Average Michigan Adult Contributing $137 In Revenue To Online Casinos In 2023

Written By Drew Ellis on September 14, 2023 - Last Updated on September 20, 2023
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Online casinos are still in an infancy stages across the United States. However, Michigan remains one of the top online gambling jurisdictions in the nation by revenue.

Online casinos in Michigan are on a record revenue pace in 2023. But, how is Michigan holding up against other top online casinos states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

Michigan may not be winning the overall revenue race, but is it winning revenue per capita for the state’s population?

Michigan sits behind New Jersey in average revenue per capita

When it comes to 2023 online casino revenue through July, Michigan is second to Pennsylvania.

However, Pennsylvania has a much larger adult population.

We took the US Census Bureau’s 2022 population estimates for Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. From there, we used the listed population percentage for those 18 and up. While you need to be 21 to gamble online in Michigan, 18 was the closest available cutoff point from the census data.

When PlayMichigan did the math from there, New Jersey actually gets the bragging rights. Michigan ranks second in per capita revenue from online casinos.

StateAdult Population2023 OC RevenueAverage Per Person
New Jersey7,270,434 $1,923,742,057$264.60

Michigan sitting strong in midst of third year

Michigan residents shouldn’t feel too upset about finishing second when it comes to these gambling stats.

The average adult producing $137 in revenue for online casinos this year is pretty impressive when you consider the industry in Michigan was just 31 months old at the time of the data.

Pennsylvania actually began in July of 2019 while New Jersey’s launch dates back to November of 2013. That’s much more time to establish a reliable customer base.

Also, consider that New Jersey offers up more than two dozen different online casino operators and Pennsylvania has 21. Michigan is limited to just 15 different online operators.

Michigan continues to raise the bar for itself in the online casino industry month after month. It has yet to plateau out and could continue to make efforts to surpass Pennsylvania in overall revenue and surpass New Jersey in average earnings generated per person.

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