MLB Betting In Michigan

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Those looking to bet on Major League Baseball can do so at any of the many legal Michigan online sportsbooks. With a 162-game regular season and a vast array of wagering options, there are tons of ways to bet on America’s Pastime in Michigan. Read below for information on how to do it, along with all the latest MLB odds.

Today’s MLB odds at MI online sportsbooks

See below for daily lines on every MLB game plus MLB futures odds at Michigan online sportsbooks. Use the drop-down menu to see still more MLB odds boards, including AL and NL pennant winners, division winners, Cy Young Award futures, Win Totals and more. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim your bonus, and lock in your bet.

How to read MLB betting lines

MLB betting lines typically see three popular types of bets: moneyline, runline and run total. These three bet types are the most common for bettors to pick, and lines for each are set in accordance with what sportsbooks think will garner the most balanced betting. Sportsbooks generally want the public to bet on both teams evenly in order to profit.


Betting the moneyline is the most popular type of wager for many sports bettors. The moneyline is the numerical representation of an oddsmaker’s predicted probability a team will win a game. Positive numbers imply the underdog, while negative numbers imply the favorite. The further away a number is from 100, the more likely a favorite or underdog that team is.

If the Chicago White Sox have a moneyline of -200, it would cost bettors $200 to win $100. If a bettor thinks the Detroit Tigers at +250 will win instead, it would cost $100 to win $250. Moneyline bets are popular because they does not require the winning team to score a certain amount of runs — only to win the game.

Run line

Run lines are the number of runs an oddsmaker thinks a team will win by, along with the implied odds of said team covering those runs. Run line bets almost always have a line of 1.5 runs.

If the White Sox have a run line of -1.5 at -110, then oddsmakers are giving them a 52.4% chance to win the game by two or more runs. Bettors would have to spend $110 and see Chicago win by two or more runs to win $100.

The Tigers, on the other hand, might have a run line of +1.5 at -110. For a bettor to win, the Marlins would either have to lose by one run or win the game.

You might notice it’s more expensive for bettors to wager on the Tigers’ run line than their moneyline. This is because it’s more likely for Detroit to lose by one run or fewer than it is for the team to win the game outright.


Totals are the combined number of runs scored by both teams in a game. Bettors can select whether a total will go over or under what the sportsbooks set. If the White Sox vs. Tigers game has a run total of 7.5, then bettors can decide to wager on eight or more runs, or seven runs or fewer. Much like runlines, totals usually see similar betting odds.

If a bettor takes under 7.5 at -110, then a bettor will need to stake $110 to win $100. If the White Sox win 8-4, then the under bettor will lose. If the Tigers win 5-1, then the under bettor wins.

First five innings

Starting pitchers are arguably the most important factor to consider when betting on a baseball game. Of course, starters generally don’t pitch all nine innings (or more) of a game. When you feel good about the matchup between the two starting pitchers but don’t want to take the risk of how the bullpen might perform, you can always place a first five innings bet.

This bet covers exactly what it says and operates like a first-half wager in football or basketball. So, in the hypothetical example, say you bet the White Sox at -120 for the first five innings. If the score after five innings is 5-4 with the White Sox leading, you win — even if Chicago goes on to lose the game 10-5 in the end.


Some bettors might shorten the game even further. In that case, inning bets is the way to go. An innings bet can work a few different ways, but the most common is betting on a team to win a single inning.

A bettor can select the White Sox to win the first inning at -105 as opposed to winning the game. This strategy, although more difficult to hit, provides better value. A bettor may also elect to wager on a per-inning runs total.

If a bettor believes both teams’ pitchers will give up runs, but is unsure who will win, he/she may elect to take the run total for a specific inning. A bettor can take over 1.5 total runs for the third inning, in which case, the bettor would only need two or more total runs, regardless of which team scores them.

Inning bets shorten the game for bettors and provide great value for favorites, but are more difficult to win based on the limited duration.

Series betting

A short form of futures betting, series betting is a common strategy for MLB bettors. In baseball, the better team doesn’t always win given the season’s length and occasional variance on starting pitching, which is why the sport usually operates in three- or four-game series.

It’s also unlikely a team wins all its games in one series. Predicting which games a team will win within a series can be difficult, which is why some bettors lean towards the series bet.

If a bettor is sold that the White Sox will beat the Tigers, but unsure which games they will win, then they might elect to take them winning the series instead. As long as Chicago wins two of the three games it plays against Detroit, then a bettor will win, regardless of which two games the White Sox win.

