for withdrawals. The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is $5,000. Currently available withdrawal methods include:

  • ACH/e-check (VIP Preferred)
  • electronic bank transfer/online banking
  • BetMGM Prepaid Play+
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at the MGM Grand Detroit casino cage

The processing time for withdrawals varies depending on the method used. BetMGM says its standard processing time is five business days, although you’ll find some methods are quicker than that.

BetMGM Poker customer service

BetMGM Poker offers a very convenient number of helpful support methods, so you don’t have to fret about getting assistance when it is necessary.

You might initially check out BetMGM Poker’s extensive FAQ section. That’s where clicking “Support” takes you, and you’ll find most common queries answered there. We also recommend BetMGM’s 24-hour live chat option, which is generally the simplest and quickest method for getting help. Our experience with chat support was very positive, with staff being uniformly responsive and helpful.

If you prefer another method, you can always email the customer service team, and you should get a prompt response. Lastly, there is a toll-free number you can call for assistance if you like speaking with a real representative. Considering all of the available options, it’s safe to say that BetMGM ranks high when it comes to online poker support solutions.

Is BetMGM Poker legal?

Recent legislation has made it possible to gamble from the convenience of your couch in Michigan. You may be wondering about the legality of playing poker online, but no need to worry — BetMGM is legally licensed to host and operate a huge variety of real-money games, including poker.

The online poker site is fully regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board to ensure that players are treated safely and fairly, and are not exposed to any legal risks. In order to even be approved, the games had to be evaluated by independent testing labs, as well as BetMGM’s own lab, and then approved by the MGCB before launch. And there’s no need to worry about security, either. BetMGM uses top encryption methods to protect your identity and your financial information.

Is BetMGM the best online poker site in Michigan?

There are only a few options right now if you are looking to play online poker in the Great Lakes State. That said, an objective reviewer would have to say that BetMGM is currently only the second-best destination for your gambling needs.

Although the software is very easy to use and the rewards program is excellent, the player base is somewhat lacking for now, and the dearth of promotions do not encourage players to keep coming back. Over time, BetMGM may improve in a few key areas, and it certainly has potential to become a juggernaut in the state. Right now, however, there is at least one other competitor who we feel may be a better destination for Michiganders looking to play some cards.

History of BetMGM online poker

BetMGM is a subsidiary of the iconic MGM Resorts brand, founded in 1986. It is a market-leading gambling company with deep roots in entertainment and customer service. It is one of the pioneers of the online gambling industry and has remained on the cutting edge of technology and legislation since the inception of the industry. It offers online gambling through a large portfolio of brands, including BetMGM, Borgata Casino and Party Poker.

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