Handicapping Caesars’ Next Online Casino Brand In Michigan

Written By Drew Ellis on February 29, 2024
White 3D outline of the state of Michigan on a black background. There is a large, golden 3D question mark over the state. The state is surrounded by logos for Harrah's, Tropicana, Eldorado, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Isle of Capri and Horseshoe. Caesars is bringing a new online casino name to Michigan's gambling industry. But which brand will it be? PlayMichigan handicaps the field.

Caesars made a big splash in the Michigan online casino industry last week. By purchasing the WynnBET license in the state, Caesars now has some options as to what brand it can go with.

PlayMichigan has some thoughts.

Caesars Palace Michigan is off to a good start as a standalone online casino platform for the operator.

However, Caesars has come out and stated that the online casino it takes over from Wynn will be a different brand than Caesars Palace when it launches before the end of 2024.

Since Caesars doesn’t have a retail casino in Michigan, one has to wonder just what the new online casino brand will be?

Handicapping the new Caesars’ online casino brand

Caesars is set to bring a new Michigan online casino to the table this year.

During their Q4 2023 investor call, Caesars made it clear that their second licensed online gambling platform will be a unique brand that Michigan has yet to see.

“Our expectation is that it’ll be a unique brand in all of the markets where we operate, and we’ll launch that towards the end of the year,” said President of Caesars Sports and Online Gaming Eric Hession.

“It’ll provide an alternative for some of our customers to use, whether they prefer that brand over the Caesars Palace online or they just prefer to mix things up and go back and forth between the brands.”

Caesars certainly isn’t lacking in brands to possibly use for this new license.

Here’s odds from PlayMichigan for the most likely Caesars brands to open up in Michigan:

Harrah’s +300

Harrah's logo

No brand exists more in the Caesars portfolio than Harrah’s.

While a Harrah’s retail casino doesn’t exist in Michigan, it does in 13 other states.

It also actually already exists as an online casino in New Jersey.

That gives Caesars a pretty viable option for a brand to bring to Michigan. It already has the setup and branding to build from the New Jersey platform.

The name itself is also still pretty familiar with Michigan gamblers who frequent Las Vegas.

Tropicana +350

Tropicana logo

When one thinks of Tropicana, one probably doesn’t think of Michigan.

The mitten isn’t known for a lot of tropical feel, but I guess Nevada and New Jersey, where Tropicana retail casinos are located, don’t entirely fit that bill either.

Still, the Tropicana may have a real shot at being the next online casino in the state. Like Harrah’s, there is already a Tropicana online casino in New Jersey, which gives Caesars something to quickly build from.

Horseshoe +500

Horseshoe logo

After Harrah’s, Caesars’ next biggest name brand affiliate is the Horseshoe.

Seven different states have Horseshoe retail casinos around the country, including neighboring Indiana.

The Horseshoe name is certainly synonymous with gambling and luck. It feels like it could become an easy transition to turn into an online casino.

Eldorado +600

Eldorado logo

Eldorado is another name Michigan gamblers may be familiar with, as there are multiple locations in Nevada.

Caesars also put an Eldorado in Columbus, OH, making the brand somewhat nearby. Though, not that many Michigan folks care to associate with Columbus.

Flamingo, Planet Hollywood +1000

Flamingo logo Planet Hollywood logo

Each of these two Caesars brands can be found on the Las Vegas strip.

Because of that, they have a little more familiarity with Michigan people than casinos scattered around the other 49 states.

Planet Hollywood also has a few restaurants in the country, but none within thousands of miles of Michigan.

Isle +1200

Isle of Capri logo

Caesars has another brand located in multiple states, with a little variance.

Isle Casino is a retail establishment in Iowa, while Isle of Capri casinos are in Missouri and Mississippi.

Because of that, the Isle brand could be something Caesars is considering. However, it feels like a real longshot as its not nearly as familiar as other brands.

Other +400

Caesars has stated that the new brand will be something gamblers will recognize, so that seems like it should be one of the options listed.

However, maybe something will change and Caesars will look for a unique name that connects more to its affiliated states.

Something like “Caesars Gold” could emerge and make this debate mute.

Little Caesars +100000

Little Caesars logo

Hear me out.

What better way for Caesars to earn the support of Michigan gamblers than by pairing with one of the state’s most recognized companies?

Little Caesars was born and raised in Michigan by the Ilitch family, who already have ties to the gambling industry through MotorCity Casino.

Now, there are a million reasons this will never happen, but one can dream.

Who wouldn’t love a “Hot-N-Ready” bonus option that you can buy for $5?

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