NetEnt Slots

Few software developers have a library of popular games that can compare to the roster at NetEnt. In any list of the most prominent slot titles in the world, the Swedish giant has numerous entries to contribute.

Part of what makes NetEnt games so popular is the presentation. While not as cartoonishly vibrant as games from other producers, NetEnt games have a tendency to be extremely sharp and smooth to play.

NetEnt slots also tend to pay out at a higher rate than some of their competitors, making them a favorite for any gamblers “in the know” about the comparative return to player (RTP) of various games. Since online casinos are a reality for Michigan gamblers, NetEnt is certainly part of your life now. So, keep reading to discover all the great titles and attributes of this celebrated slots developer.

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Best NetEnt slots online

It’s very possible that you have played a NetEnt slot game before, such as NetEnt’s Guns N’ Roses, Aloha Cluster, or Jimi Hendrix slots. In fact, NetEnt slots are so common in both live and online casino settings that they’re nearly impossible to avoid.

However, that universality is a good thing. NetEnt slots are top-notch enterprises and retain their popularity with good reason. So, the list of best NetEnt slots below could easily be a list of top slots overall.

With that said, there are a few defining characteristics that NetEnt games tend to share. While you’ll always have to check to be sure, you’ll probably be able to guess that you’re playing a NetEnt slot if you know to look for the right things.

  • Soap-smooth graphics with a touch of realism: NetEnt games tend to forgo the cartoons and/or crudity that other slot titles have. If anything, a NetEnt game’s graphics will favor a grittier approach.
  • Less reliance on bonus rounds: While other games might let their standard gameplay exist almost as an afterthought to the bonus features, NetEnt games tend to let their games live on a diet of stacked wilds and free spin features.
  • Higher-than-average RTP: NetEnt games are, as a general rule, more likely to pay out to the player than a typical slot machine. Where the average slot machine has an RTP ratio of roughly 94%, it is rare to find a NetEnt game with an RTP below 96%. So, if your money is stretching farther and you’re playing a certain game longer, there’s a decent chance it’s a NetEnt game.

The games below are some of the more noteworthy titles that the developer has to offer.

1. Starburst

Starburst is the most important slot title in the NetEnt catalog and is likely its best-known. The slot consistently appears as one of the most-played slot machines in both live and online casinos.

Part of Starburst’s appeal is its melding of style and simplicity. While it is a gorgeous game with vibrant colors and a hint of a science-fiction theme, it is also a basic slot with five reels and 10 easy-to-read paylines.

Also, Starburst players will be pleased about the title’s 96.1% RTP and the way that wins can stack on top of one another. Even though there is no bonus game to be found, the generous and frequent wins make Starburst an exciting game to play for gamblers of all ages.

2. Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is a progressive slot that offers to transport players to the world of Greek mythology. The iconography of the columns, gods, and monsters acts as dressing for a slot in which things can get rapidly out of hand (in a good way).

Part of Divine Fortune’s lasting appeal is the fact that, like its sister game Starburst, NetEnt has chosen to concentrate its bonuses and winnings into the core gameplay itself. Players do not have to see the stars align for a special bonus game in order to win big. The expanding wilds and free spins mean that the potential for a long and fruitful session is always around the corner.

Divine Fortune also maintains three different levels of progressive jackpot during gameplay. Wins on the Minor and Major jackpots are fairly common, and the Mega jackpot is always a possibility. Like many popular games, Divine Fortune succeeds because there’s a lot to see and not a lot to figure out. The 96.59% RTP doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is NetEnt’s take on a conquistador’s quest for El Dorado, the famed city of gold. The slot is one of the most popular in the NetEnt lineup because of its signature method of display and its generous win rate.

Most slot titles attempt to replicate the spinning motion of a traditional slot machine’s reels. One reason that Gonzo’s Quest stands apart is that it uses a tumbling series of symbols instead. This feature, known as the avalanche, is a welcome visual palate cleanser if you’ve been playing slot machines all day.

Gonzo’s Quest also flattens out its win rate more than most slot machines do by increasing the number of wins but reducing their magnitude. The result is that Gonzo’s Quest has a lasting appeal because each player’s session has the tendency to be longer.

Like other NetEnt games, there really isn’t a bonus feature on Gonzo’s Quest aside from the free spins. But, with stacking multiples and frequent wins, most players will find plenty to like about this Aztec-themed game.

4. Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a progressive slot that promises to yield exactly what its title suggests, a NetEnt mega win. There are three jackpot levels available for the winning, Rapid, Major, and Mega, and the Mega Jackpot commonly escalates into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Combined with the slot’s theme, which is concerned with the trappings of wealth, it’s easy to see why playing Mega Fortune could make you feel like a high roller. Mega Fortune is also a bit unusual in the scope of NetEnt games, in that it does have a bonus feature.