If the White Sox are -110 to win the series as opposed to -195 to win a single game, then a bettor may lean toward the better price. It would only cost the bettor $110 to win back $100, rather than paying $195 to win back $100.

Betting baseball futures in Michigan

Futures betting is a great way to invest in a long-term bet at great value. MLB betting lines for baseball futures can change over time, so it can be wise for an MLB bettor to place their futures wagers earlier rather than later.

If a bettor likes the New York Yankees to win the World Series before the season starts, they might elect to take them for odds at +700. If two months go by and the Yankees are in first place, their futures odds to win the World Series may drop to +250. Timing is everything with futures bets.

There are five common MLB futures bets:

  1. World Series winner odds: Bettors select who they feel will win the World Series, with values set for each team at the beginning of the season. A common betting technique is to hedge the top four teams before the season starts, then revisiting at the end of the year.
  2. Division winner: Bettors select who they think will win their respective division. The value is not as strong as a World Series bet, as clear division favorites usually have high odds. The Los Angeles Dodgers were a great example of this in 2020. The team was unlikely to lose the division, so they started with higher odds compared with a toss-up division, where teams all see similar odds with great value, but with the division being much tougher to pick.
  3. MVP winner: Bettors select who they think will win the MVP award, which is separated by leagues. The value for selecting an MVP winner goes down over the course of a season, so this makes for a tricky bet to start. Injuries, streaks and the long grind of an MLB season tend to fluctuate futures odds.
  4. Cy Young winner: Same as above, only for pitchers.
  5. Total wins: Bettors can select the over/under win total any team will have in a season. These futures bets don’t provide the value others listed above do, but they are usually easier to predict. The Yankees, for example, might have a win total of 90.5 at -110. This would cost bettors $110 to win $100 if the Yankees win 91 games or more. These bets can only be made before season and close once the regular season begins.

MLB prop betting in Michigan

Prop betting is typical in sports wagering and is quite popular with those who like to play fantasy sports. Prop bets are wagers that can be made around the game, such as which players will hit a home run or the number of strikeouts a pitcher will record.

If a bettor is uncertain who will win between the White Sox and Tigers but sees the Tigers’ Riley Greene has career success off the starting Chicago pitcher, then a bettor might elect to take Greene to hit a home run at a much better value than Detroit winning the game.

Meanwhile, if Tigers’ pitcher Tarik Skubal is facing a team struggling to hit the ball, a bettor might take Skubal going over the strikeout total as opposed to a dicier team line. These props usually provide better value to wager on, as opposed to picking a team to win.

MLB live betting

Experienced sports bettors typically partake in live betting, or bet on a game while it is in progress. Such “in-play” betting can be tricky, as odds change with every pitch.

If the Marlins are down two runs in the eighth inning with odds to win at +200, a live bettor might wait to see how the eighth inning progresses. If Miami suddenly has two base runners on and no outs, their odds might fall to +110. A live bettor will recognize this and, if confident in Miami, elect to place a live bet on the Marlins to win.

This strategy works both ways. The same bettor might see the Braves’ odds drop from -200 to -115 and decide to bet on Atlanta working out of the inning for a cheaper price. Odds shift on every pitch based on the count, so live bettors must act quickly and impulsively.

Is betting on baseball legal in Michigan?

Yes. It’s legal to bet on MLB games and MLB teams at licensed Michigan sportsbooks. All licensed retail sportsbooks and legal sports betting sites will host a huge variety of MLB betting markets you can legally bet on all season long.

What are the best MLB betting apps?

DraftKings Sportsbook MI, FanDuel Michigan Sports Betting and BetRivers MI Sportsbook are among the best MLB betting apps that have launched in Michigan. These sportsbooks typically provide a daily odds boost for customers, such as slashing a team’s odds to win from -150 to +125.

Mobile sports betting options in MichiganOther daily odds boost include types of small parlays, such as the Philadelphia Phillies winning and Bryce Harper to hit a home run at +1100.

These sites have great options for MLB bettors to select from, whether it be live betting or wagering on baseball futures. Futures bets are available for both teams and players, which include the World Series winner, MVP winners and team win totals.

These sportsbooks also offer promotions and bonuses, such as paying bettors a certain amount of money for each time the team they bet on scores a run, regardless if they win or lose. It’s important to consider all these sites when betting on MLB in order to find promotions and get the best value for your bet.

MLB season and betting opportunities

The MLB season is broken into three parts: preseason, regular season and the playoffs. Two of these seasons present betting opportunities, but each needs to be approached differently.

