Casino Games With Best Odds In Michigan

Retail and online casinos in Michigan give players a vast array of games to choose from. With such a wide range of offerings, you’ll need to know the odds, or house edge, of these games to give yourself the best chances of winning.

Every player has a different approach and desired outcome or goals when playing casino games. Are you trying to minimize risk and stretch out a bankroll as long as possible, or do you want to gamble on higher-risk games that might produce higher rewards?

Factors like your bankroll limits and your goals for casino gambling should inform your game selection. But it’s also crucial that you know the odds before you put your money down. A small shift in casino game odds or house edge can make a big difference in your chances of winning in both the short and long term.

This page will outline everything you need to know about which casino games have the best odds in Michigan, how to find those games and how to give yourself the best chance at winning. Keep reading to learn more.

House edge and return to player, explained

The first rule to remember when gambling: casinos aren’t built on winners. Whether you want to play slots, video poker or table games, every game has a house edge.

The house edge is described by a percentage, also known as the Return to Player percentage on slot machines, and can range from less than 1% in Craps and Blackjack to as high as 30% in Keno. Most online slot machines have an RTP of 93%-97%, meaning you can expect to see 93 to 97 cents back out of every dollar you wager (in the longterm).

Online Michigan casinos provide RTP % on their websites, creating transparency when determining which games offer the best odds. However, you also need to consider a game’s volatility: some high RTP games, such as games with progressive jackpots, also have high volatility. These games may require you to absorb more significant swings to realize long-term equity.

RTP information is not always readily available at retail casinos. That said, you can always use your smartphone to look up a game’s RTP online before playing.

Top 5 best odds casino games in Michigan

Slots are the most popular form of casino gambling, but they don’t provide the best odds. If you want to find which Michigan casino games have the best odds, table games are your best option.

Of course, odds vary from game to game. Odds also vary within each game, depending on your strategy and payout tables. For example, an online Blackjack table that pays 6:5 on Blackjack yields significantly worse odds than one paying 3:2.

The top five games with the best odds are as follows.

  • Video poker: The most basic video poker game, Jacks or Better, offers a 0.46% house edge (99.54% RTP) on a full paytable. Machines that pay less for full houses or flushes have a higher house edge. However, other video poker games like Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus can produce even higher RTPs but with higher volatility.
  • Online blackjack: Blackjack is the most popular table game, and for good reason. It requires a basic strategy that you can easily learn, and you can use printed strategy tables or ask dealers for help if you aren’t sure of the best play to make. Furthermore, its low volatility and 0.43%-2% house edge (98%-99.57% RTP) make it an excellent prospect for playing more extended sessions.
  • Online baccarat: Also known as Punto Banco, baccarat has a simple strategy, low volatility and a low house edge. The game allows you to make one of three bets, predicting a winner or a tie. The Player (Punto) bet has a 1.24% house edge (98.76% RTP), the Banker (Banco) has a 1.06% House Edge (98.94% RTP), and a tie has a much-worse 14.36% house edge (</85.64% RTP). You can employ the optimal Baccarat strategy by betting on the Banker every hand.
  • Online craps: Depending on the bets you make, Craps can give as high as a 1.36% house edge (98.64% RTP). However, you’d need to bet the Don’t Pass line, which usually goes against everyone else at the table. The Pass Line’s edge is slightly worse, at 1.41% (98.59% RTP). Odds bets after the point can reduce the edge to 0.6% (99.4% RTP), but they increase your risk. Additional long-shot bets can bring the house edge as high as 10%-16%.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em: A favorite game, especially amongst poker players, Ultimate Texas Hold’em has a 2.19% house edge (97.81% RTP). UTH differs vastly from Texas Hold’em, except for the game’s structure. You can make a play bet (either preflop or on the flop) if you think your hand has a chance to win, which can reduce the house edge. Conversely, you also have the option to make a trips bet that increases the house edge.

Casino games with the worst odds in Michigan

Now that we’ve discussed the games with the most favorable odds for players, let’s touch on the games you should avoid. The Michigan casino games with the worst odds include:

  • Keno: I remember my first time in an Indian casino after I turned 18, dining in the cafe and watching the keno numbers pop up on the board. The lottery-style game seemed so easy to hit, so I played a $10 card and watched the money evaporate. While the game can award life-changing money, its odds are also the worst in the casino. The house edge in keno can hit 25%-30%, just a 70%-75% RTP.
  • Low RTP slots: We already mentioned that most slot machines have lower RTP than table games. While some slots’ RTP sit above 96%, others can pay below 93%. That means you will lose seven cents of every dollar you wager in the long run. This is why it’s essential to understand the RTP and volatility of each machine before playing. Otherwise, you could set yourself up for failure from the get-go.
  • Big Six and other wheel games: Another game to avoid, wheel games like Big Six and Wheel of Fortune allow you to bet on which number a dealer’s spin will land. The most common number, 1, has a house edge greater than 11%. Odds worsen from there, with the house edge growing as high as 24.07%. All in all, these games’ RTP is below 90%.
  • Side bets: Generally speaking, if a casino offers a bet, that bet will favor the house. Not every side bet is bad, so you need to know the specifics of the games you’re looking to play. For example, several prop bets in Craps, such as hard ways and field bets, quickly tilt the scales further toward the house. They also increase volatility in the game. Other lousy side bets include betting on a tie in Baccarat (85.64% RTP) and Casino War (81.35% RTP) or wagering on a specific number in Sic Bo (70.8% RTP).
  • American Roulette: Also known as Double Zero Roulette, this game’s house edge is nearly double the single-zero European variant (5.26% or 94.74% RTP vs. 2.7% or 97.3% RTP). If you want to play online roulette and have the option, always choose the wheel with one zero.

