Goddess of Valhalla Slot

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Goddess of Valhalla Slot
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Norse mythology might be a subject you know little about. But now, thanks to the online slot game Goddess of Valhalla, you not only have the opportunity to learn the basics but to actually immerse yourself in ancient Norse culture. And best of all, you might even come away from the experience with big winnings.

Goddess of Valhalla Basics

Goddess of Valhalla is a Norse mythology-themed online video slot by High 5 Games. The game was released in 2017. It includes six reels, rather than the much more commonly seen 5, four rows, and 50 fixed paylines.

High 5 Games might have gotten the idea for Goddess of Valhalla from two other games it had created: Golden Goddess and Valkyrie Queen.

Goddess of Valhalla can be played on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

The Background Story

According to Norse mythology, the great Hall of Valhalla was where fallen Viking warriors were taken in the afterlife. There, they were rewarded for their valor by being given the opportunity to party with the most revered Norse gods and goddesses, including the war god Odin, the protector of heroes and fallen warriors.

However, Odin himself didn’t decide which of the war heroes killed in battle were most deserving of this privilege. He assigned that task to beautiful noble maidens known as Valkyries who would then bring the bodies and souls of those chosen to their final resting place in Valhalla.

Moreover, after the men arrived in Valhalla, Odin and the Valkyries sometimes exercised their power to bring them back to life. The revived men would be chosen to fight alongside Odin, and one of the Valkyries often became their lover as well.

Now it’s your turn to be entertained by the Goddess of Valhalla!

If the inhabitants of Valhalla take a liking to you, as you hope they will, instead of being rewarded with bountiful feasts and wine, your rewards will come in the form of special features galore. Stacked wilds, Scatter Bucks, and free spins could bring you big wins.

Majestic mountains and a colorful rainbow provide the picturesque background for the action on the screen. Since all of the higher paying symbols on the reels relate to the slot’s Norse mythology theme, you will have lots of close-up encounters with gods, goddesses, warriors and, of course, the Goddess of Valhalla herself. You might even feel like a valiant warrior, too, as you try to navigate your way in unfamiliar surroundings and fight for your share of the bounty.

Where Goddess of Valhalla falls short

Goddess of Valhalla is a game that should appeal to a wide range of players, from all but the smallest bettors to the biggest high rollers. But it is also the type of game where you might need to bet big to win big. Due to the medium high volatility, it might not be a great choice for small players with modest bankrolls. However, players who like lots of action and are not averse to risk-taking will enjoy this game.

Your best prospects for a big payday come in the Free Games bonus round. As with many other online slots, the prerequisite is that three or more scatter symbols must land on the reels simultaneously. But in this game, they can only appear on four of the six reels. That makes the feature very hard to trigger.

Two unusual aspects to this game that give you more ways to win are the extra reel (six reels instead of five) and the inclusion of two different wild symbols in both the base game and the bonus round, However, I found the presence of two different types of wild symbols confusing.

Furthermore, the animations of the higher paying symbols when they form winning combinations could be more exciting. I think the manufacturer could have made the characters more interactive when the player makes a winning combination. However, choosing to contrast the gentle sound of the harp with the jarring clash of swords adds a nice touch reminiscent of the time in history being portrayed.

Goddess of Valhalla Bet Range

This online slot has 50 paylines, and you must play with all of them. The minimum bet is $1, which some players might find too high, and the maximum is really high, although it varies from one casino to another. At some Michigan online casinos, players can bet up to $1,000 per spin.

Goddess of Valhalla also offers the option to play for free in demo mode. If you are not sure about what bet size to select or even if you should risk real money at all on this game, taking advantage of the demo mode option is highly recommended.

Goddess of Valhalla RTP and Volatility

Before you decide to play Goddess of Valhalla (or any online slot), two important variables to consider are return to player (RTP) and volatility.


The RTP of a slot is a theoretical estimate of the percentage of your starting bankroll that you can expect to be returned to you in winnings after extended play. The RTP can’t predict your outcome in a single session of play, but it is a reliable indicator of long-term results.

However, your best bet is to play only slots with a high RTP (96%t or better). Doing so will help you preserve more of your bankroll and stay in the game with frequent small payouts even if you experience an early losing streak.

Goddess of Valhalla has a published RTP of 96.0%. This estimated rate of return is well above average for online slots in Michigan.


Online slots also vary in volatility, the extent to which a player is likely to experience pronounced bankroll swings. Slots with high volatility are more exciting to play than those with low volatility, and the possibility of huge payouts is another plus. However, if you’re not careful, the prolonged dry spells which can also occur with these slots, can play havoc with your bankroll.

