New Michigan Online Casinos

New Michigan online casinos don’t launch often, but when they do, we have everything covered right here. Here are the latest updates regarding online casinos in Michigan:

  • Fanatics Casino launched in Michigan in Feb. 2024, replacing PointsBet Casino.
  • Hollywood Casino went live in Nov. 2023, replacing Barstool Casino, and Caesars Palace Online Casino debuted in Aug. 2023 (replacing Caesars’ earlier site).
  • WynnBet Casino is currently under a self-imposed review. If it ends operations, there would be another available license.
  • Right now, all 15 online casino licenses in Michigan are being used.

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Newest online casinos in Michigan

As noted, Fanatics Casino is the newest site in Michigan, having launched in Feb. 2024. Fanatics replaced PointsBet Casino after its acquisition of PointsBet in 2023. Here’s a complete list of all the currently operating online casinos in Michigan along with the dates they first appeared:

Online CasinoLaunch year
Fanatics Casino2024
Hollywood Casino2023
Caesars Palace Online Casino2023
Sports Illustrated Casino2023
Eagle Casino 2022
FireKeepers Casino2021
Play Gun Lake Casino2021
Four Winds Casino2021
WynnBET Casino2021
PokerStars Casino 2021
Golden Nugget Casino2021
BetMGM Casino2021
FanDuel Casino2021
BetRivers Casino2021
DraftKings Casino2021

Note that the top three sites on the list are all technically new names for older online casinos, in a sense. PointsBet Casino first launched in Michigan in 2021, with Fanatics taking it over and then debuting in Michigan in 2024. Something similar happened with Hollywood Casino which launched in Nov. 2023 after ESPN Bet took over Barstool which had been live in MI since 2021.

Meanwhile, Caesars Online Casino first launched in Michigan in 2021 as well, then rebranded as Caesars Palace Online Casino in Aug. 2023. The rebrand also brought a new design and expanded offerings, very much making Caesars Palace Online Casino a new online casino option in Michigan.

Are any new Michigan online casinos coming soon?

There are 15 available online casino licenses in Michigan, and at the moment all are spoken for. Therefore, changes are rare, but there is one potential license opening on the horizon.

As mentioned above, WynnBet Casino is currently “under review” in Michigan and has ceased operations in other states, which means it is possible that its license will open up at some point. The other avenues for potential new casino launches are rebrands or acquisitions such as occurred most recently with Fanatics (and PointsBet) and with Hollywood (and Barstool).

In the event that any licenses open up, here are some candidates that could enter the Michigan market:

Advantages of playing at the newest sites

If you’ve been a fan of casinos for many years, the idea of playing on your computer or mobile device might seem unthinkable. Setting aside the fact the entire experience is different, you may think that seeing your favorite game in a virtual format just doesn’t have the same appeal.

However, there are some great reasons you might want to try the newest online casinos. In no particular order, here are some things to consider:

  • Bonuses and promos: This is the biggest perk. New online casinos are certain to have numerous offers to promote interest and loyalty in their sites. You can get Michigan casino bonuses just for signing up, and it’s not uncommon for the site to match the full amount of your first deposit, thereby doubling your bankroll from the outset. Most land-based casinos are either too established or ill-equipped to offer any kind of bonus. However, it’s worth noting that online casino playthrough requirements will apply, and you should read them carefully.
  • Game variety: New online casinos bring the possibility of new games you have yet to try, including exclusive offerings. With newer sites, you can also search out the best casino game odds in Michigan.
  • Accessibility: Hand-in-hand with an increased variety of games online is that every game is available at any time. You never have to worry about crowds, busy games, or someone taking up space at the machine you want to play. Online casino games accept as many as want to play, so you can pick and choose freely.
  • Convenience: While there is some romance to the experience of playing in a live casino, there’s no denying that there is effort involved with getting there. The nearest casino could be more than an hour away, and that’s if the weather’s decent. Michigan’s newest online casinos are available in the palm of your hand or on your laptop screen. As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to all of your favorite casino games.
  • Practice: The idea of a dry run in a live casino is laughable. If you want to throw the dice, play a hand of blackjack or spin a slot machine, you’ve got to have skin in the game and come out of pocket to play. However, Michigan’s online casinos typically come with play money features and functions that can allow you to try the games for free. If you’re not sure about how a particular game works or whether it seems likely to pay, you can usually take a test drive without any risk.

Cons of playing at the newest online casinos

Generally speaking, the pros of playing at new online casinos far outweigh the cons. However, here are a few to consider:

  • The apps aren’t always as ready to go as casinos that have been live for a long time – perhaps not every technical glitch has been worked out. Though of course, this can vary from operator to operator.
  • On that same note, game selection might not be as expansive. While you will likely find unique options for each operator, newer libraries may not be fully built out.
  • The same goes for customer service. It’s possible that the operation won’t be as fine-tuned as some of the bigger, more established names.

With all of that said, there is no guarantee you will run into any of these issues. It’s a case-by-case thing.

New Michigan Casino FAQ

Right now, there are 15 online casinos live in Michigan. There are only 15 available licenses, which means every license is occupied.

Yes, Fanatics Casino first went live in Michigan in Feb. 2024, the newest online casino site in the state. It replaced PointsBet Casino after Fanatics acquired PointsBet.

Yes. As of Nov. 2023, Hollywood Casino is operating online in Michigan after replacing Barstool.

Caesars Palace Online Casino (rebranded from Caesars) and Sports Illustrated Casino both launched in 2023. The majority of Michigan casinos launched  in 2021.

Right now, we have Caesars Palace Online Casino and its $2,500 bonus sign-up offer rated as our top new choice in Michigan.

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