Michigan casino games best and worst odds

You now understand that every casino game has a different house edge. The chart below shows a wide list of familiar Michigan casino games, ranked from best to worst odds.

GameHouse Edge
Blackjack0.43% to 2%
Video Poker (Jacks or Better Full Pay)0.46%
Baccarat (banker)1.06%
Baccarat (player)1.24%
Ultimate Texas Hold’em2.19%
Pai Gow Poker2.84%
Roulette (single zero)2.70%
Casino War2.88%
Three-Card Poker3.37%
Let It Ride3.51%
Sports Betting4.50%
Caribbean Stud Poker5.22%
Roulette (double zero)5.26%
Big 6 Wheel11% to 24%

How to find your best odds in the casino

Many casinos offer various odds on the same games throughout the gaming floor, making it extremely important to pay attention to these details when searching for games to play.

For example, Blackjack tables near the entrance may pay 6:5 on Blackjack, while tables deeper inside the casino pay 3:2. Walking through the pit to sit at the preferable table can make a huge difference in your expected RTP.

Similarly, video poker machines may offer less-than-optimal payouts for Royal Flushes, flushes or straights.

Slot machines may offer additional wagers that lower your odds, too. Be sure to know the RTP on side bets when researching the machines you’re interested in playing. These bets can increase your volatility and risk, and you’ll want to know this beforehand to gamble responsibly.

Table games often have side bets in a similar fashion. Three Card Poker has a house edge of 3.37%, but it nearly doubles to 7.28% if you play the Pairplus bet. Lastly, never surrender or take insurance bets in games like Blackjack and Casino War.

Importance of game selection to help your chances at Michigan casinos

You will need to consider a variety of factors to maximize your enjoyment at Michigan casinos, such as your goals, bankroll, and betting limits.

The minimum bets allowed at different games also play a role. If you have a limited bankroll, say $100, and want to play as long as possible, you should look to play games with a lower house edge and risk of ruin.

Take Blackjack, for example. With a $100 bankroll and a $5 table minimum, you begin with 20 betting units. Over a four-hour session, you have a 34.1% risk of ruin or chance of going broke. That number increases to 64.9% if the minimum bet rises to $10, and it skyrockets to 87% at a $25 table.

Your expected loss remains 1.38 units in each scenario, but the unit’s dollar value increases as minimum betting limits go up. The more betting units you start with, the more you can absorb Blackjack’s short-term variance and realize your expectations.

Baccarat has a similar volatility with a higher expected loss (3.56 units) over a four-hour session.

  • 20 betting units: 29.4% risk of ruin
  • 10 betting units: 63.1% risk of ruin
  • 4 betting units: 87.1% risk of ruin

Double Zero Roulette (7.36 units expected loss)

  • 20 betting units: 24.8% risk of ruin
  • 10 betting units: 64.9% risk of ruin
  • 4 betting units: 90.1% risk of ruin

Ultimate Texas Hold’em (2.63 units expected loss)

  • 20 betting units: 73.1% risk of ruin
  • 10 betting units: 86.8% risk of ruin
  • 4 betting units: 95.2% risk of ruin

In the case of slots, you should also look for games with higher RTP percentages. In the long run, these games return more to the player than lower RTP slots and table games with higher house edges.

Some of the best Michigan RTP slots include the following.

  • Blood Suckers (98% RTP)
  • Starmania (97.9% RTP)
  • White Rabbit Megaways (97.7% RTP)
  • Medusa Megaways (97.6% RTP)
  • Texas Tea (97.3% RTP)
  • Secrets of Atlantis, Halloween Fortune, Steam Tower, Gorilla Go Wilder and Guns N’ Roses ( 97% RTP)

You can find these titles and more on apps such as BetMGM Casino MI, FanDuel Casino MI and Caesars Palace Casino MI. Of course, they are only a few titles from an entire catalog. Always research a game and ensure you understand the associated risks before playing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some higher-risk plays with the potential for higher returns, you may want to consider lower RTP slots like jackpot or progressive jackpot slots. In 2022, Bison Fury paid out multiple seven-figure jackpots to Michigan casino players. However, its RTP is 93.41%, significantly lower than many other titles.

For table players looking for higher variance bets with more considerable payout potential, many table games offer side bets or progressive jackpots with long odds but greater payouts when they hit. Keep an eye out for these bets next time you sit down at the tables.

