Online Banking At Online Casinos In Michigan

Online casinos that accept bank transfers are very common, as this is a convenient method to shop, share, send, and receive money. It’s also a smart way to play at any of the 15 thriving Michigan online casinos. Read on to learn how the online banking process works for casino sites, as well as the details about using this payment method in Michigan.

Using online banking at online casinos

Online banking gives you the benefits of time and convenience when you use it at an online casino. You don’t have to worry about typing in your card numbers or bank account every time you request a withdrawal or make a deposit.

Handling your money this way is also rated as one of the most secure payment methods. That’s because, no matter where you bank, it uses industry-standard encryption methods to track each transaction. The methods for transferring money using online banking accounts are plentiful. Let’s look at two of the most common ones.

Bank wire transfer

A bank wire transfer is a secure transaction that doesn’t actually involve the physical exchange of cash. Electronic wire transfers involve providing your account number to both the sending and receiving institution and the desired amount of money you wish to transfer. Bank wire transfer online casinos work the same way.

You can make a bank wire transfer to an online casino by providing your bank account number. There’s usually a fee, and it can vary depending on the size of the transfer, but the transfer itself is often instantaneous.

ACH Bank Transfer/eCheck

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a nationwide financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers. ACH online casino payments are another way to transfer money from one account to another without using credit card networks or cash.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the nuances of online banking at Michigan sites.

Online banking casinos at a glance

All online casinos accept online banking in some form. Take a look at our top casino picks and some key online banking details:

CasinoMinimum DepositCashout LimitPayout SpeedAssociated Fees
Caesars Palace Casino$10$10,000 maximum Within 24 hoursNone
Golden Nugget Casino$10$10 minimum/$60,000 maximumWithin 48 hoursNone
BetMGM Casino$10$10 minimum/$25,000 maximumWithin 24 hoursNone
FanDuel Casino$10$10,000 maximumWithin 48 hoursNone
BetRivers Casino$10No maximumWithin 24 hoursNone
DraftKings Casino$5$60,000 maximumWithin 48 hoursNone
PokerStars Casino$10$10 minimum/$25,000 maximumWithin 48 hoursNone

Note that the information above relates to Michigan only. Check with your state regulations on the related casino page to confirm deposit and withdrawal limits in your area.

Depositing at online casinos using online banking

There’s no delay in funding your online casino deposit with your bank account. After you sign up for the casino and make at least a minimum deposit, you’ll have the option to declare your deposit method, which you can usually find by clicking in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Online banking will be one of the options.

Select it, then indicate the amount of money you wish to deposit and click ‘Enter.’ This will usually trigger you to sign in and verify the transaction on your online bank account. Once you do this, the amount will be transferred from your account into your casino account instantly.

Then, your account will be funded and you will be ready to start playing.

Online casino withdrawals with online banking

Withdrawals to your online banking account take a little longer, depending on how fast the bank or casino payout process is. First, you’ll want to log into your casino account, then click on your account info. Click ‘withdraw’ and enter your amount, then choose online banking as your method and choose your bank. This will trigger you to sign in and verify the transaction at your online bank in a separate screen.

Withdrawals can be instant, or they can take up to 48 hours at various online casinos. Also, note to make sure you’re using your personal online banking account and not a business account. Most online casinos won’t accept a business account as a deposit and withdrawal source.

Online banking safety and security

Security is the main reason why online banking is such a valuable online wallet option. Every transaction from your account is marked and encrypted, so there’s a limited chance of it being altered without your approval. If there are ever any concerns, your bank has the tracking number to see the verified transaction.

Similar online casino payment options to online banking

Online banking casino troubleshooting

Online banking is a popular casino payment method for good reason, but it isn’t without bugs and issues. Here’s what some of the common problems can be and how to handle them.

Connecting bank accounts with casino accounts can be a hassle

In the past, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and Citibank did not permit connections to online gambling sites. This has changed in recent years, but occasionally banks will make you take extra steps to verify your casino transactions. You may have to call your bank to allow the connection, which is a hassle, or select a different bank account if you have one. This is the biggest obstacle in using online banking at online casinos.

Money isn’t being put in my online banking account promptly

Most online casinos require some time, up to 48 hours, for a withdrawal to hit your online bank account. For larger withdrawals ($10,000 and up), most online casinos recommend a wire transfer. Also, take note that most online casinos have limits on how much you can withdraw and receive at a given time. Either be patient, or reach out to customer support if you have concerns.

Pros and cons of using online banking at online casinos

Now that we’ve gone over how online banking works and connects to your online casino account, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using online banking to fund your online casino experience.


  • Added layer of security: Each transaction is tracked and encrypted.
  • Convenience: Instead of having to type in a debit card number or bank account, just click your link, and you’re there.
  • Available: Online banking is accepted at all online casinos as a method of deposits and withdrawals.


  • Certain banks may reject transactions: And if they do, it might require calling the bank.
  • Extra steps: Some players prefer to link a high-limit credit card to their online casino account and not deal with banks.
  • Limits: Online casinos have limits on the amount of money that can be withdrawn into a bank account.

Online banking online casino FAQs

Generally speaking, yes, but rejections will still happen on occasion that will trigger you having to call your bank or chat with customer service. However, with more states legalizing online gambling, this is becoming less common.

Yes, online banking is an accepted method of making withdrawals and deposits at each of Michigan’s 15 online casinos. However, there will be limits to the amounts you can withdraw and deposit.

Online banking is extremely safe, because it adds a layer of protection when you make a deposit or a withdrawal from your account. Each of those transactions is encrypted and can be traced to ensure that the online casino bank transfer happens correctly.

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