Spring training baseball is tricky, mainly because the games don’t count. Many teams will use the preseason as a way to experiment with their roster and lineup. Top players don’t play every game, and they usually leave early in the ones in which they do participate.

Preseason games are not included in the approved sports wagering catalog in Michigan. If and when they are added, be cautious betting on MLB spring training games.

With the season lasting so long, bettors are able to use a larger sample size for the direction certain teams and players are heading. The MLB All-Star Break usually presents a great chance for baseball bettors to cash in, too.

During the postseason, series betting is an extremely popular type of wager. It provides good value for favorites to win, which also allows for the favored team to drop a game without penalizing the bettor.

Series betting also allows for a bettor to potentially hedge a game. If a bettor takes the Dodgers to win a series, but they’re on the verge of elimination at home, then the bettor can hedge their series bet by wagering the road underdog to win the game. If the road underdog wins, then the bettor will cover his series bet. If the Dodgers win the game, then the series bet is still alive.

How to bet on the World Series in Michigan

There isn’t much of a difference when betting on the World Series and a regular-season game. Live betting is the same, despite each pitch feeling much more important than in a regular-season game.

The pitching matchup is the best way to start looking at a World Series game to bet on. Beginning with a series bet, though, allows you to possibly hedge moving forward.

There is great value in some World Series prop bets, such as the MVP market, for example. Selecting which player will win is difficult, but every player provides great value to at least throw a few bucks on. This also provides an opportunity to hedge a bet if it looks as if your MVP pick won’t pan out.

When betting the World Series, the best strategy is to find value in series betting or props. From there, you should react accordingly. If your bets look good as the World Series progresses, then you can ride it out. If your bets look bad, then you can look for other bets to potentially hedge.

How to watch or stream MLB games in Michigan

National networks such as FOX, ESPN, TBS, and the league’s own MLB Network broadcast a variety of baseball games from across the country.

FOX Sports’ Saturday Baseball show broadcasts some of the highest-profile MLB games each week. FOX also has the broadcast rights for the World Series and alternates coverage of the American and National League Championship series each year.

ESPN airs a variety of games throughout the season and the highest-profile MLB matchups each week on Monday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball and Sunday Night Baseball.

TBS broadcasts Sunday afternoon games nationally and owns the broadcast rights to tiebreaker games, the Division Series and the other League Championship Series, alternating with FOX.

The MLB Network also airs regular-season games. Teams also sell the local broadcast rights to various stations. Bally Sports Detroit owns the broadcast rights for the Detroit Tigers.

MLB games are also streamed live on the internet. You can get TV and radio streams for every game with a subscription to via Radio-only subscriptions are also available through’s Gameday Audio.

Bet on the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are Michigan’s MLB team. They compete in the American League Central Division and play home games at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

The Tigers are one of eight American League charter franchises, and the club dates back to the 1890s. Detroit has won 11 American League pennants and four World Series titles (1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984).

Check our dedicated pages for more on Detroit Tigers betting:

The 1984 World Series Champions

The last time Detroit won the World Series was in 1984, when the team was led by ace Jack Morris and closer Willie Hernández. Morris threw a no-hitter in the fourth game of the season and helped the Tigers post a 35-5 record in their first 40 games.

The team eventually set a franchise record with 104 regular-season wins, and Hernández won both the Cy Young and American League MVP awards.

The Tigers swept the Kansas City Royals in the American League Championship Series and beat the San Diego Padres in five games to win the World Series behind the bats of World Series MVP Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson.

Who are the Tigers’ three biggest rivals?

  1. Cleveland Indians: The Indians and Tigers seemed to finish No. 1 and No. 2 in the AL Central every in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Plus, Detroit and Cleveland are so close on the map that this is an instant geographical rivalry. Add in the whole Michigan vs. Ohio State crossover, and the rivalry just gets even more interesting.
  2. New York Yankees: With 11 American League pennants, the Detroit Tigers are in the top four on the list of most AL pennants won. However, the team leading that list, the New York Yankees, have won almost four times as many. The Yankees are either the most loved or most hated team in baseball. If you live in Detroit, it’s probably the latter.
  3. Chicago White Sox: The Tigers and White Sox have both been in the American League since 1901, making theirs one of the oldest rivalries in baseball. The cities are also only a few hours’ drive from one another, making this a natural regional rivalry as well.

