EKG Ranks BetMGM Second In Casino App Performance Behind Tipico

Written By Drew Ellis on October 22, 2023
Tipico rated best online casino app

There’s been no debate that BetMGM is tops among Michigan online casinos.

But, when it comes to top online casino app performance, the state’s leader recently found itself taking a surprising backseat to another.

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming recently released their 2H23 US online casino app rankings and BetMGM came in second to… Tipico.

Tipico a surprise leader ahead of BetMGM

Except, Tipico isn’t an online casino in Michigan, and it accounts for just less than 0.1% of the market share.

Just recently, Tipico went live in New Jersey. And, EKG gave Tipico the top score for its app rankings with a 16.3 total score out of 20.

EKG product tester Danny McCarthy explained how Tipico got the top spot on Zero Latency: An Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Podcast.

“(Tipico) did very well in two of our categories, core and gaming interface. They actually were No. 1 in gaming interface by over half a point, which at the top level was pretty significant,” McCarthy said. “Beyond that… they just did nothing too poorly. We see most other apps have a little bit more of a glaring weakness. They were just pretty much solid across the board.”

BetMGM’s content comes at a cost to speed

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that BetMGM’s strengths came down to features and UX (user experience).

Features highlights the different options that users will have to work with. As we’ve noted before, BetMGM Michigan has been the leader in game offerings in the state for quite some time.

“They have an excellent selection of features. They ranked first in features, and there really isn’t too much of a competition in that subcategory,” McCarthy said.

EKG ranked BetMGM as tying for first in user experience alongside DraftKings Casino. The only thing keeping BetMGM from being in the top spot on its own were speed issues. That also is what EKG cited as to why BetMGM didn’t take the overall No. 1 spot from Tipico.

“There’s so much content on there. It is such a heavy app that it has issues loading things, it has issues with button response on the (navigation) bar,” EKG’s Director of Product Analysis Jimmy Neilly said on the podcast. “Had that issue not been there, the margins were so close between BetMGM and Tipico, if that is UX score had been just a couple of tenths of a point higher, they probably would have overtaken Tipico as the No. 1 app.”

However, as McCarthy notes, the sacrifice for content over speed is likely working in BetMGM’s favor.

“I’m not sure if this is really the wrong decision, because again, they are so clearly the front runner on features. In the tester commentary, you clearly see our testers are thrilled with how much there is to do on the BetMGM Casino side. It’s just clearly the number one app there,” he said.

BetMGM can still be pleased that it leads the rating system among the biggest online casino apps, including all Michigan online casino apps.


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