The bonus feature depicts three wheels that can be spun in succession. Each wheel gives players the chance at a simple win or to proceed to the next wheel. The final wheel contains either the simple win or the jackpot.

Mega Fortune comes with a healthy 96.6% RTP, so you’re going to be winning pretty often. The chance at a big score makes this slot worth a look, even for the casual slot player.

5. Jumanji

The Jumanji slot is a great example of how different products can veer from their source material. Although inspired by the 1995 Robin Williams film, the slot presents itself as a way for enterprising gamblers to play the fictional board game themselves.

It’s unlikely that you’ve seen too many slots that look like the Jumanji slot. For starters, although it’s a five-reel game, the number of symbols on each column varies. The outer reels have only three symbols, the next two have four, and the middle reel has five symbols on it.

NetEnt has also taken care to infuse the symbols on the reels with animations for each animal that appears. There is never any shortage of things to see on the slot itself.

NetEnt also departed from its typical meat-and-potatoes design with Jumanji. Normally, NetEnt prefers to accentuate the standard gameplay and shy away from bonus features. However, on Jumanji, there are almost too many features to list.

In addition to random pop-ups like Sticky Vines, Monkey Mayhem, and Monsoon Wilds, you have a chance to play the game itself with the Board Game feature. You can win big if you roll well, but thankfully, actual animals are unlikely to pour into the casino after you.

The effect of higher return-to-player

We’ve talked about the higher RTP that you usually find on NetEnt games quite a bit. But what does that really mean?

RTP in brief

Well, the RTP is a measure of the total amount that a player wins divided by the total amount he or she wagers. So, if a player were to receive $90 total after wagering $100, then the RTP would be 90%.

Another way to look at RTP is as the flip side of the house edge. Whenever a game’s house advantage is specified, the RTP is the difference between 100% and that number.

Although a difference in percentages may not look like much, you’ll soon discover that a few percentage points can have a profound effect on how your play session goes. Because NetEnt’s average RTP is so much higher, you’ll soon find yourself gravitating toward the developer’s games.

Higher RTPs mean longer sessions and more wins

Most slot machine RTPs are usually around 94%. So, for every $100 you bet, you will usually end up with $94. In other words, you’ll lose $6 for every $100 wagered.

A typical machine designed by NetEnt will have an RTP of 96% or above. So, you save $2 for every $100 in wagers that you make.

While $2 isn’t very much, it’s important to realize that these figures are a theoretical number for an infinite number of bets. In order for the NetEnt game to rise above the competition in this regard, it must necessarily award more wins to you.

After all, there’s usually no way to increase payouts incrementally on each bet. So, there simply must be more times when you’re celebrating in order to make things come out correctly.

Many of these wins will be maintenance-level, of course. You will win back your bet and not much more.

However, you can always look at these kinds of returns like you’ve just gotten another bite of the apple. You never know what might happen on any individual spin of the reels. The extra wins also mean that you will be keeping more money in your credits over time. As a result, you can play longer sessions with NetEnt games.

For those who see gambling as entertainment, you’re not going to find a much better bang for your buck in the slot machine section of the casino, live or online.

Where can I play NetEnt games in Michigan?

NetEnt games are available in most places where gambling exists. The popularity of the many titles in the company’s catalog renders their placement a requirement for most casino operators.

NetEnt titles are not available in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other major gambling center in the US. This is an online product and is only available at online casinos.

The only places that are fully in the swing of things are New Jersey and Pennsylvania. NetEnt games are standard fare through the various websites in both states, and in New Jersey, NetEnt’s Divine Fortune is a long-standing entrant on the state’s list of jackpot wins.

Michigan’s land-based casinos, whether commercial or tribal, are carriers for NetEnt games. As more Michigan online casinos join the party, there will be more places to try your favorite NetEnt titles. Furthermore, NetEnt casinos will often let you try out NetEnt free slots games before playing for real money and potentially landing yourself a life-changing NetEnt big win.

A brief history of NetEnt

For such a youthful company, NetEnt enjoys rather traditional roots. Its corporate lineage is traceable back to 1963, and its inception is a family affair to boot.

Back in those days, two Swedish entrepreneurs, Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström, founded a small casino operation called Cherry. The company grew steadily for around a decade but reached an unexpected crossroads when home country Sweden banned the use of slot machines.

As a result, Cherry began providing casinos in other countries with slot operations. It worked, but it still felt like there was something missing.

Bill’s son, Pontius, figured out the missing piece when the internet began to show its potential. He founded Net Entertainment, soon to be NetEnt, in 1996 in order to take advantage of the global shift underway in cyberspace.

The first NetEnt online product launched in 2000, reached profitability in 2007, and hasn’t looked back since. The company now has offices in 7 countries and is publicly traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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