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Disclaimer: Wynn Online Sportsbook is currently not available in Michigan. This Wynn Sportsbook review is speculative and will be updated once Wynn launches in Michigan.

Wynn Resorts is one of the biggest names in betting thanks to its presence in two of the world’s gambling capitals, Las Vegas and Macau. From its base in Vegas, Wynn has been offering odds on sports for the last few years. Alongside that, it launched a mobile app in 2016.

With the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act having been struck down in 2018 and state-based sports betting sweeping across the US, Wynn Resorts is looking to expand. Michigan could be on its list of targets. Although we don’t have an official launch date, there’s a chance it will enter the mix at some point in the future. With that being the case, we’ve decided to preview what you can expect.

We already know that Wynn is big on extravagance, but what else might it offer? We’ve used our industry expertise to offer some insights into what the app might look like. So, if you’re ready to learn more about Wynn Sportsbook, let’s run through its finer points.

Wynn Sportsbook Michigan welcome bonus

The Wynn Sportsbook Michigan welcome bonus is likely to follow suit with the Wynn Sportsbook’s other welcome bonus:

When you sign up you will earn a Risk-Free Bet up to $500! This means that if you sign up and deposit up to $500, then bet that money and lose the bet, you will be reimbursed in the form of a free bet.

Wynn Sportsbook Bonus Code 2021

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Signing up for a Wynn Online Sportsbook account

If Wynn Sports goes live in Michigan, you’ll need to be located within state lines and 21 or older to use the app. With all state-based betting apps, you’ll need to authorize their geolocation software. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to place a bet. This is because state rules dictate that you have to be located in Michigan to bet on sports. Therefore, as well as verifying your age and identity, you’ll have to prove your location to use Wynn Sports.

Other Wynn promotions and bonus offers

Expect all the usual sports betting promotions at Wynn Michigan. Reload bonuses, enhanced odds, no-lose bets, and cashback offers will almost certainly be on the monthly menu. Prize draws and communal prize pools have also become popular at online sportsbooks in recent years. Wynn Sports can’t ignore the obvious, but we think it will go a step further. How? Wynn Red Card.

This loyalty program is used in Wynn properties around the world and could easily be integrated into the sports betting app. Under the current system, you can earn one point for every $1.50 wagered on slots inside Wynn properties. You’ll also earn a point for every $6 or $15 you spend on video poker (contribution weighting is variant dependent).

We don’t know how sports betting would fit into the system, but the foundations are there. As a Red Card member, you’ll get $10 in free play credits for every 1,000 points you earn. In addition to free credits, Red Card holders can pick up comps, including discounted rooms, dining, and drinks. Regular customers can also get VIP access to various parts of Wynn’s resorts. Based on this, we expect Wynn Sportsbook to offer Red Card and give you plenty of ways to pick up loyalty rewards.

Wynn sportsbook app

The Wynn Mobile Sports App is only available in Nevada and, if we’re being honest, it’s in need of some work. When it first launched in 2016, it mainly was seen as an adjunct to Wynn’s live betting product. In other words, it was an accompaniment designed to enhance the live betting experience. Indeed, you can still see the remnants of this when you visit the app’s homepage. There, you’ll see a sign-up that you have to complete and hand in at the Wynn.

Those in the know will recognize the name Stadium Technology as it’s the same company that powers the likes of Circa Sports. Wynn Resorts also forged a partnership with BetBull in 2018. Wynn took a 22.5% stake in the European operator, a deal that not only gives it a greater presence in the sports betting world but another source to draw from with regard to building an app.

A fresh app

What all this points to is that Wynn’s software team will take inspiration from what’s there already but also create something new entirely. If that’s the case, expect Wynn Sports to contain one-touch controls, swipe-based navigation (move backward and forward by swiping), and a compact interface. Indeed, with most modern sports betting apps, things such as menus, betting slips, statistics, and any other extras are hidden away until needed. This means the odds can be listed in easy-to-read tables in the center of the screen.

It would also be great to see some type of enhanced security feature. Many iPhone apps, including betting ones, take advantage of Touch ID logins. Little touches like this could make all the difference, especially in what’s likely to become a competitive market over the next few years. Integrating the latest security features with responsible gambling tools and a solid odds engine (the software that collates and displays the odds) will make the Wynn Sportsbook a strong contender in Michigan.

How to download the Wynn Mobile Sports App

You can’t download the Wynn sports betting app in Michigan because it doesn’t exist yet. However, once it’s live, we’ll provide you with a secure sign-up link. Using this, you’ll be able to skip directly to the registration page, download the app, and start betting on sports legally.

What sports are available at Wynn Michigan Sportsbook?

From the Wynn sportsbook app available in Nevada, the sports you can bet on are:

We expect this list of options to increase if and when the app goes live in Michigan. Popular sports offered by other online sportsbooks include:

  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Aussie rules football

The final point to note is that bets are likely to start at $5. We say this because that’s the minimum amount you can bet via the app in Nevada. However, it’s also possible that the limit will be lower in Michigan.

Most online bookmakers typically accept bets of $1 or less. So, based on this, it would be good to see Wynn adjust its house rules ahead of any launch in Michigan.

Bet types at Wynn

Wynn Sports currently offers straight bets, parlays, and round robins. We see no reason this will change as its services spread to other states. Straight bets can be made before and during sporting events (in-play) in a variety of ways.

Some of the most popular straight bets you can expect to find at Wynn Sports will be:

Parlay bets are those that include two or more picks. By predicting the outcome of two or more events and linking them in a single bet, you’re able to get longer odds than you would if you make separate picks. The reason for this is that each part (leg) of the bet is dependent on another. For example, if you pick the winner of five football games, your prediction for each one has to be correct. If just one pick is incorrect, the whole bet is declared a loser.

Round robin bets are a more sophisticated type of parlay. In simple terms, these are multi-part bets that involve between three and 10 teams. The structure of the bet is such that you can create as many two-team parlays from your original selection as possible. To put it another way, you’re covering a multitude of potential outcomes among the group of teams you’ve selected.

Banking at Wynn Online Sportsbook

Banking should be fairly straight forward. Wynn is a reputable brand, and anything it offers in Michigan will be fully licensed and regulated. As such, you can expect secure transactions, efficient withdrawals, and guaranteed payments from these payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal, Play+ Card

If Michigan works the same way as the other Wynn Online Sportsbooks, these banking methods will be available for both deposits and withdraws.

Customer support at Wynn Sports

Wynn is renowned for its commitment to customer service. It didn’t create some of the most lavish and iconic casinos in the world without paying attention to the small details. All Michigan sportsbooks will have teams dedicated to local customers, and Wynn will be no different. Expect contact points available by email, phone, and live chat.

History of Wynn

Wynn Resorts was founded by Steve Wynn and Kazuo Okada in 2002. Wynn previously owned Mirage Resorts and MGM Grand but agreed to sell them in 2000. Linking up with Japanese billionaire Okada, Wynn embarked on a project that’s seen him open casinos in Las Vegas, Boston, and Macau. Wynn Resorts casinos are noted for their lavish designs and focus on high-end entertainment.

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