Top 5 Detroit Tigers of all time

  1. Ty Cobb: Cobb played for the Detroit Tigers for 22 years from 1905-26. During his tenure with the club he won an AL MVP and 12 AL batting titles. His career .367 batting average remains the best ever posted by an MLB player.
  2. Alan Trammell: Trammell played shortstop for the Tigers throughout a 20-year MLB career and is Special Assistant to the Tigers general manager to this day. He helped lead the team to the 1984 World Series title and won the World Series MVP award. Trammell was a six-time all-star, four-time Gold Glove Award winner and three-time Silver Slugger Award winner who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.
  3. Lou Whitaker: “Sweet Lou” Whitaker played second base for the Detroit Tigers from 1977-95, winning the American League Rookie of the Year Award in 1978. He spent 19 years as a double-play combination with shortstop Alan Trammell and helped the Tigers win the 1984 World Series. Whitaker was a five-time all-star, three-time Gold Glove Award winner and four-time Silver Slugger Award winner.
  4. Kirk Gibson: Gibson is a former MLB player and current color commentator for the Detroit Tigers on Bally Sports Detroit. He spent most of his playing career with Detroit and helped the team win the 1984 World Series. Gibson won the 1988 NL MVP award and the 1988 World Series title with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also won the 1984 ALCS MVP award while with the Tigers.
  5. Jack Morris: Jack Morris pitched for the Detroit Tigers from 1977-90. He also pitched for the Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians to end his MLB career. Morris was the ace on the 1984 World Series-winning Tigers pitching staff. He was a five-time all-star, four-time World Series champion, 1991 World Series MVP, two-time MLB wins leader and 1983 AL strikeout leader. The Tigers have retired his No. 47 jersey, and he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

MLB betting tips

Using real-life information to build your MLB betting strategy will help you win more consistently. Also, try to:

  • Research baseball and MLB games by watching MLB games and reading everything you can about the sport. Do this to turn guesses into informed and educated picks to spot trends and take advantage of them.
  • Watch weather forecasts and predict how weather will affect games.
  • See how much of an impact starting pitching has on MLB games and begin to understand why starters are listed on odds boards and why sportsbooks base lines on pitching.
  • Look out for team hitting streaks, pay attention to the stats and how these numbers can inform your betting strategy.
  • Manage your money properly by avoiding a big bankroll hit on early-season sure things. The truth is there are none, and you should bet similar amounts on every game, making sure you can ride out losing streaks until a winning streak starts.
  • Go line-shopping. Looking at the prices for a bet you like at every licensed Michigan sportsbook you can will save you money over the course of the season.
  • Avoid chasing losses, or you’ll go broke. Instead, stay consistent with your bets and amounts.
  • Keep the reality of statistics in mind, and use information and data to pick winners.
  • Finally, sports betting and too much booze is a bad idea. There’s no use blowing your bankroll when your judgment is impaired.

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Most Michigan sportsbooks set the cutoff time for placing pregame MLB bets to right before the first pitch is thrown. Pay attention to first-pitch scheduling only as a guideline, and remember that Michigan sports betting apps will also offer live wagering during MLB games.

Most MLB futures are about picking who will win the World Series, each MLB division and the American or National Leagues. The odds are adjusted as the season goes on, so if you have a winner, the earlier you can get the bet down, the better the odds usually are. Some MLB futures also involve over/under bets on team win totals.

Underdogs win any given game in any sport. This can be especially true for baseball, in which every team plays 162 games each season. It’s rare a team will win every game in a series, so it’s likely an underdog will win at least one out of a few games against a favorite.



The better pitcher usually wins for his team, but not always. As in any sport, favorites can win or lose any game. In baseball, underdogs have a better chance to win because of the number of games played against a tea in succession.


Sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel provide mobile apps for bettors to wager on MLB games. Michigan sportsbook apps are great for many reasons, most notably not having to wait in line. Retail sportsbooks require bettors to place bets at a desk, whereas mobile betting lets bettors place bets instantly. This allows for easier live betting, in which odds can change by the minute.

Mobile betting also provides odds, stats and play-by-play coverage in one location. The most important benefit for mobile betting is you can instantly receive your winnings, regardless of where you are within state lines. You don’t need to be in a casino or wait in line to collect, as payouts are immediately deposited into your account.


That +1.5 is simply the runline. If a team has +1.5 in front of their name, that means sportsbooks expect them to cover a 1.5-run spread. In layman’s terms, this means that the team given +1.5 can either lose by one run and still cover your bet.

Most Michigan sportsbooks let you book moneyline bets on MLB games with “listed” or “action” options. The “action” option keeps your bet valid, even if either of the listed starting pitchers don’t go. The “listed” option voids your bet if either of the listed starters is a late scratch.

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