Here’s A Really Good Reason To Buy Your Lottery Tickets Online In Michigan

Michigan lottery online
There are several good reasons to purchase your Michigan lottery tickets online.

Convenience is certainly high on the list. You can purchase online lottery tickets minutes before the drawing in case you forgot to stop at the store. You can also purchase them from the comfort of your home if you’re under the weather or can’t get out.

But convenience is only one benefit of a state selling lottery tickets online.

No lottery ticket, no problem

Another good reason to purchase your lottery tickets online: You’ll no longer have to keep track of a physical ticket or redeem it at a retail location in most instances.

If your prize is $600 or less, it’s directly credited to your account. This eliminates the need to bring the ticket to a lottery retailer.

If your prize is over $600, you’ll still need to visit a lottery location. But even this process is more streamlined and less stressful for online players, especially if you win big.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

You will have to register an account before purchasing lottery tickets online. Anyone who purchased their ticket online is thus known to the Michigan Lottery.

So if you’re a winner and you don’t log in to your account to claim your winnings, the state will contact you and let you know you have a large sum of money waiting for you.

This is a pretty significant advantage to buying your lottery tickets online in Michigan.

Jeff Holyfield, a spokesman for the Michigan Lottery Commission, told the Detroit Free Press:

“What happens is with the online games where players have registered … we know immediately who it is. If we see a person has won a prize of that sort then we’ll give them a few days. If we don’t see them logging into their account, then we’ll make that outreach to let them know that they have won a million dollars or more.”

Holyfield went on to say that people purchasing tickets at a brick and mortar lottery location are more or less anonymous.

“All the others, they would have to call us, but if you’re a player playing online one of the benefits of that is you get that instant notification after the drawing,” Holyfield said.

Redeeming brick and mortar vs. MI online lottery tickets

The reason this is possible is because if you play online, you have an account registered in your name. Therefore, your lottery numbers will be stored online and linked directly to you. The fear of holding a ticket worth $1,000,000 or more is no longer a concern.

If you have a winning ticket from a traditional lottery retailer, you must show up to a lottery office with the original ticket in hand.

Per the Michigan Lottery website:

Prizes requests for in-store purchases must be accompanied by the original winning ticket. The ticket must pass all validation and security tests of the Bureau and be confirmed by the Bureau as valid prior to issuance of any prize.

If you purchased your lottery ticket online, you can cross a lost or damaged ticket off the “worst case scenario” list.

Again, from the Michigan Lottery website:

If you win a prize of greater than $50,000, you will be required to submit an online claim and visit Lottery headquarters located at 101 E. Hillsdale in Lansing.

To start the claim process, please log into your account at If you are on a desktop computer or tablet device, go to “My Account” and select the “View Now” button from the Summary tab. If you are on a mobile phone, go to the Menu and select “Tax Reported Prizes” from the Account drop-down. Follow the instructions on the screen to claim your prize.

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