Of course, you can either win or lose playing a low volatility slot, too, but the amount in either direction will most likely be modest.

Goddess of Valhalla has medium to medium-high volatility. You will experience more than enough variation in results to keep from being bored. But at the same time, not overbetting your bankroll is a must to be able to weather the inevitable up and down fluctuations.

Goddess of Valhalla Symbols

Goddess of Valhalla contains 10 regular symbols, two wild symbols, and a scatter symbol.

Regular Symbols

Winning combinations consist of three or more matching symbols lining up adjacently across consecutive reels, starting with the reel farthest to the left. Because this game uses six reels, the maximum payout for each symbol occurs when the same symbol fills up a payline on all six reels.

All four higher paying regular symbols are gods, goddesses, or Viking warriors.
The two symbols with the highest value are the Goddess of Valhalla and the symbol with the Goddess of Valhalla logo. Both of these symbols pay 1,500 coins when six of them appear simultaneously on the same payline

Next in value are the Norse god and Viking warrior. They each pay 750 coins for a set of six across a payline.

The six remaining lower paying regular symbols consist of the playing cards 9-A.

Wild Symbols

Goddess of Valhalla includes two different wild symbols. Both are round green gems with the word “Wild” written on them in red. However, on one, the word “Wild” appears in large type in the middle, and on the other, the word “Wild appears in small type at the top. Both wild symbols can land on the reels stacked.

Wild symbol No. 1

The symbol with “Wild” in the middle is capable of substituting for any other symbol except the scatter symbol and the other wild symbol to help form winning combinations.

In addition, when three or more line up on consecutive reels of a payline starting with reel 1, this symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game, paying even more than Goddess of Valhalla. Six across a payline will pay 2,500 coins, five will pay 750 coins, four will pay 250 coins, and 3 will pay 50 coins.

Wild symbol No. 2

The other wild symbol with “Wild” in small print at the top can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol to help form winning combinations.

In addition, each time this wild symbol appears, you activate the Scatter Bucks feature. See the section on Special Features for a detailed description of how the Scatter Bucks feature works.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is a lightning bolt striking a tower. It can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, however (not the two outer reels).

This makes the free spins bonus feature very hard to trigger since you still need at least three scatter symbols to land simultaneously.

Goddess of Valhalla Special Features

Due to the presence of two special features, this online slot can potentially make you a big winner.

Scatter Bucks feature

This feature occurs often. It can be activated either during the base game or the free games bonus round.

Whenever at least one wild symbol with small size letters shows up, regardless of whether or not it forms a winning combination with other symbols, you receive the immediate payout indicated. However, the amount varies as follows, depending on which reel the wild symbol lands on and also whether the wild symbol appears during the base game or during the Free Spins bonus round.

In each instance, the range of values listed is the possible multiple of your coin size or line bet (your total bet divided by 50). For example, if your total bet is $5 per spin, your coin size is 10 cents

Of course, the machine does all of the math for you. However, the amount displayed on each symbol is in cents rather than dollars, so to get the amount you actually win, you must divide by 100.

Base Game

  • Reel 1 or 2: 25 – 100x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 3 or 4: 25x – 1,000x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 5: 25x – 5,000x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 6: 25x -10,000x your coin size or line bet

Bonus Game

  • Reel 1 or 2: 25x – 500x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 3: 25x – 1,000x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 4: 25x – 5,000x your coin size or line bet
  • Reel 5 or 6: 25x -10,000x your coin size or line bet

Much more often than not, you will only receive the minimum applicable multiplier, but if you’re very lucky, you could fare much better.

Furthermore, this wild symbol frequently lands stacked and/or on more than one reel, which is another way you can win big. Keep in mind that when the other wild symbol shows up stacked, you might win nothing, whereas each time this wild symbol shows up stacked, multiple wins are guaranteed.

Free Games bonus feature

During the base game, anytime three or more scatter symbols land simultaneously, that will trigger the Free Games bonus round. Three scatter symbols award 7 free spins, while four scatter symbols award 15 free spins.

According to the manufacturer, while the Free Games are in progress, if three or more scatter symbols land on the reels again, you can retrigger this feature over and over again, for up to 105 spins. But considering how hard it is to trigger the feature even once, the odds against retriggering it many times must be astronomical.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a medium to high stakes player who likes online slots with lots of action but doesn’t mind the medium-high volatility and somewhat complicated gameplay produced by two wild symbols, Goddess of Valhalla might appeal to you.

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