To play or not to play blackjack side bets

Most Blackjack tables offer side bets that award enticing jackpot prizes, sometimes as high as 5,000:1. These bets also have a significantly higher house edge, sometimes as high as 10%. Remember, the house edge in Blackjack is between 0.43%-2% without making these bets.

Side bets present a high-risk, high-reward proposition. Dozens of possibilities exist, and you can always research the side bets offered at your casino before playing. A few common side bets include:

  • 21+3: Pays bonuses for a pair + flush or better based on your first two cards and the dealer’s up card.
  • Blazing 7s: Pays bonuses for the number of sevens on your first three cards (or, in some cases, your first two cards and the dealer’s up card).
  • Lucky Ladies: Different variants award bonuses for 20-point hands, increasingly so if a player has one or two queens.

So, do you play the side bets or not? The odds of winning are certainly longer, but side bets can exponentially increase your total winnings.

Of course, side bets have higher variance, thus increasing your risk of ruin. Never wager anything you can’t afford to lose. If you’re going to play the side bets, make sure to do so with a smaller percentage of your bankroll than your primary wagers. These bets increase the house’s win rate in the long run, not yours.

Tips to give yourself the best chance of winning casino games in Michigan

At its core, gambling is an activity to treat as entertainment. Responsible gambling (RG) is paramount to setting yourself up for success. If you gamble responsibly and have a mindset geared toward fun, you’re already a winner.

In other words, your gambling experiences will be more enjoyable if you keep it responsible. You’ll also have a better chance of staying in the game, staying within your limits, etc., if you adhere to the principles of responsible gambling in Michigan.

Remember these tips to give yourself the best chance of minimizing your losses or even walking away with winnings.

Set limits and follow strict RG guidelines

You should always know your limits before setting foot in a casino or logging into a gambling app. Limits include money and time.

Make sure to stick to these limits. For example, if you allow yourself four hours of play, you should set a timer and leave when it goes off.

If you hit your stop loss, end your session early. Bring enough cash to gamble with, and never go to an onsite ATM. Do not chase losses.

Also, set upper limits: give yourself a win ceiling that will trigger an early session. Sticking to an upper limit will allow you to take winnings home and give you a better chance to sustain your bankroll in games where the house has an edge.

It’s important not to be fooled by variance. Short-term success can lead to believing that winning is sustainable when it is not. In the long run, variance evens out, and the house wins. This applies during losing streaks, too, which is why having the right mindset and practicing RG principles is the only true way to set yourself up for success.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power. You’ve already lost if you play games without understanding the associated risks. This includes understanding the basic strategy of the games you want to play and knowing the odds of those games, especially with regard to side bets.

You also should only gamble at licensed, regulated casinos. Offshore and underground casinos operate without legal oversight, meaning game odds may be illegitimate, or your personal and financial information may be unsafe.

Lastly, understand the difference between RG behaviors and those associated with problem gambling. The Michigan Gaming Control Board provides a list of problem gambling resources to utilize if you or a loved one exhibits problem gambling behaviors.

Disciplined game selection

Staying disciplined with game selection can make or break your long-term results and enjoyment while gambling.

Part of responsible gambling is abstaining from playing when the situation calls for it. If your preferred machines are taken, you can always wait until a seat frees up rather than play a less desirable machine.

The same goes for table games. If your desired game is full or unavailable, return another time.

If your desired games post worse odds than they “should,” don’t play unless you want to accept a lower RTP. Some players will still choose to play, especially if their perceived entertainment value outweighs the lost edge. Either way, the decision is always yours.

Casino Game Odds FAQ

Blackjack provides the best odds of winning out of all Michigan casino games. With the proper strategy, the house edge is as low as 0.43%, or a 99.57% RTP. Video Poker also has above 99% RTP with the right strategy.

Gambling is a chance-related activity. Any trial can produce a win, irrespective of the time of day. Casinos do not have any control over when players will win, meaning you have an equally random chance of hitting a jackpot or booking a winning session no matter what time of day, month or year you play.

Some good casino games with near-even odds include Video Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack. Depending on the game, Video Poker can have no house edge when played with an optimal strategy. Blackjack and Baccarat have less than a 2% house edge. The house edge in Craps is as low as 0.6% when maximizing odds.

Online casino games are not rigged. Short-term variance and human bias may lead players to think otherwise, but those same fallacies exist in brick-and-mortar casinos when players say slots are “tight.” The odds of any game are predetermined, and online casinos use random number generators to ensure true odds in the long run.

Table games like Baccarat and Blackjack have the best odds for a novice player. They also have easy strategies to employ. New players looking for slot machines should look for high RTP titles that return at least 97% of money wagered. Although progressive jackpot machines may be attractive, their RTP is usually lower, around 93%.

Generally speaking, side bets on casino games add to the house edge and, therefore, are not beneficial for the player in the long run. However, due to the high variance on most blackjack side bets, some can bring large returns for a player in the short term.

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